Monday, September 10, 2018

Politics is about change; Tommy Robinson gains the support of Ukip leader Gerard Batten to join the party, although this could be controversial having such a high profile figure with a huge following could work in Ukip’s favour, let people stand or fall by their own merits is a good maxim to adopt

Dear All

In politics, it isn’t unusual to see controversial people be involved and even elected to Parliament. Tommy Robinson has caused a stir in the UK, as a former EDL leader, and as a journalist covering the rise of Pakistani Rape Gangs which prey on young white children.

It takes a certain kind of courage to stand up and be counted in today’s PC society culture where if you speak out you are labelled, depending on the topic. Of course labelling is all about control, when you brand someone a racist, you seek to dismiss their views in an attempt to demonise them and de-platform them from the public discourse.

Labelling is a tactic used mostly by the far left, although others have latched onto that bandwagon just as the media. Here is Tommy Robinson speaking to the Daily Mail while on a private holiday with his wife and children after being released from prison. Reporters aren’t thick, generally they are well educated, in this case, you would think that if you ask a simple question, the reporter would easily answer it. This exchange shows why the public is turning to alt media, turning to people who aren’t afraid to speak out and voice an opinion.

Tommy Robinson wants to join Ukip, currently under their rules if you have been a member of the BNP, you aren’t welcome, this is much the same in all parties. In the case of Tommy Robinson, there is a case that he should be a special ‘exception’ to Ukip’s rule banning ex members of far-right groups from joining.

Here is Tommy Robinson’s pitch to Ukip members.

One thing is in his video is that he pleads his case with passion, that said, some members of Ukip will not like to see Tommy Robinson in their party, but I think that the members should decide.

In Scotland, I think back to controversial people such as Tommy Sheridan pre Holyrood, passionate speaker, post Bar-L, his career such as it is, is gone; hence he is shunned by the political classes. I am a big believer in letting people do what they want, say what they want and act how they want; they then have to live with the consequences of their decisions.

Sheridan made his bed, now he lies in it, however due to the Russians, it is abit more comfy these days!

I think Ukip members will give Tommy Robinson a chance, of course some will leave the party but I think many people in Britain would like to see passion in their politics again, and people pointing out what they know to be wrong. In support of his application; Tommy Robinson has impressed Ukip leader Gerard Batten, he backs controversial moves to let Tommy Robinson join the party.
As people saw when Tommy Robinson was imprisoned, he has a huge support, not just among white people; it would be a mistake to just writing him off as appealing to those, he has support from all shades of the community. Here is an interview that Tommy Robinson did with Navtaij Singh Sangha which may interest you.

One thing that will probably happen is that the mainstream political parties will seek to attack Ukip if Tommy Robinson is made a member, that is ‘part of the game’, appear whiter than white, holier than thou but they aren’t.

And this blog post may open your eyes even further.

Finally, if Tommy Robinson is prepared to obey the rules of Ukip, if he acts in a proper manner that one expects from a member or activist, he could gain Ukip quite a lot of publicity and votes. He is a decent speaker; he has a high public profile, and quite a following. His recent spell in prison was an injustice, not the finest hour for the judge who sentenced him. In politics parties you meet allsorts of individuals, is there room in British politics for a Tommy Robinson, yes there is, even although he has “baggage”.

Could I see Tommy Robinson in Westminster as an MP?


I could see this happening, parties rise and fall with the public and if Tommy Robinson stood as a candidate for Westminster, I suspect he would be flooded with offers of help. I don’t think some of our currently elected MPs and MSPs could match that community involvement that would be given to him.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  


Al C said...

If Tommy Robinson's opponents gave him less attention, he'd probably have disappeared by now. I actually don't like him. I also think that we live in odd times that are getting stranger by the minute.

Anonymous said...


G Laird said...

Hi Al C

In his case, I don't think he would disappear, his opponents fail to recognise that he has a real genuine following now, which was clearly shown in the London demos against his sentence.


Al C said...

Well, perhaps a while ago it might've been the case, but like I said, we live in odd times. And it does seem true, in that he has a genuine following.

Some of his opponents' attitudes towards free speech have been woefully miscalculated. When they've opposed free speech on hate speech grounds, while he stands for, or at least claims to stand for free speech, has only made him stronger. Added to that, giving Al Mujahiroun and their affiliates a pass or a semi-pass as has all too often been the case, can't have helped.

Anonymous said...

I’m not keen, I have a cousin who lives in Nottingham, I’m quite shocked sometimes by the things he posts on Facebook, I see them a racist. I am however very aware that living in a small town in the Northeast Scotland that we are extremely lucky. I look at the likes of Govanhill and can’t imagine what it is like to have the place you live ghettoised by other nationalities. Nottingham has changed so much with different nationalities and very different cultures which sometimes don’t mix with our way of life, I can understand why people are bitter or angry hence why Tommy Robinson has such a following, he’s tapped in to the anger. I wouldn’t say Tommy Robinson is inciting racism or violence but there will always be an element of his supporters that will use his message as an excuse to be racist towards others. He’ll be the next Nigel Farage im sure, let’s face it UKIP have lost a lot of support and Tommy could well be a way of getting them back.