Thursday, September 13, 2018

SNP Anger Explodes; former MSP Tommy Sheridan provokes bitter SNP anger by wanting to show the movie, Braveheart at his Hope Over Fear Rally, he says he is 'not frightened' to screen 'cinematic classic', is the real reason of the SNP objection that Mel Gibson in the movie bangs the French bird, and self confessed ‘lonely’ Nicola Sturgeon is having to make do with an old age pensioner husband?

Dear All

Have you seen the price of a cinema ticket these days, it costs a fortune, but if you can’t afford to go to the movies, then Tommy Sheridan is going to be showing the screen 'cinematic classic' Braveheart at his pro-indy rally. 

The idea of showing Braveheart is to get people fired up, in the movie, you can see sex, violence and comedy. The sex bit is tamed down, but the fight scenes are worth watching, after all who doesn’t like a good rammy?

So, Braveheart is being shown in Glasgow’s George Square, there is a Greggs nearby, a couple of sausage rolls and a few cans of soft drink and you are 'good to go', provided the weather is okay.

Might be an idea to bring a fold up seat for comfort!

Hope Over Fear is a vehicle for Tommy Sheridan to attempt to make a political comeback, however, no matter how many movies he shows, no matter how many kids get their face painted, he has blew it in the Scottish political arena.

His fall from grace was epic despite the Russians attempting to give him a ‘leg up’ rather than a ‘leg over’, his time is over.   

The SNP leadership aren’t a fan of Tommy Sheridan going way back, and nothing has changed, they see Sheridan as a threat to them and their narrative.

Already Sturgeon’s little helper SNP Councillor Mhairi Hunter has said:

"People will be put off voting Yes by seeing folk cheering Braveheart and then cheering Tommy Sheridan. That will absolutely put soft Nos off."

Of course people won’t be put off by seeing the state of Govanhill under the management of her ‘stay away’ boss Nicola Sturgeon. There is in my opinion no such thing as ‘soft nos’ because people are pretty wise now to the SNP and what they are all about.

If Tommy Sheridan doesn’t believe me when I say his career is over, then perhaps, Scottish Tory chief whip Maurice Golden might convince him. He said:

“Reasonable supporters of independence will cringe at the prospect of this ridiculous spectacle. It's quite obvious Tommy Sheridan is using this campaign as a way to rehabilitate his image from convicted perjurer and failed politician."

I would say that he is right on part two of his assessment but wrong on part one, a movie is a movie is a movie. Also given that some people are a little dry when it comes to public speaking, pre-entertainment is really a bad thing.

And of course, Tommy Sheridan can film this event and use this as material for his new chat show!

Two Twitter polls attracting over 2000 votes asking about the showing of Braveheart in advance of the Hope Over Fear rally found the majority are so far showing a wave of opinion against it.

Some people don’t like a good movie, and that is what Braveheart is, a movie, not a documentary, it isn’t a movie that you look for deep meaning, much in the same way you won’t find it is a John Wayne ‘cowboys and indians’ movie.

One poll found 72% either said it should not go ahead or answered "are you kidding me?". Another found 42% thought it was a bad idea, 22% a good one and 36% not bothered.

This anti response sounds to me to be disgruntled SNP types who are getting their knickers in a twist because many of their leadership figures are actually English but they don’t like to be reminded of it.

One thing which may disappoint people is that Sheridan has decided to show an edited version of the cinematic classic probably due to time constrains, Braveheart running time is normally 3 hours and 2 mins.

One wonders what scenes will be shown in this watered down version!

Is sex out?

Is battle scene violence out?

Is the scene of the LGBT man thrown out of a high window by the English King played by Patrick McGoohan, (he also had a small part in the Dambusters movie) kept in?

Is the comedy of the Irishman played well by David O’Hara still there?

One thing that Braveheart had was a pretty amazing cast working with Mel Gibson.

This was also the first noticeable role for Catherine McCormack who played Mel Gibson’s love interest, early on she gets her throat slit, which effectively sets up the movie.

One wonders really what the main objection to this movie by the SNP?

Is it that this is a heterosexual love story?

Is it the Mel Gibson marries a beautiful young woman and Nicola Sturgeon married a guy old enough to be her father who effectively stays out of sight?

Is it because Mel Gibson in the movie bangs the French bird and gets her preggers?

Is it because of the LGBT man thrown out of a high window?

Is it because heterosexual males are shown taken the lead and driving forward a real agenda for change when people like Nicola Sturgeon are farting about with ‘baby boxes’ and ‘tampons’?

Is it because the SNP know that the Yes Movement have come to realise that Nicola Sturgeon isn’t the person capable of leading a new indyref campaign?

Finally, if Nicola Sturgeon and her sidekick Mhairi Hunter don’t like Braveheart then don’t turn up, they won’t be missed, perhaps they can spend the time getting to grips with the Govanhill slum which they allegedly represent, or turn up at the rally and hand out free tampons!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Al C said...

I'm not a huge fan of Braveheart. It's alright, but not as great as people assume, to be honest. The sex is pretty forgettable in Braveheart. The battle scenes are OK, but my filmmaker brother says they're slightly dated. Still, they're enjoyable to watch. The guy thrown out of the window I think was a real person and he survived. No idea if he WAS actually gay. Patrick McGoohan was pretty good, usually when I hear his name I think of 'The Prisoner' as well.

Catherine McCormack is unfortunately a bit underrated, would like to see her in more things, she deserves to be, and did then as well.

Interestingly, the French Princess had a bit more of a story of her own, and William Wallace doesn't even feature:

Does this mean that the Indy movement is fragmenting? I think I remember you saying something about that being a possibility.

Anonymous said...

Showing Braveheart before a demonstration really shows us the intelligence level of Sheridan supporters. I think it must be pretty low. Actually, it must be in the moron level. Oh, and Sheridan will probably be banging the usherettes. What with them wearing tartan mini-skirts, Sheridan won’t be able to control himself.

Anonymous said...

Brothers and sisters Sheridan is a prick!