Thursday, August 14, 2014

Scottish independence: Bad news for Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, “@jeffbres wouldn’t work. Woman I just spoke to with all-anti-Salmond friends said they hate Sturgeon just as much”, top Nationalist bloggers openly speak out on the hatred women have for Nicola Sturgeon

Dear All

As some people are regular readers of this blog, you couldn’t have failed to notice that I describe Alex Salmond as Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ and Nicola Sturgeon as Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister.

In a previous existence Alex Salmond was a Westminster MP who was known for sticking the political boot in opponents no matter how low. Then he stepped down from the leadership of the SNP because the party was going nowhere. He then came back when it looked like Nicola Sturgeon was going to lose leadership contest to Rosanna Cunningham!

The expenses scandal hit Westminster and in 2007, the SNP became the people running the Scottish Executive which they changed the name to call the Scottish Government. Salmond came back with a big smile on his face and a softer tone to be everyone’s friend and buddy.

It was just an act, while playing the humble man; Alex Salmond had no problem diving into a life of luxury at the taxpayers’ expense. To sell the ‘I am your pal and I am sticking up for Scotland’, the SNP Cabinet took their cabinet on the road to do a 'meet the people' drive. So, you get Alex Salmond and his Cabinet in Church halls creating a certain image of transparency and openness while at the same time their modus operandi was completely different. £2,900 a night hotels on taxpayer funded trips, sound like pious living to you?

They were literally taking the piss out of Scottish people…… we were conned!

Every now and then, Hamish turns up at the blog to complain, but along with him, someone called Michael Rossi stopped by to ask why I keep calling Nicola Sturgeon ‘unpopular’. In my reply to him and in numerous blog posts, I highlighted my experience of the Govan by-election meeting residents. The women of Govan repeatedly told me that Nicola Sturgeon is an ‘arsehole’. In the press, TV and to some extent social media, Nicola Sturgeon has been marketed as some kind of caring ‘super woman’.

So, on the one hand you have people she represents calling her ‘arsehole’ and on the others side of the fence, you have the political establishment and others trying to call her a ‘super woman’.

Obviously this doesn’t tally up, some people appear to either be getting it wrong or there is an anomaly. I think the way to explain why this is so, is that Nicola Sturgeon has ‘more than one face’ depending on who stands in front of her.

While in the SNP, I got around quite a bit during my time, because among other things I wanted to get a sense of what the party was, in some respects, the Scottish National Party leaves a lot to be desired.

Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon in my opinion aren’t Nationalists, which is rather odd considering they lead a Nationalist party. Over years, these two clowns have secured their positions as leaders by creating a party within a party; a clique is the best way to describe it. The members of the SNP are deliberately kept ignorant as Salmond and Sturgeon try to hold together various anti British establishment groupings. At the same time as promoting grudge, grievance and malcontent at every party conference to whip up hate, they declared themselves as ‘civic nationalists’.

This was done to appeal to non Scots that they were ‘Scottish’, if you type in Google, ‘SNP Vote Rigging’, you can see the contribution to racism among other things that these people fostered while the SNP leadership of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon stood idly by and allowed Scots and others to be cheated within their own party and during elections.

Have you noticed how guilty unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is looking these days, like someone who has done something so obscene, they think everyone knows and is sitting in judgment of them? When I attend SNP socials where Sturgeon turned up, she couldn’t wait to get the ‘hell out of dodge’ once she done her speech to the Pollok SNP branch. At first I thought this was something to do with being busy next day, but I began to wonder whether she hated being around working class people.

Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minster Nicola Sturgeon sits at the centre of a nasty vicious clique in Glasgow; poor Nicola has either knowingly or unknowingly surrounded herself with trash.

Some people say that ‘like attracts like’.

Anyway, someone got in contact with me to refer me to a jpeg picture which you can see on this blog post.

Jeff Breslin made a name as a blogger, and runs a blog called Better Nation; he tweeted on twitter regarding the imploding SNP independence campaign:

“The only foreseeable game changer that could deliver a Yes Victory is Salmond announcing an imminent retirement from Scottish politics”.

