Friday, July 21, 2017

Stepping up to the plate, Westminster Government need to get their act together to maintain trust in Brexit, the decision to go was correct but we need to fix the education deficit which has robbed so many of our fellow countrymen and women of a future, it is time to fix the home front

Dear All

You could make a strong case that if the UK Government had done more to control immigration which was breaking down social cohesion in the UK; then perhaps the Brexit vote would have had a different outcome. Clearly some people were focused on the problem of immigration into the UK and the situation in mainland Europe only served to heighten their fears.

If you asked an ordinary reasonable person what kind of immigration would they like to see, you would probably find they are in favour of a points based immigration system where the needs of the country are met. Being part of the EU and the disastrous freedom of movement cause a breakdown, the EU needed to have an internal immigration policy because at 28 member states it had become too big.

Freedom of movement for work in theory seems a good thing; the problem was the lack of will to address the other baggage which came along with it. The use of freedom of movement allowed criminality and other unpleasant anti social issues to thrive.

The rich, famous and trendy lefties all love immigration, come one come all, but they generally don’t live in the areas where immigration has caused problems, places like Govanhill in Glasgow which has been turned into a modern day slum ghetto where people struggling to get out cannot get decent market value for their homes. It is know that the wealthy tend to stay in predominantly exclusive white areas with very little immigration impact.

Their live is idyllic, then they dress down come on the TV in a slum area and preach to the rest of the population and lecture people on not being racist, these type of people believe in an open door policy. Recently George Clooney the actor was banging on about immigrants are welcome, then we find out that he is packing up his wife and kids to retreat being the Atlantic Wall that is America because he doesn’t think it is safe in the UK.

George Clooney is a hypocrite.

Controlling post-Brexit immigration is said to be a struggle for the Government if it continues to rely on "woefully inadequate" information this is according to a House of Lords report.

I don’t see this as a struggle, no one should be able to board a flight or boat or train to another country without a visa allowing them entry. The Government needs to bring in a points based system which is fair, lawful and meets the need of the country. If simple measures are brought in and the asylum scams are ended then social cohesion can be established again over time. No one claiming asylum should be allowed to walk the streets of this country, everyone should be detained without exception. One of the other reasons for the Brexit vote was the abuse of human rights law to circumvent the system by asylum seekers claiming they are children or homosexual, this was seen by some as a way of getting a free ticket into the UK, once in these people would simply disappear.

This type of abuse made many people very angry which is why 17 million plus voted to leave the UK, and of course matters weren’t helped by threats from Angela Merkel and the EU to punish members who didn’t follow their orders.

What many people must be puzzled at is how in this day and age, is how any Government hasn’t put in place a system to monitor how many migrants enter or leave the country each year, or how long they stay. In places like Germany, if you wish to stay, you need to register.

The rules are important because without the rule of law there is chaos, so when opposition politicians or trendy lefties scream about ‘come one, come all’, these people only show their ignorance and stupidity, this is calling virtual signalling, basically that is ‘look at me, I am a good person’.   

I agree with Lord Forsyth of Drumlean when he said:

"The Government must have reliable statistics on migration before it formulates new policy, otherwise it will be making crucial decisions - of vital importance to the country's businesses - in the dark”.

After all this is pretty reasonable, acting on information is much better than having to guesstimate.

One of the reasons for the SNP wanting freedom of movement to continue is that it is part of their doomed bid for independence, they haven’t worked out that no one is going to vote for independence with them in charge. Once that gem sinks in they will realise that are trying to lead people who want nothing to do with them. 2015 was an election based on emotion, 2017 saw a step towards logic, and logic dictates that the SNP aren’t stronger for Scotland, quite the opposite, apparently polling suggests that at the next election, from 35 seats, the SNP could be knocked down to 12 seats.

The joke at present to distract people is the SNP trying to act like they are knowledgeable and has all the answers; they might have answers, but they are answering the wrong questions.

An example, for far too long, the SNP have been running a disastrous education programme, one of the most important things that any civilised country must do is invest in the education of its indigenous people. The SNP cuts to colleges goes well beyond the education market, it impacts business and it also directly impacts people and communities which is why I said that there should be ‘four tier’ Education. Four tier Education is about providing opportunities to people to advance their skills, they get better jobs, they pay more taxes, they are happier and have a future.

Lord Forsyth also mentioned that “the employment of migrant workers could lead to businesses neglecting skills and training for British workers”.

I blogged on this for years and years and years in my back posts!

When need skilled people such as nurses, doctors and dentists etc etc, we can get these people through training up our own people and by immigration, the market which all these people come from is education.

At some stage, there will due to pressure be measures to address the education gulf in this country, on both sides of the border, and to be honest that can’t come soon enough.

Years ago, I said when “people have no future there is no tomorrow”, and it is time that people put pressure on politicians to start to deliver on that concept or risk being put out on the street. Corbyn recognised that ‘free tuition’ is essential to Britain, not as an election gimmick but also as away of righting an injustice.

The Conservatives need to bite the bullet on getting Brexit sorted, a points based immigration system and also making education a priority and preferably free, although as we know, it isn’t, the taxpayer picks up the tab.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  

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Al C said...

I was disgusted by Clooney. "There's not going to be a President Donald Trump because we're... not afraid of Muslims or immigrants." Then he leaves the UK because he feels it's "unsafe" to remain because of the two appalling terror attacks in London and Manchester this year, even though he lives far away in the countryside. He showed that his words are vacuous, and I think, representative of the contempt that the 1%, the rich and powerful and phony "liberal" types (who are anything but liberal), truly have for the average man and woman, and their children. The Tories need to take the hint, they survived but got punished at the election for their stupidity.