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Scottish independence: Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, SNP ‘cannot fudge defence’ any longer, SNP should have brought in an A team rather than the GAY Team, Salmond and Sturgeon are an international laughing stock, war leaders methinks not!

Dear All

First, an update on Govan shipbuilding losses, we are at Sturgeon plus 4 and still Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon hasn’t bought a single type 26 frigate or saved any of the 835 jobs due to be lost.

Today is Sturgeon plus 4!

Down the road, the ‘back of a fag packet’ SNP defence plans are having an awful time of it as SNP ministers have been warned they “cannot fudge defence” in their white paper.

The white paper is the fairytale constructed by Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon to tell Scots everything is milk and honey, and everything is Nirvana.

Alex and Nicola will protect you if an independence Scotland is invaded or subject to terrorism.

A chain of takeaways will be incorporated as 'intelligence hubs' so if anyone enters 'the network' and talks about extremism while ordering a curry, the shopkeeprs simply rings up the Scottish MOD or Police and they nip round and stop it.

What happens if they use ready meals?

Well we are all fucked!

The SNP plans according to Westminster must produce a detailed analysis but probably won’t, the SNP don’t do defence much like they don’t do anything else.

Scotland is on pause.

UK defence minister Dr Andrew Murrison  in his evidence to the Scottish Affairs select committee claims that it would be impossible for the Scottish Government to meet all its defence commitments or even pay for cyber security on its proposed budget of £2.5 billion.

The real cost of defence hasn’t been properly worked out, and we know this because they have no idea of what assets would be available to them, if any!

One thing the UK defence minister did highlight which everyone apparent from Scotland’s unpopular Deputy first Minister Nicola Sturgeon knows is that  the new Type 26 frigates would not be built in the Clyde should Scotland vote for independence.

That is confirmed.

If independent it would probably be constructed in Portsmouth instead, but also said that the Glasgow yards are the best place for ships to be put together. Portsmouth is ticking over, a Yes vote would see the work transferred south and the SNP couldn’t do a thing about it.

The SNP who have lost the argument point out that Murrison’s comments on the need for a sovereign shipbuilding facility comes as the UK government announced that it has ordered three new Airseeker spy planes from the USA to be built and maintained in the USA.

That would come under specialist technology, just like when the MOD invested in long range rifles, L129A1 Sharpshooter.

Sadly, the SNP are just completely ignorant, however Englishman and SNP MP has looked at the Norwegian Navy website and probably watched many war film including possible the Great Escape and Stalag 17. Maybe, and I am just guessing, he has watched Last of the Mohicans regarding how to ambush a convoy.

Murrison makes a valid point when he says that while defence was not normally an issue “which people think about in their daily lives” it is “crucial” to the referendum debate.

He said:

“We have to remember this is independence which is being talked about not some sort of halfway house whatever the SNP might want to pretend. They need to be clear about this and what they are going to do.”

On the proposed £2.5 billion budget of the SNP he said:

“They are talking about having submarines, complex warships, fast jets, and restoring the Scottish regiments. It is impossible to have that with a budget of £2.5 billion.”

30 fast jets at around £100 million a pop blows the budget, even if we get 10 from the RAF, think ball park figure of two billion. That leaves about £500 million to buy everything else and of course run it.

SNP ‘defence’ spokesman Angus Robertson said:

“Another bad day for Project Fear as Defence Minister Andrew Murrison confirmed a number of things this afternoon. On shipbuilding he could not have been clearer that the Clyde was ‘certainly the best‘ place to build the new generation of Type 26 frigates , and that with the announcement of the ending of naval shipbuilding at Portsmouth, it would still be possible to build Royal Navy vessels there following a Yes vote.”

No one likes an arselicker Robertson and Nicola Sturgeon’s pathetic ships “could” be built on the Clyde is pure fantasy, and that is all it is, procurement placement is a political decision at Westminster for type 26, not in the province of Sturgeon or Holyrood.  

Robertson added:

“It is to say the least ironic that a UK defence minister could lecture Scots about shipbuilding and defence plans on the same day the first of three American made and maintained spy planes worth well over £180 million each land in the UK. The chief of the defence staff and the minister made clear the Clyde is the best place to build ships, and it appears America is the best for spy planes.”

Talk about a broken record, the game is up, the SNP gamble on people being ignorant and guess what, the opposite is the case; Scots aren’t stupid.

Next time that there is an independence bid, the SNP should bring in an A team rather than the GAY Team.

Defence is no laughing matter.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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