An interesting wee tweet but whether Salmond stays or goes, it will make no difference to the independence campaign, he is too vain, loves luxury and Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t sell well with the Scottish public.

The reply to the tweet came from Nationalist blogger Stuart Campbell who calls himself Rev Stuart Campbell. His blog is called ‘Wings over Scotland’, not that he lives here; he is parked in Bath, England. He is probably the most famous of what is termed the cybernats.

His reply, I feel lends weight to my proposition that Nicola Sturgeon isn’t ‘superwomen’ portrayed by the SNP and the media:

“@jeffbres wouldn’t work. Woman I just spoke to with all-anti-Salmond friends said they hate Sturgeon just as much”.

Even in Bath, England, the pro independence blogger cannot escape noticing that people ‘hate’ Nicola Sturgeon. In the press, Sturgeon is written up as a ‘social justice campaigner’ which I think can be summed up with one word….. bollocks!

I think the press promoting this rubbish really do need to take a long hard look at their self imposed delusion. I can understand them wanting to maintain ‘contacts’ to network but really, there are limits to toadying.

In less than 35 days, Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon are going to see a historic and epic No vote by the people of Scotland. In some respects it will finally kill of the myth of Salmond and Sturgeon’s “popularity” and expose them as they really are.

Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon have turned the Scottish National Party into a party within a party, it is a rather nasty vicious clique whom I call it what is actually is, a ‘rat ship’, and the torpedoes will be sinking it on the 18th September.

This tweet by Wings over Scotland just proves that George Laird is right again. Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon have no future in Nationalist politics post 19th September.

Scotland needs a new centre right Nationalist party in order to move the Nationalist movement forward, a party based on fairness, equality and social justice.

A Nationalist doesn’t leave people to die of cancer by refusing to end the postcode lottery regarding availability of cancer drugs to the sick, Nicola Sturgeon, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is no Nationalist!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University    


Anonymous said...

HI George –

I have thought for years that the reputations of Salmond and Sturgeon as being super-politicians have been completely nonsensical – what I see is a couple of nasty, inadequate, not-very-bright amateurs, who happened to get lucky. It’s rather satisfying that both the media and the electorate are now snapping out of their catatonia and beginning to see what I see with regard to Salmond. Only Sturgeon to go – my money is on her being similarly found out in the run up to the 2015 general election (assuming that she is leader of the SNP by then).

Cheers, Derrick

Anonymous said...

Mark Armstrong

1:56 PM on 14/8/2014

P Astor Jack Glass was expelled from the SNP and has a personal axe to grind, read it here

It seems you are being libeled

The really hate your honesty!

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

Mark Armstrong is upset, like a little upset little budgie.

Politically he isn't worth the effort.

That said I will raise the issue with him because I wouldn't want him to victimise the wrong man, woman or child.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Anonymous said...

Sturgeon decided on Tuesday this week to put the fear of God into the disabled. 100,000 of them. Also a made up story about NHS funding being cut. What woman is it that targets the sick and vulnerable to gain a few votes? How sick in the mind must you be to target those folk? Of course if you vote Yes it will not happen.
Who's scaremongering now Nicola?
No wonder Scotswomen think she's an arsehole.
How's Prestwick coming along?
Defunct airfield or life saving drugs? Not hard is it?

Hamish said...

I seem to recall a photograph of a grumpy fat man (former fitness instructor) posing smugly with Nicola Sturgeon.
Could we see it again please George.

J F said...

Salmond and Sturgeons problem is that they cannot move from the politics of opposition, grudge grievance and hatred of the British State,to one of government and grace. They now appear to be saying anything to get across the finishing line, as seen by the 'positive scaremongering' of the hideous prospect of 10s of thousands at foodbanks, 10s of thousands of disabled people left destitute by benefit cuts, and of course the spectre of NHS privatisation. Now we have Swinney claiming that he has had talks with BOE re a currency union. All very amateruish and poor, but as Salmond says scaremongers melt in the light of the sun like some Hammer House Horror film.