Saturday, November 9, 2013

Scottish independence: angry wee Nat Nicola Sturgeon lashes out as Westminster saves Govan and Scotstoun from closure, Sturgeon attempts to try and steal the limelight completely backfires, even SNP Cabinet Ministers cringe at ill judged rant

Dear All

It seems that Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is back to the angry wee Nat of old, to be more accurate, she adopted a mask to cover it up but with her pathetic handling of the Scottish independence campaign, even her own party are realising she is a liability.

Yesterday, she and John Swinney went on a ‘mission of mercy’ to save the jobs of the 835 workers who are going to lose their jobs.

Thunderbirds are Go!!!!!!!

Total failure!

Not a single job saved, it was a shameful episode of trying to get good PR on the back of Westminster saving Govan and Scotstoun. She done none of the work and turned up to try and get some of the cream and some of the glory.

So, we are seeing Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon who is increasingly isolated from reality saying that Alistair Carmichael, the Scottish Secretary is disgraceful for threatening to reverse the decision to keep open BAE's Clyde shipyards.

The reality is that Westminster will put their own citizens first and not order warships in an independent Scotland. This is the cold hard facts of life in the Westminster Village, and if the ‘feeble six’ of SNP MPs were more active they should have brief her on that point.

But let us get it straight, Alistair Carmichael was part of the solution that saved Govan and Scotstoun, he did the work and he wants to protect his investment. Nicola Sturgeon would see both Govan and Scotstoun go to the wall because they wouldn’t have enough orders to sustain them.

What was the SNP plan for shipbuilding on the Clyde?

Nothing, it didn’t exist, just like nothing exists beyond the stupid look on Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond, a group of phoney wee organisations, some wee flags, bad karaoke, a few people, and it is a few marching, a few wee stalls and of course balloons.

This shit represents an independence campaign.  

If Sturgeon is going to talk about “shame” surely she should train that less than forensic ability onto the SNP and off Lib Dem Alistair Carmichael.

Nicola Sturgeon is screaming now, she is running scared, she can’t buy independence, she can’t buy the vote.

Sturgeon added:

"[Mr Carmichael's] job is to stand up for Scottish interests but he is quoted in the Portsmouth press talking about taking jobs from Scotland. That is disgraceful."

Patently she forgets Cabinet responsibility, so what is Cabinet responsibility?

Cabinet responsibility is the term used when all Ministers of the Crown publicly back a decision of the Cabinet even if they disagree with it.

And Sturgeon knows this, in her warped mind perhaps she is confusing Scotland with the SNP, Carmichael doesn’t answer to the SNP.

Mr Carmichael said:

"The difference between the UK and Scottish Governments on this issue is we understand how the procurement process works while they have only offered up a series of ifs, buts and maybes on the future of the industry under independence."

Most people call that, the bottom line, as part of the UK, we do benefit in certain areas, it isn’t perfect, not by any means, what happened in Govan and Scotstoun was a political decision more than a financial one, Portsmouth was put to the sword to save both yards in Scotland.

As an interested bystander Labour leader Ed Miliband has refused to rule out reversing the yards decision in the event of Scotland becoming independent.

Ed Miliband doesn’t dance to a Salmond and Sturgeon jig either.

He added the uncertainty was "caused by a party (SNP) that wants to split away from the United Kingdom", adding: "The best way, not just on naval capacity and shipbuilding, but on currency and economic policy, is for Scotland to stay part of the UK."

Standard stuff, and expected, he isn’t giving Sturgeon any room to claim any sort of victory at Govan and Scotstoun.

Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont on the right tack accused the SNP Government of having no plan for diversifying Clyde work and that is a theme she should mine and submit FOI requests on.

What was Nicola Sturgeon’s plan for Govan?

If you take as a benchmark her time as Govan MSP what did she achieve in terms of regeneration of the area?

If you look in her backyard of Govanhill, this place is a ghetto more akin to the third world compared to other parts of the city.

Where’s the money Nicola?

Where’s the investment?

Where’s the plan?

As much as angry wee Nat Nicola Sturgeon screams and uses examples such as Norway, we should remember ‘could’ doesn’t mean ‘will’, and that is the crucial point, no British warship has been built outside the UK in 50 years.

That policy will not change and for many reasons connected to the Westminster Village.

Johann Lamont told her as I have said many times in the past on this blog:

"The ­reality is the UK has not built a warship outside the UK since the Second World War. Can [Ms ­Sturgeon] explain to my constituents and hers who work on the Clyde what will happen to their jobs should there be a Yes vote?"

Like a little spoilt girl who wants more pocket money Sturgeon screams:

"Our shipbuilding industry is being downsized before our very eyes. The threat to defence jobs in Scotland is not independence, it's Westminster."

Really dear, you must learn to control your emotions, of course as Nicola Sturgeon continues to sink the Scottish independence campaign further and further into the abyss, her own party are awaking up to the fact that she isn’t good enough and never was.

Conservative leader Ruth Davidson chipped in during the madness and called on the Scottish Government to support the upgrades needed for the Clyde to compete for the Type-26 warships.

Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie poking Ms. Sturgeon with her own words; threw in her face her inconsistency of previously ­calling for UK vessels to be built in-house by the UK.

Now the angry wee Nat Nicola Sturgeon has had her wish granted and now wants it reversed.

Nicola Sturgeon is too stupid and howling at the moon, she will say more rubbish as she leaps about trying to save her own political skin, you can smell the fear, this outburst, just a system of the pressure.

Sturgeon never saved a single job at Govan and Scotstoun, Westminster on the other hand did, it’s not perfect, no one is happy but at least Westminster have kept shipbuilding on the Clyde.

The look on her colleagues faces in the picture says it all..... oh no not again, angry wee Nat routine!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

This entire article is shite, full of total biased nonsense. Mister laird, you're a cunt

G Laird said...

Dear Nicola

Thank you for your contribution.

How many jobs were saved by the SNP?

How did the SNP save the yards?

What help did Sturgeon offer?

Finally, article seems fine to me, but I will pass on your observations to the editorial team.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Weeg said...

This article is excellent, tells the absolute truth about the dishonest Nat agenda