Thursday, August 7, 2014

Scottish independence: Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says SNP spirits have ‘never been better’ after Alex Salmond was wiped out by Alistair Darling, she uttered similar rubbish in 2012 about the SNP winning control of Glasgow City Council, wrong then and wrong now on indy!

Dear All

It seems that Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has been put on damage limitation duty after Alex Salmond’s disastrous performance against Alistair Darling.

In public the Scottish National Party are one big happy family, but behind the scenes it certainly isn’t the case. When Alex Salmond addressed his backbenchers in person, it was a clear sign that the ‘Yes Sheep’ were not happy.

And why should they be, they have been forced out to work by SNP HQ and know that they are going to lose despite any campaigning they will be doing.

The jog is up, delusional Nicola Sturgeon saying spirits in the SNP have “never been better” to cover up reports of internal strife over Alex Salmond isn’t credible at all.

The fact the ‘Yes Sheep’ are venting their anger is a sign that Salmond’s leadership is now in question.

Where Salmond lost the debate completely was on currency, the SNP are still running with their lie that there will be a currency union; this has been ruled out by the UK Government and Labour opposition.

In this case No really does mean No!

Laughingly Sturgeon said:

“The mood in the party is good.”


“We’re six weeks from the biggest moment in the party’s history. We all in the SNP came into politics for a variety of reasons, but chief among them for Scotland to be a normal independent country with powers and access to our resources to build a better Scotland. We’re six weeks away from that opportunity, the mood in the SNP has never been better and the belief in the SNP that we’re going to win this referendum is absolutely sky high.”

Absolutely sky high!

Alistair Darling has just destroyed Alex Salmond in front of 1.7 million viewers and shown him up to be an incompetent who spouts rubbish and confidence is absolutely sky high?

 This is like someone standing on the deck of the Titanic after the iceberg has hit and saying everything is okay the ship is unsinkable as the waters start rising up around their neck.

Self denial is so unattractive, conning the public is even less so!

If you caught Salmond spouting rubbish on STV, you would have thought is he kidding himself on about independence. This debate needed to be a clear win for him, the polls are bad, the campaign message is rubbish and the troops are losing heart even at SNP MSP level.

And nothing can fix this in the timescale left.

In a ridiculous statement unpopular Nicola Sturgeon said the challenge for the Yes camp is to win over more women voters.

I say two words…. Bill Walker!

Although some people will be gullible, women tend to be rather hard headed about matters of this nature, and they won’t be putting their families on the line for Alex Salmond and certainly not Nicola Sturgeon.  

The rumour in the SNP is that Alex Salmond should step down and let ‘shouty’ Sturgeon do a braveheart number on Alistair Darling and try and talk over the top of him. Her independence debates on TV have been trash personified.

The louder people shout the more you know they don’t have a point and are scared of the debate.

One thing that the SNP MSPs will know, their chance has gone, the window has closed, and anything said by Nicola Sturgeon can be taken with a large pinch of salt. The clock is running down, both sides will be throwing everything at this in the final stages.

It isn’t about who will win, the people of Scotland have already decided, Salmond’s car crash was just a cherry on the cake of why voting No is the only sensible option on the ballot paper.

If you didn’t watch the debate, you can find it on STV iplayer and probably some bright spark has it on youtube by now.

Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon are now campaigning to save their political careers, they messed up, they are responsible for the disastrous campaign and they both should pay the price and go.

“The mood in the party is good.”

This is the same Nicola Sturgeon who was saying the SNP would win the Glasgow Council Election in 2012, at that event; she was well and truly shafted by the people of Glasgow. As she walked passed me at the SECC, you could see the angry wee Nat of old, George Laird prior to the vote got the result right as usual.

And I knew she was talking out her arse, there is no momentum for the SNP!
Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Salmonds problem is he knows he's talking pish on the currency issue. The sovereign will of the scottish people. What about the sovereign will of the English people?
The rest of the UK are just now getting regular media reports on the Independance campaign and they are not happy at all. Their attitude is now hardening to this bungled anti English rhetoric. If we do get Independance I predict any negotiations on everything will be dragged out for years likely to be settled in court on many issues. The splitting of the oil field's will be but one. With such a hulabaloo on C.U. you can guarantee that won't even reach the table.

Aliens? From the leader of the Nation? Fucking unbelievable! !

Anonymous said...

This is a win-win situation for Scotland.

Either we get a formal currency union as part of sharing the assets of the UK (the Bank of England is an asset) or we don't, in which case we don't have to share the liabilities. I don't mind Scotland not taking responsibility for a share of the UK national debt if the UK decides it doesn't want to share the assets of the UK.

So win-win. Either we get a currency union, or we start debt free as an independent country.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

“This is a win-win situation for Scotland”.

Try thinking shut out of the EU.

