Wednesday, December 19, 2018

‘SNP, Party of Bastards’, Toxic SNP feud ends at the Court of Session in Edinburgh as ex SNP Cllr Julie McAnulty is awarded £40,000 in her defamation case, Lord Uist gave Julie McAnulty back her good name saying he had no doubts about her credibility or reliability, another nail in the Nationalist coffin of how they treat people

Dear All

It is nearly Xmas, a time of goodwill to all men and furry animals, a time to reflect and eat turkey, roast potatoes and sprouts. Xmas is a busy time, so any piece of joy must be welcomed and received when it pops up.

Former SNP councillor Julie McAnulty has just received some Xmas joy to the tune of 40 ‘large’, that’s £40,000. Julie McAnulty received this cash because her life was destroyed by a malicious claim of racism during “toxic” party infighting in the SNP. Smearing in the SNP is nothing knew, I was a victim of that myself, far from being protected Julie McAnulty was abandoned by the party’s senior leadership and SNP HQ run by Peter Murrell, Nicola Sturgeon’s husband.

Now that Julie McAnulty has fought and won her case, a defamation action against Sheena McCulloch at the Court of Session, justice has been done. If you think back to my 2017 post when McAnulty quit the party, I didn’t believe she was guilt.

Sheena McCulloch sowed the seeds of her own destruction, she now faces a hefty bill of £40,000 plus interest, so she better line part time jobs and draw a payment plan. By falsely claiming Ms McAnulty referred to “Pakis” in the SNP, Sheena McCulloch dug a hole she couldn’t climb out of.

£40,000 plus interest!

Lord Uist, who heard the case said Ms McCulloch’s allegation was “outrageous” and "activated by malice and ill-will”. This is the modus operandi of how the SNP treats other members. Uist added it was part of a campaign to damage Ms McAnulty waged by a rival faction in the Lanarkshire SNP linked to two MSPs. You might also remember on and off I said in politics, don’t trust anyone, and watch your back, in fact there is a little episode being played out in Pollok CLP at the moment which I am steering clear off.

Anyway, Julie McAnulty’s career was destroyed, perhaps she might if she had gone on become an MSP or MP, I doubt she will want to rush back towards Nicola’s Party after how she was treated; mainly I think because of the infighting. Lord Uist gave Julie McAnulty back her good name saying he had no doubts about her credibility or reliability.

Sheena McCulloch however didn’t get the same endorsement, and she is a dog groomer!!!!!!

In totally rejecting McCulloch’s evidence, he said:

“I found her to be an unforthcoming witness and formed a generally poor impression of her.”

Post verdict Julie McAnulty welcomed the judgment, and said it had "vindicated" her position and the money isn’t too bad either. When this story was leaked to the Daily Record, which ran the front page story ‘Get the Pakis out of the party’, it was a rather pivotal moment for the music teacher and church organist, which she described as the worst day of her life. So, where was Nicola Sturgeon, the ‘defender’ of womankind?

Out of Dodge folks!

Finally, although there is nastiness in this case, it ended with justice being done, it was also a wake up call for the SNP Cult to watch their step, smearing in the party is ignored by SNP HQ; it is ignored by the leadership as I found out from my personal experience. But once in awhile the guilty get what is coming to them, sadly it takes time as Julie McAnulty. The SNP is a party full of creepy evil nasty people at all levels, and everyone should know that, know what they are voting for, and resolve to get them out of public office.

One funny and mad little group is the Westboro Baptist Church, on one of the demonstrations; they had a sign for the place they lived, ‘Topeka, City of Bastards’, Topeka is in Kansas, US. Maybe someone should do up a sign for the SNP which reflects them properly. ‘SNP, Party of Bastards’, it could stick marketed properly don’t you think?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Al C said...

Good. About time that someone falsely accused of "being offensive" took their accusers to task for spreading lies about them. Shame on the SNP.

Oh, and Merry Christmas, George!

G Laird said...

Hi Al C

Merry Xmas when it comes.


stug guts said...

Hi George,
Fantastic blog, I thoroughly look forward to your postings as they are cutting and incisive regarding the sorry state of our country at the moment under the SNP.
That stunt that they played in the parliament the other with regards to a vote of no confidence, what was that all about? with the wee fat crofter.
Our country is an embarrassment with these amateurs failing at every level apart from taking expenses.

Kind regards
And merry christmas

Anonymous said...

More crowdfunding?

Anonymous said...

More crowdfunding?

Anonymous said...

❤ love that the truth is finally being shown about the nasty party ,,well done and Merry Christmas