Tuesday, September 5, 2017

How to Escape the Democrat Plantation (an easy guide).

Dear All

Have you ever wondered who the Democrats are in Britain?



Al C said...

While I'm not sure of EVERYTHING she said, she has a fair point, it's time for the American democrats and the western left in general to stop calling all their opponents and mere naysayers 'Nazis' now.

I think in the UK the equivalent is, I'm not sure, but certainly a pretty solid element of the left unfortunately. The ones who call for "revolution" and purport to support the working class, but are two-faced enough to call them 'chavs' when they think nobody's looking, or smear anyone on the right as being 'far right' or 'fascists' or 'racists' when their targets are often nothing of the sort, who call for a "kinder, gentler politics/country of kindness" and yet act like thugs towards even the most questionable of targets and smear anyone who objects as 'far-right/fascists/racists, etc'. And on top of that, when the working classes DO take matters into their own hands and they disagree with the result, they lambast them as stupid indolent scum, demonstrating that really, they don't give a damn about them.

I'd say in this country, it is FAR more based on class than it is on race, but they are just as obnoxious. (To be honest, the right's more obnoxious elements are obnoxious in different ways, pompous, puffed up and self-important but the worst elements of the left are, in my opinion, far more pretentious.)

G Laird said...

Hi Al C

I have to say that I find her take very interesting as discussion points.


Anonymous said...

love her