Monday, November 25, 2013

Scottish independence: 24 hours to save the political career of Alex Salmond as he puts economy at the heart of independence White Paper, one bullet left, this is the last chance to kick start his failed rich man’s campaign, the countdown has started

Dear All

24 hours to save the political life of Alex Salmond.

24 hours!

Tomorrow sees Alex Salmond firing his last bullet to galvanise public opinion for a Yes vote.

As part of the plan, Salmond and his Ministers are putting Scotland's economy at the heart of tomorrow's independence White Paper launch.

We can expect an ‘everything will be rosy in the garden’ approach, nothing bad ever is going to happen and if it does, well that is the fault of the Union legacy.

There will be Nirvana, milk and honey will flow with pledges to create thousands more jobs and secure the nation's future.

Don’t believe a word of it.

Recently Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon went to Govan Shipbuilders with people under the belief that she was going to save 835 jobs.

She didn’t save a single one, but she did point the people in the direction of the Govan Job centre.

Now, there is only one bullet left in the magazine, one chance, one chance to kick start the SNP’s failed and utterly inept campaign.

But there is no William Wallace figure to lead the charge, just Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond and Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

The White Paper is to be launched in Glasgow and according to reports SNP MSPs are to be banned from attending, the impression the SNP want to create is that this is a people’s event.

It’s not!

It is another staged managed piece of spin to dupe voters.

It’s a sales pitch from a man who is more like a second hand car salesman than a world leader, using emotion to say that that no country has ever been better equipped to become independent.

And the old SNP mantra that Scotland's has "vast natural resources, key growth sectors and human talent", so why are they planning mass immigration then? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out what that will mean; working class people will be marginalized from jobs and opportunities.

Salmond has also named March 24, 2016, as the date he hopes Scotland will break free from the United Kingdom if Scotland votes Yes!

That will never happen under his watch or indeed Nicola Sturgeon, they aren’t bright enough; they are opportunists, nothing more.

Salmond will attend a meeting of the Scottish Cabinet at the Glasgow Science Centre before presenting the "Scottish Government's guide to independence" to the world's media.

The ‘historic’ setting of Glasgow Science Centre! That is just as bad the picking of a cinema for the less than historic ‘Declaration of Cineworld’.

A formal statement to Holyrood will take place later in the afternoon; George Laird will be going to Holyrood tomorrow for a BBC programme.

Salmond says he will build on Scotland's "firm foundations", but his vision is built on quicksand and he is sinking fast.

He is to say:

"The White Paper will make the economic, social and democratic case for independence and show that the better Scotland we all seek can only be achieved by putting the decisions about Scotland's future in the hands of the people of Scotland."

What does that mean?

Scotland ruled by Scottish people?


Alistair Darling, head of the Better Together campaign is having a great campaign, last night ­he questioned the speed of establishing independence on the back of a Yes vote in just 18 months.

Complex negotiations take time but Salmond wants to ram everything through in 18 months to meet an election timetable for 2016!

It will take time disentangle the 300-year-old union, and you can add in negotiations with major institutions such as membership of the EU, Nato and other international organisations. When it comes to international affairs, the SNP leadership believes they can simply go and tell the other parties want they want and they will just say yes!

These people are beyond stupid, inept and incapable.

Darling added:

"We are entitled to ask what sort of a deal we are likely to get on such a tight timetable and what the back-up plans are."

We would get a bad deal and there is no back up plans.

We have seen a minor skirmish over the SNP's supposed desired currency union, with Alistair Carmichael, the Scottish Secretary, insisting it would not work and no major party is prepared to accept such a situation.

SNP MP Stewart Hosie said refusing to allow Scotland to use ­sterling was "bonkers."

That is the positive case, Stewart Hosie wants to ‘help’ England, he wants a currency union with people who are 'bonkers'?

So, stay tuned, tomorrow is Alex Salmond’s last chance to kick start his campaign, it won’t work, tomorrow is just another day for Scots, there isn't a build up, there is no excitement and no one is talking about it.

Last chance, one bullet!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 


Anonymous said...

Every question was greeted with...... wait for the White Paper.
This will be interesting.

Anonymous said...

The last Bullet? I do hope not.
He should have saved three:
One for his dog,
One for Nicola,
The last for himself....