Friday, October 28, 2011

THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS - HQ Trailer ( 1992 )

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Anonymous said...

Great film. That Madeleine Stowe's a cracker, ain't she? Oh, heck - just noticed it was made 19 years ago. She'll probably have had plastic surgery that went horribly wrong, or something.
My bestest fav bits were when Magua cut out Colonel Munro's (Maurice Roeves) still beating heart and held it to his mouth like it was a Big Mac.
The bit with the Indians burning the Major alive until Hawkeye ended his agony with a musket ball through the forehead from about 50 yards was good, too. What a shot!
And the scene in which the young lady throws herself off a cliff rather than become Magua's sex toy was fandabi. He wasn't that bad looking, though. She could have put up with it for a wee while, then skedaddled when he was sleeping off the fire water.