Wednesday, November 9, 2011

‘Hell in Holyrood’, Tory Carpetbagger Ruth Davidson forced on the back foot after first MSP meeting, probation and told stop gloating over victory!

Dear All

Just in the door and already on probation.

This is the damning verdict of new Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson, the carpetbagger who was ready to abandon Scotland and try to jump into a safe seat previously held by Julie Kirkbride.

Julie Kirkbride and her husband were exposed during the Westminster expenses scandal for each claiming second homes allowance on both their properties, thereby living entirely rent free.

Davidson threw here hat into the ring following her incredibly poor showing in the Glasgow North East by-election.

She has an uphill struggle to win over her Holyrood colleagues when the best man lost; Murdo Fraser is the King in waiting.

In politics the best sometimes don’t get the opportunities, because politics is run as a middle class clique.

Already coming out of her first group meeting and Miss Carpetbagger was forced to defend herself against claims that members of her party are against her.

And so they should, she isn’t the right person for the party, let alone the country, no one is looking at Ruth Davidson and saying she is First Minister material, she is publicly unelectable.

That is as much a fact as it can be.

She maybe like others maybe able to position herself to her advantage; but the tale of the tape at the ballot box proves time and time again, the public don’t want her.

As someone with an interest in politics, I get to see up close those people who try and try again only to be rejected by the people.

In a show of bravado, she triumphantly declares that she is in charge of her party, but lets us see if they will come out and work for her.

She will be having more than one Holyrood group meeting were she will be getting dragged over the coals.

That meeting was probably uncomfortable for her as Murdo Fraser; the true leader has to sit there knowing he has the support of the MSP Group.

Senior Tories have said Davidson is on probation; unfortunately her probation cannot be revoked.

And the fact she has to be told to back off from her attitude that “we are the masters now” in the wake of her victory will not be forgotten.

You can only be a master if those people will work for you; if they don’t then you are just another arsehole with a title.

Davidson has had a laugh but will she get the last laugh?
I expect her to do the PR routine while she needs to build allies around her camp fire, then she start the process of ‘assisting’ to try and de-select her opposition.

Under the banner of bring in fresh talent and a load of rhetoric about dynamism and vision of new blood.

Yes, the Scottish Tories have a real problem as Paul McBride says:

“They have replaced one nice woman with one not so very nice woman."

Carpetbagger Publicly Unelectable!


Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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