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Securing the trough, wage bill for university managers soars by a third, at human rights abusing Glasgow University, taxes pay for a corrupt Principal

Dear All

It can’t have escaped your notice that the ordinary working class in Scotland are being continually ripped off for taxes and everything else.

Part of the money collected in taxes goes to pay the obscene salaries of university senior management teams.

Their salaries have risen by a third in five years and we aren’t paying for talent, I should know I spent 20 years at human rights abusing Glasgow University.

We are being ripped off, most Scottish people assume that a ‘Scottish’ university is exactly that, but the only thing Scottish about it are the location and the people employed as menials.

It seems that Scots aren’t good enough to run their own universities.

To counter this discrimination, we are told that we are paying for top talent.

And occasionally we get a Scottish figurehead such as the corrupt former principal of University of Glasgow, Sir Muir Russell.

He led the charge in jacking up his salary despite,

Never having ran a charity
Never having working in the education sector
Never having taught at a university or college
Never ran his own business

However, he was part of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, this is the ‘cartel’ that effectively controls Scottish education; its members are everywhere.

When Russell applied for the job, he was vetted by the head of his private club, the Royal Society of Edinburgh who was the external examiner.

Never having ran a charity
Never having working in the education sector
Never having taught at a university or college
Never ran his own business

And he was the best candidate.

When Scotch pervert Muir Russell popped up his salary started heading north pretty quickly.

I found him to be a useless, corrupt old bastard, a stain on the university.

Muir Russell was content to sit back and allow bullying, criminal fraud and discrimination.

Currently he is the Chairman of the Judicial Appointments Board for Scotland.

So, read this and decide, if a man involved in covering up criminal fraud should be picking judges.

I think not.

Anyone it seems someone has noticed that total senior management salaries rose from £12 million in 2005 to £16m last year.

We aren’t paying for talent, let’s get that straight.

Lecturers’ union UCU Scotland has compiled damning figures which show management costs were out of control.

Academic staff faced pay freezes and job cuts, and institutions were cutting courses as they attempt to balance the books.

But the trough for senior management ticks on without skipping a beat.

A UCU Scotland spokesman said:

“As the executive has taken over the running of institutions, management teams have grown in size and pay. The vast governing bodies in ancient universities are too large to carry out an effective scrutiny role … In the newer universities they are too small. While academic pursuit is seen as a vocation, management have seen salaries increase as they take over responsibility for running the institution from academics. We believe this relationship has to be rebalanced.”

However forget the notion of the kindly Professor in Cardigan and glasses, there is real scum in academia like Professor Christopher J Gilmore.

A fiend, a bully and a liar, he appears in my fraud document to the University of Glasgow list above.

So, the Scottish Government has announced a review of the way universities are run following warnings over the dictatorial style of principals and senior managers.

Michael Russell, the Education Secretary said a panel would be set up to review governance after concerns from academics and students.

Trouble has been brew for some time at Strathclyde and at the ‘the bay’ as Lecturers have been highly critical of the way their institutions are run concerning proposed cuts to courses and jobs.

Staff are facing jobs cuts and going to the wall while the salaries of principals and their management teams are jacked up with pay increases of up to 7% last year.

The review is being chaired by Professor Ferdinand von Prondzynski, principal of Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.

Who like many heading up Scottish Universities isn’t Scottish, it seems the best candidates to run universities aren’t Scots.

Is it because we are too poor, too small minded or too stupid?

UCU Scotland has criticised the make-up of management and suggested governing bodies should have increased representation from the wider community, at human rights abusing Glasgow University, a nugget of a Labour Councillor sits on the Court.

I can’t name them off hand and aren’t willing to look them up, why bother for cannon fodder.

UCU Scotland said:

“All too often the make-up of these bodies is slanted towards business interests ... lay members are predominately from either a business background, or managers and directors in the public sector.”

UCU Scotland does make a valid point in their conclusion that Senate bodies, representing academics, were being “undermined” by management.

They also call for call for committees which nominate principals to have staff and student representatives.

And guidance on the review’s remit from Mr Russell also suggested setting up “supervisory councils”, which could have a say in the appointment of principals.

This has prompted Universities Scotland, the talking shop which represents principals to dismiss the suggestion:

“The appointment of the principal is a key responsibility of the governing body”.

And it might cause people to object to the continuation of appointing Royal Society of Edinburgh breaking the ‘cartel’ they hold in Scottish higher education.

Universities Scotland’s mouth piece is Alastair Sim, he is the new Director, I remember him from Glasgow University; he used the Sports Building which I taught in.

A non entity!

Universities Scotland added:

“Unless the governing body is fully responsible for the appointment, performance management and termination of employment of the principal, it cannot be responsible for the overall effectiveness and good governance of the institution. A supervisory council cannot have a role in this without fundamentally undermining the responsibility and accountability of the governing body.”

So, explain the bullying and discrimination I was subject to at Glasgow University, the University Court like the Senate at Glasgow University is simply ignored and grown toothless.

Will the review do any real good?

It may force universities to change but the reality is the public sector reform needed will have to go a lot further.

There is a number of interconnecting social management networks that need to be dealt with, these people operate like freemasons.

And there is a lack of Scots running Scottish universities; it seems the best candidates by and large will almost never be Scottish.

Why am I not in Court for saying that Anton Muscatelli covered up bullying, discrimination and criminal fraud?

Because I have the documents and its all true.

At Glasgow University, corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli Principal!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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