Monday, October 31, 2011

Glasgow University product Liam Fox wants a return back to the front bench after the Adam Werritty scandal, what happened to integrity David Cameron?

Dear All

When Liam Fox resigned over the Adam Werritty, scandal you could be mistaken for thinking that he was doing the right thing.

In politics, it appears that there is a new standard of conduct, resigning to kill press coverage, once the heat dies down then come out and carry on as normal.

Dr. Liam Fox is a Glasgow University product and as such, the former defence secretary Liam said he was ready to make a ‘frontline comeback’.

It has been less than three weeks after he was forced to quit.

Fox is a truly pathetic individual and David Cameron would be ‘off his rocker’ if he allowed Fox back into the Cabinet.

It would send out the wrong message.

Add to it Fox isn’t a talent.

He isn’t a visionary.

Gaffe prone, limited vision and no sense of honour, typical of a certain section of the Glasgow University class.

Speaking for the first time since his resignation, Dr Fox said he would "certainly like to return to the front bench" but conceded the timing of a possible ministerial comeback was "another matter".

So, when is the right time to ‘sneak’ back in and to what?

Fox wants back to the trough; perhaps he thinks he has some moral right.

The report by the Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O'Donnell also found there had been an "inappropriate and unacceptable" blurring of lines between official and personal relationships between Dr Fox and Werritty.

They met 22 times in Whitehall and 18 times on trips abroad.

I think many people would conclude that Werritty set himself up as a channel to Liam Fox which defence contractors and others involved in the defence industry would use thereby opening up a possible revenue stream for Werritty in his business.

This story shows again who pathetic those at the top actually are.

Fox is gone and she should stay gone.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

as you say george fuck him traitor
he has sold our armed forces down the river and he did that with the support of the rest of the tory
party while the army fights in afganistan they sit it thier plush offices given partys to all their chums and making a arse of the job
of buying equipment for our troups
taking big bouneses they dont deserve they should be getting their wages cut and the troops getting more and fox should be in prison the little scumbag