Monday, September 18, 2017

Wake up Europe; you’re lagging behind, House of Representatives Passes Bill to Deport Suspected MS-13 Gang Members from the US, ground breaking legislation needs to be given the chance to succeed and address long standing problems, Europe could benefit from a similar scheme to tackle migrant crisis, permanent deportation helps protect social cohesion

Dear All

Have you ever ‘got into’ youtube in a big way? Most people use youtube as an entertainment platform, but it is a serious piece of learning and education, if you know where to look. You can find pretty much anything and everything put up, from funny vids to serious politics, cartoons to full movies, hobbyist stuff to professional tuition.

One of the things which I like to watch is documentaries, they are very educational; one channel is called prison documentaries which looks at the prison system in America both federal and county.

Here is an example of the videos on that channel:

In America, there is a gang system in prison of various factions, one of the factions os a violent MS-13, this street gang is made up of illegal immigrants from Mexico who are involved in violent crime and drugs. The situation in America regarding violent crime is well known as are the people who engage in it. However, despite knowing of the problem, the situation hasn’t been dealt with until the arrival of  President Donald Trump.

You may not like Trump, but he is different, he is a President that means to get things done such as tackling securing the US border and overhauling the current immigration system. Although, he is best known for his stance on ‘the wall’, a barrier to stop illegal immigration, a piece of legislation has been passed on Thursday that would make suspected membership in the violent MS-13 street gang a sufficient cause for deportation.

As you know, I blogged on measures to strengthen the European Union before I realised that the political will did not exist to fix it. Europe is headed for generations of instability. What is needed is a pan European piece of legislation which mirrors the American legislation to permanently problem individuals and criminal gangs.

What has been passed in America is groundbreaking stuff to be such because criminal gangs like MS-13 pose a national security threat as they are linked to the Mexican drug cartels.

The House passed H.R. 3697 in response to MS-13’s growing violence and its ties to Mexican drug cartels. Section 2(b) of the bill makes suspected membership in a “criminal gang” (including MS-13) sufficient cause to ban for life a foreigner from entering the United States.

Section 2(c) of the bill makes membership in a criminal gang or involvement in any criminal gang activity grounds for immediate deportation.

Whether this Bill goes the distance and is passed by Congress remains to be seen but already the American Civil Liberties Union and other left wing civil-rights groups, are claiming that the legislation is inconsistent with due process and other constitutional rights.

If you view the many prison documentaries on the Mexican gang problem, this would be seen as a no brainer, and the fact that the Democrats are opposing this is unbelievable, lots of people came out against Trump, I didn’t, America’s Democrats aren’t the party that cares for the people.

Dinesh D'Souza makes a compelling case when he argues against do illegal aliens have constitutional rights.

My interest in this story is that the legislation used could be transplanted to Europe and tackle a growing problem, violence in Europe is on the increase, people are training for conflict.

If you look at 1.30 minutes into the video, you see training taking place, when the breakdown comes, certain people and groups will be better equipped. What you are looking at is people who know that the political elite have failed them and decided that being engaged in their process is fruitless.

Europe needs new leaders, question is where will they come from, and when will they reset Europe, if it can’t be done by legislation, the bullet and the bomb seem to be the alternative. Isn't amazing how problems can easily be solved if you get the right type of leaders, people should be angry with the dross we have been saddled with.

Finally, sorry for the gap in blogging been really ill of late and cat sitting, yes, life if full of surprises.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


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Pretty soon the troubles of the European Union will no longer be ours. We will be free to legislate, deport and block entry to this country as we see fit. Europe can rot as far as I'm concerned.

Al C said...

You're not wrong about the Mexican gangs - for example, have you heard of the Mexican town of Juarez? It is - or was - the most violent city in the world outside of a conflict zone, because of the drug cartels. Ross Kemp visited during his 'On Gangs' series and people were turning up dead in the streets repeatedly.

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Thanks mate, feel better.


G Laird said...

Hi Al C

Years ago a former Mexican President advocated that drugs should be legalised, I agree, kill the market and there is no money in it.


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Missed your blog, maybe it’s the awful weather making you feel unwell, anyway, you keep healthy and keep writing.