“Either we get a formal currency union as part of sharing the assets of the UK (the Bank of England is an asset) or we don't, in which case we don't have to share the liabilities. I don't mind Scotland not taking responsibility for a share of the UK national debt if the UK decides it doesn't want to share the assets of the UK. So win-win. Either we get a currency union, or we start debt free as an independent country”.

So what you are saying is that blackmail is acceptable.

What would happen to Scotland if Westminster closed the land border?

How much would it cost the people of Scotland then?

How much would people have to pay extra on mortgages, food, fuel etc etc?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Anonymous said...

George –

Your correspondent above doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about – only the building in which the Bank of England is located is an asset. The Bank of England itself is an INSTITUTION – an institution which serves the UK. And if Scotland walks away from the UK, it walks away from each and every one of its institutions, including the Bank of England (and, ergo, the pound sterling – the pound sterling merely being a unit of exchange issued and controlled by the Bank of England, and also not an asset).

Moreover, defaulting on our share of UK debt would have catastrophic consequences: rUK voters would be so angry that they would, as you rightly point out, veto any application by iScotland to get into the EU (and NATO and the Commonwealth for that matter). We would quickly find ourselves international pariahs, with the result being that our economy would hit the wall, as our biggest export market would be shut off, and our farmers would go out of business as they will no longer have access to CAP subsidies. Added to that an exodus of financial services companies; a government unable to fund itself due to being charged exorbitant interest rates; and businesses and consumers being unable to get power whenever the wind isn’t blowing. Frankly, we’ll be screwed.

Thus, anyone advocating a debt default is simply insane. And the fact that Alex Salmond and John Swinney and all the rest of them are doing so tells you all you need to know.

Cheers, Derrick

Anonymous said...

In the unlikely event of a Yes vote I wonder how long it will take for any money, grants for Uni's, research etc,etc to dry up?
Personally, if my business partner was to indicate he was definitely leaving to start a rival company the bank account would be off limits to him from day one. I predict serious problems will start on September 19th. if voters go down the Independence route.

Anonymous said...

Commenter number 2 - Rightyo!

Just imagine an iScotland declaring to the world "We chose to leave the UK, but didn't get to keep the pound on our terms, so we are not paying our share of the debt!". Let alone the rUK, I'm fairly sure the likes of Greece and Germany would veto ANY iScotland application to the EU, if that's our regard to honouring debts. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Salmond, Sturgeon, Swinney and the rest of the SNP know this inconvenient truth - iScotland would have to pay a share of the UK debt regardless of the currency situation, if we were ever to borrow from any other country on the planet, and we would need to on day 1 of independence (that's a pipe-dream, but I digress!)

Salmond's political posturing to the home crowd is making Scotland look like a laughing-stock and a financial moron to the rest of the world.

Then again, when no other country on the planet would lend to us, maybe Salmond plans to ask for financial assistance from some passing aliens out there in the cosmos.........Seems just as realistic as his currency plans!

McFleagle said...

When Salmond said Scotland would share the pound with the UK he didn't consult any UK political party. He made an assumption that his logic would be accepted without consideration of the political implications. In other words the English, Welsh and N. Irish would have to be asked to give their democratic ascent to such a deal. The trouble is Salmonds attempts at international relations are not a good omen:his rubbishing of the Australian PM's views on Scottish independence do not bode well for succesful international negotiations regarding the EU, NATO, UN membership etc. Thus his rubbishing and at times insulting comments about the English will not drive us to respond favourably to Scottish demands. Salmonds views on monetary union are very parochial. Even I can see the wider fiscal problems: each country would be able to have influence on the other and not entirely for the good. The simple fact is we in the UK value our independence and if we are not willing to join the Euro we sure as hell are not going to share our pound. The UK will drive a very hard bargain with Scotland: our politicians careers will depend on that. I won't vote for a party that gives UK assets away too easily. By the way the Bank of England cannot be shared. The English just won't accept it and there really is no precedent so it would be a grand experiment. Again the SNP and Salmond have not asked the ascent of the UK people.

As regards this strange argument that the Scottis people did not vote for the govt in Westminster: the current UK union does include Scotland and as I recall the elections in the UK are by secret ballot and by general international consent free and fair. I voted Conservative at the last election but got a coalition govt. It is still the govt of the UK. I wish it weren't but I live peaceably with that. Limewise I voted Conservative in 1997 and look what happened, a labour govt. I didn't vote Labour but it is the legitimate govt of the UK. Subsequently I kept voting Conservative but try as Imight I still haven't got the govt I want. (You can get pedantic and argue that I am not voting for a govt but a single MP. While that is true the wider intention is there.) I've been trying ever since 1997 (17 years) to get a Conservative govt!!! Still haven't got it but I'm not advocating independence for Milton Keynes, where I live. Although some people in the area call it The Planet and it is weirdly independent of Bucks and Beds.