Monday, June 5, 2017

London Bridge killers; Islamic terrorism hits London yet again, seven innocent people are killed by Muslim extremists who didn’t enjoy their killing spree as they died in a hail of bullets, we have to bring forward in Westminster, an Act of Parliament which allows for an internment and deportation programme, the need is pressing and urgent, threats to national security can never be allowed to roam freely in our country

Dear All

One thing is clear, Islamic terrorists want to turn Europe into a battlefield, they want to kill, to murder, to maim and they want it all to be brutal. There are said to be 3,000 people that the British Services have information on, but these people are able to live among us. Some of these people and others will go on to commit terrorists’ acts; it is a matter of when, not if.

Seven people died and up to 50 were injured when three Muslims terrorists, decided to go on a killing spree, they managed to do all this with very limited resources, using a vehicle and also large knives. Judging by their actions and choice of instruments of terror, I think we can safely conclude that these people weren’t professionally trained which although isn’t a comfort to the victims, is a blessing that things weren’t a lot worse.   

The terrorists mowed down pedestrians and started stabbing people at random once they exited the vehicles, eye witnesses who saw the horror unfold also spoke of seeing victims with their throats cut. The people who did the killings didn’t live long to celebrate their success as armed police responded quickly and took out the terrorists with deadly force. In a situation like this, the priority is to save lives of innocent people, contain the incident and secure the area. Police shot dead the terrorists within eight minutes of initial call, however, the situation was to last a lot longer than that, as emergency services responded.

Thirty-six people remain in hospital at this time, including 21 who are in critical condition following the attack, the death toll may rise but let us hope for the best, and pray that those in hospital survive to go home. Most people haven’t been stabbed, when it happens to you it feels like you have been punched, and generally it happens so fast you don’t feel the pain till later. The real shock is when you see the blood loss which spills out so fast, that the important thing is to stem the flow and lie down as soon as practical. When you lose blood, you feel cold, you can literally feel the coldness travel down you face, lying flat is a good way drop the heart rate so the rate of blood pumped out is slowed. Some knife wounds cause death by cutting an artery that the flow cannot be stopped by just pressing the wound.

We need to look at solutions, we have imported problems into our country, and allowed dangerous people to roam free, we need to act, and the need is in the interest of national security. During the height of the migrant crisis, you will have seen my call for detention camps, some European leaders such as Donald Tusk, came to the same conclusion, because within the migrant population, terrorists came into Europe, we have seen the results.

What we need now is internment.

Internment is an option which now must be considered as a way forward, and we also need to deport people back to their home countries, when there is evidence that they represent a potential threat and impose life ban on entering this country, extreme vetting must also be introduced.
In an ideal world such measures wouldn’t be needed, but things are far from ideal, what needs to happen is action because things cannot be put off or the relevant discussion connected with them.

New laws on terrorism will have to be introduced, we have to be more pro-active and there must be cross party support in Westminster, obviously this won’t apply to the SNP, their record speaks for itself.

London has yet again seen murder, and the political class is saying how terrible it is, national campaigning has been stopped but local campaigning continues, but be have to move beyond politicians expressing ‘concern’ and ‘that’s terrible’, virtual signalling isn’t helping proved solutions.

Internment isn’t going to fix the problem, it is just part of a range of solutions which will need to be brought forward, we can expect more attacks, some of which will make the headlines, but we have to attempt to close down options. I said in the pass that the army needed to be brought onto the streets of Europe. Although this isn’t the role which they were designed for, it proves government with people who have been trained in firearms. If we don’t consider this option, we have to expect that the need to a fully armed and expanded police force is necessary and pressing.

The demand for action will come from all communities in the United Kingdom, no one is safe, and fear breeds distrust and resentment, the price of diversity is a break down in social cohesion.  

Finally, the three men who went on a murder spree managed to kill seven people and injured many others, they are now dead, they had a hatred of British values, and they achieved nothing. Although we will remember all the victims, these people’s names will be forgotten in time, their evil won’t however in the minds of the British people.

The Internment programme is a Bill which needs to be top priority in the next parliament.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Aldo said...

Absolutely. Internment + other 'controversial' measures, as appropriate. We have to take the 1940 approach to this thing, rather than the 2017 approach. Political correctness, hand wringing and 'yes, but....' won't get us anywhere. Action will. Or if we are to be damned by our actions, so be it. At least we tried to do something. This sitting around waiting for the next blow isn't healthy. It's not the natural human condition, which is to fight back somehow, anyhow. Our ancestors understood this. Our modern, effete society doesn't. 34 people have died in recent months, countless others maimed. So far, the only person to be punished for anything is Katie Hopkins. What a joke we've become.

Anonymous said...

At present we are allowing a cycle to continue as follows:

1) Another attack is inevitable.
2) Attack happens.
3) Attack is condemned.
4) "Don't-let-hate-divide-us(TM)"
5) "Thank you security services"
6) Play John Lennon's "Imagine"
7) "Not-All-Muslims"/"They're not Muslims"
8) "What about other religions"
9) Go back to number 1.

Nobody seems to want to address the elephants in the room. The support of Saudi Arabia by western governments (the main source for this ideaology), the constant coddling by the left of Islam (sometimes support of and excuse-making for Islamists outright) from any and all fair criticism leaving only racist criticism thereby allowing such racism and Islamism to grow, the ego of the Muslim community over their own religion that is so great, it has its collective head buried so deep in the sand, and the lack of will by all parties involved to find a conclusive end to Islamism.

One question to ask is what to do with Islamists who are British by birth and upbringing, and those who are British converts? A problem with deporting these guys I think is they'll wreak havoc somewhere else, such as Thomas Evans (a.k.a "The White Beast") in Kenya.

Other than that, I think we are in agreement that this cannot continue.

Anonymous said...

well said georgieboy and every cop armed with a Glock

Anonymous said...

The marxists, leftists,neo-liberals or which ever name you want to give them are entirely to blame for this situation, along with our governments who pander to them by allowing the free passage of potential killers so they can claim some moral highground in the interests of 'diversity' or whatever other bullshit nonsense.
So its islamists today, but it will be some group in the future, & the left will defend & pander to them aswell as thats what the left does!

If a zookeeper lets loose some tigers because he decides its not 'nice' for them to be caged anymore & they go on to maul people, who do you blame??

I realise thats a very simple analogy, however, before we can deal effectively with any problem or threat, the ones who stand in our way must be dealt with first or we can never get to the problem.

As we go to the polls on thursday, everyone must consider very carefully what the future effects of voting for parties/MPs who are spouting the same old PC bullshit about terrorism. A vote for anyone other than for a party willing to take decisive action & you are risking yourself & your family's safety. If we dont have safety & security in our lives then everything else becomes meaningless

Anonymous said...

The murdering scum, who blow up our children, mow down pedestrians and slit peoples throats. Is it actually legal to criticise this rubbish without being accused of racism or islamophobia. What a weird country we live in.