Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond uses the tactics of fear over the Scottish National Health service to drum up support for his failing independence bid, 60% of doctors reject Salmond and Sturgeon’s separation bid

Dear All

Yesterday, I touched on how Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon are trying to buy the independence vote, we have entered the ‘goodies’ phase of the campaign.

On the subject of the Scottish NHS, the SNP and their allies have been trying to drum up support by the use of scare tactic and fear.

Their pitch is a Yes vote will protect the NHS from privatization?

Is that true?

The answer is No.

In the United States of Salmond, the SNP are proposing a written constitution in this the government of the day will draw up their version of what ‘rights’ you are to receive.

Alex Salmond is pitching in a last gasp attempt to save his political life that that only a Yes vote will protect the health service from looming cuts. 

In case you already missed it, the Scottish NHS under the SNP is a shambles; will the written constitution protect it and patients from them?


So another day, another lie, another worthless pledge! 

The NHS is already fully under control of the Scottish Parliament, the SNP are responsible of the state that it is in; the SNP are responsible for failing to address the problems.

And you can track all the problems right back to the door of unpopular Nicola Sturgeon who sold the lie that she was on top of things.

No government can abide any future government to keep the NHS in public hands, the people can, to tamper with the NHS is a road to being out of public office. What happens to the service in England is a matter for the English people and they are starting to become less enchanted with the main parties hence the rise of Ukip.

The latest ravings of Salmond show a man who will try anything no matter how low it is to get a vote, but it will not work.

Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said that Salmond’s claims  were“dishonest, desperate and disgraceful.”

Rennie added: 

“It is also factually wrong”.

It seems that Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon can’t get anything right, their campaign is a flop, SNP MSPs are unhappy because they know they are going to lose and the activists are still ignorant. 

The SNP campaign is imploding; all the work done has been entirely wasted.

Salmond and Sturgeon face a serious issue of trust post defeat by their own party, they are responsible for the defeat equally.

Rennie also added which the Scottish public should take note:

“Despite the financial pressure of the global financial crisis, the NHS budget has been protected and NHS funding in England is now £12.7 billion higher than it was in 2010”.
“Private sector involvement in England’s NHS is paid for with public money, meaning that the cash equivalent is protected for Scotland – and the Scottish Government can spend it however they see fit. The publicly-funded NHS was this year ranked best healthcare system across the 11 richest countries in the world – and we are determined to keep it that way.”

Will the scaremongering on the Scottish NHS backfire?

It certainly will. 

There are certain things in politics that you don’t play with fire with; Scotland’s NHS is one of them.

Didn’t Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon get the memo?

A poll by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has shown that the majority of doctors back Scotland remaining part of the UK.

No one is backing Alex Salmond.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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