Monday, September 3, 2018

Angela’s Murders, German leader Angela Merkel is the reason that a young German man was brutally murdered in Chemnitz, Germany, his killer had many prior convictions, and frequently carried a knife, he was also allowed to walk the streets freely as he was set to be deported, there comes a point when Germany will erupt into wide scale serious violence

Dear All

The breakdown of social cohesion in Europe continues, unabated, fuelled by crime, but not just crime rampant crime, the floodgates have opened by the political elite, and the target is the people.

In the German City of Chemnitz, a young German man was murdered for attempting to protect a woman from being sexually assaulted or possibly raped by two migrant. The young man was stabbed to death, the identity of the attackers was leaked online, , 22-year-old Iraqi Yousif A and Syrian migrant Alaa S.

Years ago, I said that detention camps needed to be setup because it was clear to me early on that people like Iraqi Yousif A and Syrian migrant Alaa S would be ‘getting off the boat’. Angela Merkel failed to protect the German people, her actions I would say are directly responsible for the flood of criminals into Europe.

Every crime, every murder, every rape, every robbery can be laid at her; Angela Merkel facilitated every one of the illegal migrant crimes. If you let a tiger out of its cage at the zoo are you really surprised when it kills humans? The tiger knows no better, it acts on instinct, it doesn’t have western values, and neither do the migrant criminals.

In Chemnitz, people power has led to mass street protests, the ordinary people aren’t far right as being portrayed in the media, they are a cross section of Germans, young, old, male, female, each with a desire to have someone deal with the migrant problem. And yes, it is a migrant problem which requires hard and sustained measures in order to protect the inner security of Europe.

Angela Merkel isn’t part of the solution, she and her ilk are the problem, the more this is recognised the better, the rise of parties like the AfD in Germany isn’t a blip, they will continue to grow because people know now that only by ridding themselves of the political class of Merkel et al can they have their country back.

 The road to ‘civil war’ in my opinion has started; mass street protests are a reaction to crime.

In every conflict there is a build up, protests, fights, fear, discrimination and then an enlightenment of sorts where people come to release permanent solutions are needed; we will see the rise of something which is akin to domestic terrorism in European countries. In Britain, we had our version with the IRA, they had no problem bombing, shooting and running a crime organisation to generate cash for weapons.

That is a blueprint for Europe.    

If the German government won’t protect Germans, Germans will do it for themselves, it is an old story which has been played out through-out history, people at some stage rise up.

One of the two migrant men arrested in the fatal stabbing of a man in the German city of Chemnitz had several prior convictions and was set for deportation, if he had been placed in a detention camp, the young man killed would still be alive. The Iraqi failed asylum seeker showed that he has been in trouble with the law, two-year suspended sentence for serious bodily injury, fined for property damage,  drug possession conviction and another for drug dealing, and a conviction for fraud to round things off.

But the Germans let him roam free because they were stupid and weak!

The German newspaper Die Welt revealed that the 22-year-old had first claimed asylum in Bulgaria.

Back in 2015, I wrote this article:

Here are some of the measures I proposed:

1/ EU Border Force

2/ EU internal immigration policy for EU citizens

3/ intervention and mobilisation of the military in member states

4/ New EU wide ID card scheme

5/ No non EU economic migrant processed from this crisis and allowed to remain within an EU country which has accept them can travel to any other EU member state. Everyone should be completely documented, if a breach occurred; the person or group will be returned to the EU country they were settled and registered in.

I also stated that it was a matter of national security that there needed to be detention camps built, because this is a matter of national security which so far has been ignored by politicians seeking to enhance their profile of being 'caring'.

Number 5 and the additional requirement that detention camps should be built would have saved the young man killed and many like him.

Finally, Europe isn’t safe due to people like Merkel, what she did was transport the people of the battlefields of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and other conflicts areas straight into Germany along with young African migrant men. When things blow up because eventually a momentum effect will occur, who will be the first senior member of the European political elite who finds out that although a lot of things have been invented recently one of them isn’t a human who can outrun a bullet. Given the trade of illegal weapons is from the East, that round might be 7.62×39mm, Ak 47, however, it just as easily could be 9mm Makarov (9 x 18mm) used!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Al C said...

So what you're suggesting is anyone who lives on the continent must get out now?

G Laird said...

Hi Al C

I am suggesting that things are going to get even worse towards full blown crisis.