Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Doctors back organ donation scheme that sees bodies ripped apart for spare parts, SNP to debate issue at Conference, current system is safeguard

Dear All

Every so often, the issue of an organ donation scheme pops up.

Doctors have backed plans for a scheme that could see organs taken from dead bodies without the deceased’s prior consent.

It is called legalised theft and violation of the dead.

If you don’t want to be violated then you have to register your wish to have your body kept intact.

If you don’t you will be surgically ripped apart!

Your eyeballs hacked out of your head, skin peeled off, kidneys, liver, lungs and bone all removed.

The corpse given to your already grieving family to bury!

Does this mean the end of open casket funerals?

The British Medical Association (BMA) Scotland is in favour of a “soft opt-out” approach that would mean family members would be consulted on the wishes of dead relatives.

Their support comes as a motion in favour of a Government consultation on an opt-out system is expected to be heard at next week’s SNP conference.

A spokesman for BMA Scotland said:

“The BMA encourages debate that looks towards a soft opt-out system for organ donation. We know there is public support for a change in the system and believe a soft opt-out system would reflect the views of the majority. Unless an individual had registered an objection to donating their organs, or if the family were aware of an objection, the default position would be to donate. Creating this kind of system will allow the wishes of the individual to be taken into account and increase the number of organs available for transplant.”

And to be clear, we will see people who don’t consent by ‘accident’ having their organs lifted by ‘mistake’.

The only safeguard to stop the butchery of an innocent person after death is to retain the current system of opt in.

It is the start of an organ harvesting programme in Scotland which will possibly see doctors sit on the fence as they wait for some people to die for parts.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Ben said...

Genuine mistakes are possible under any system, but an opt out policy (unlike our present one) actually allows someone who doesn't want her organs used to register her objection, thereby potentially granting her greater protection.

Anonymous said...

Sick and evil decption. Just morbid and disgusting. Interferance of "FREE-WILL". Morbid.