Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Labour Party Conference: Jeremy Corbyn is now bookie's favourite to be next Prime Minister, two reasons why he will not be Prime Minister, Foreign Affairs and Defence, the Labour Party has got it entirely wrong on Brexit, government in waiting…. you having a laugh!

Dear All

Jeremy Corbyn will never be Prime Minister, there are two reasons which stick out like a sore thumb, the first is he is woeful on foreign affairs, and the second, he isn’t trusted on defence.

The Labour Party is having a conference down the road at Brighton at the moment, the issue of Brexit has been raised, the party is saying that Labour would strike a Brexit deal with single market access.

Where the detail which you need to know is when Labour says Labour would negotiate a Brexit deal with the EU that "guarantees unimpeded access to the single market".

What this means is that freedom of movement will continue, this isn’t what the people of Britain wanted, the people of Britain voted to leave the EU, the people made a decision and it is for the political class to deliver on this.

Out means Out!

The idea that a backdoor deal can be done to sell out the will of the people along is enough reason why the party didn’t win power in 2017, and it will not win power next time around with this type of betrayal.

As much as Labour is willing to toss some crumbs like £10 an hour wage and other trinkets, what people in the country want is a return of social cohesion which was destroyed by mass immigration, which the Labour Party under Tony Blair did as a social engineering experiment which has drastically failed.

Some things capture the national mood and Brexit is one of them.

The Labour leader told the party conference in Brighton that he would secure a new cooperative relationship with Europe once in power, in order to do so, it appears he is willing to betray the will of the people.

Ask yourself this question, who does ‘freedom of movement’ benefit?

Most working class people don’t travel aboard to find work, so who does it benefit?

The answer is Big Corporations and Big business, under EU rules, an employee can sack all their employees and bring in workers from another country and under the rules circumvent paying them the British rate, instead paying the rate of their home country.

These is how you can be betrayed and then betrayed again and lose your job, this case paves the way.

So, what could Jeremy Corbyn do if this happened to British workers?
Nothing, he could do a few speeches, he could express ‘concern’ and he could even stand on the picket line, all very symbolic but all that would come to nothing because as he admits, he wants guaranteed unimpeded access.

So, why isn’t Jeremy Corbyn standing on stage telling the ‘worker’s party’ the real truth of what guaranteed unimpeded access? The reason is either he doesn’t know, in which case he is ignorant, he does know but doesn’t care.

His idea of window dressing to deal with harsh reality is the talk of a new industrial strategy to boost the regions, as well as stopping workers' pay and conditions being hit.

In the EU, the rules are the rules, and backed by the European Court of Human Rights, so his guarantees are meaningless. Backing up Corbyn is Sir Keir Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary. Starmer has rose very quickly in the party, not because he was an activist but because he was a lawyer, he told the conference that Labour could keep the UK in a form of customs union with the EU and negotiate a new single market relationship after withdrawal.

The important part to reflect on is that neither of these two people will be delivering on their rhetoric, any deal such as it is will be done by the current government and we can all hash that out down the line with opinions.

I am not taken in when Jeremy Corbyn says:

"A shambolic Tory Brexit driving down standards, or ours, which puts jobs first and works for the many, one that guarantees unimpeded access to the single market and establishes a new, co-operative relationship with Europe. A Brexit that uses powers returned from Brussels to support a new industrial strategy to upgrade our economy in every region and nation. One that puts our economy first, not fake immigration targets that fan the flames of fear."

Jeremy Corbyn was never destine to be Prime Minister, his task was to comb through the Labour Party to get better leaders for the future, the future in Labour looks bleak, they require other parties to sink before they can rise. A clear example of this is what happened in Scotland, the SNP vote collapsed but the Labour vote didn’t really improve, but it was enough to return 7 seats.

The audience in the packed auditorium rose for an extended standing ovation following Corbyn's 73-minute speech; you have to wonder about some people who clearly aren’t focused on the big picture. As to Jeremy Corbyn’s statement that Labour stands ready to take over Brexit negotiations from the current Government, this is morale boosting, in fact it reminds me of David Steel’s parting shot at Lib Dem Conference in the 1990’s.

Do you remember David Steel saying ‘go back to your constituencies and prepare for Government’?

Jeremy Corbyn isn’t going anyway at the moment, certainly not to Number 10. In order to get to Number 10, he needs Scotland, and as the political scene here is in flux, he can’t get enough seats to put him over the line.

Finally, when Ed Miliband sat on the fence about doing a deal with the SNP, the public destroyed him, same thing will happen to Corbyn if he tries to do a deal with the Nationalists.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

bookies wrong?

Al C said...

Corbyn and his disciples are completely deluded if he thinks the public will tolerate him selling them down the line re: Brexit. It's going to happen. His attitude to foreign policy is laughable, his approach on defence is woolly, and the sexual abuse scandal has shown him to be totally spineless in holding the nastiest followers in his party in line, and showing little leadership.

Not impressed.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"bookies wrong?"

I would strongly suggest yes they are.