Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tory leader Ruth (CPU) Davidson appoints leadership rivals to posts; Murdo Fraser gets shunted in Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee, humiliation!

Dear All

Scottish Tory ‘leader’ Ruth (CPU) Davidson has hit the ground running only to fall flat on her face in her appointment of ‘team’.

The first big mistake was to appoint the ‘colourful’ Jackson Carlaw as the deputy leader.

Murdo Fraser, the revious deputy leader has been publicly humiliated, as a close watcher of the Scottish political pool; he has done well in that role.

Jackson Carlaw was repeatedly outed for making racist jokes at a Tory manifesto launch.

And now he is a deputy leader.

To show that she is politically unaware, he has put David McLetchie into justice.

He previous had to resign as leader over his taxi fiasco.

And now he is a justice spokesman.

For the real leader, Murdo Fraser, he gets convener of Holyrood's Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee.

A soggy biscuit of a post, talk about spite.

Margaret Mitchell, who unsurprisingly finished last in the leadership contest, has been appointed frontbench spokeswoman for local government and planning.

She said that none of the other candidates represented her views.

Davidson said:

"I am delighted to unveil my parliamentary team. I believe it's a strong team which plays to the talents of the members, and will prove well able to hold the government to account."

David McLetchie in justice; think about it!

Mr Carlaw said:

"I will be proud to serve as deputy leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party and will support Ruth's leadership both in Holyrood and with the important job of helping to reshape the party. This is a period of great change for our party and we will ensure that all of our members at every level are able to come together and contribute to the way we move forward."

Buzzword, ‘Change’!

Each Tory MSP was given a role, apart from John Scott who serves as a deputy presiding officer at the Scottish Parliament.

I imagine some would have preferred a roll and bacon instead.

Davidson's campaign manager was the feeble minded John Lamont, who was bounced out of justice like a rubber ball, a failure.

He gets made chief whip.

Other appointments are Liz Smith staying with the education brief, she supports screw the working class by charging them tuition fees making it impossible for them to break through and earn a decent wage and job.

Gavin Brown keeps finance, former presiding officer Alex Fergusson takes rural affairs and David McLetchie has wrongly been placed into the justice brief.

It’s the team of the damned led by the not wanted.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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