Monday, June 19, 2017

Indecent proposal: Scotland’s unpopular SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon demands a seat at Brexit talks, having outed herself as ‘grass’ who can’t be trusted, is anyone bonkers enough to allow her to join the UK Brexit Team, Sturgeon also outed herself as unwilling to be a team player, it seems ‘daft arse’ is destine to be benched during the talks, more failure from a discredit SNP leader who history and people have passed by

Dear All

In the wake of the bitterness defeat since 1979, Nicola Sturgeon is trying desperately to regain the momentum after losing 21 seats at the General Election. The scale of the defeat is epic because the SNP cult thinking they were the new establishment thought that they had seats for life. In Glasgow, Glasgow North East was to fall by 242 votes to Paul Sweeney, the new MP for Scottish Labour and two other seats Glasgow East and Glasgow South West were in danger to the tune of 75 and 60 votes respectively.

The other piece of good news is that people aren’t donating to the SNP, and with the loss of 21 seats, the SNP has lost a ton of money. It seems that Nicola Sturgeon is toxic and stinks to high heaven with her own members and the voters. The image of Sturgeon, the nice caring benevolent leader has been seen as the sham, it is. A recent ‘lift’ video to raise her popularity wasn’t exactly a success as it looked like Sturgeon was passing the torch of First Minister to Conservative leader Ruth Davidson.

During the election, Nicola Sturgeon outed herself as a ‘grass’, a grass is someone who sticks someone in to attempt to save their own hide. In housing schemes, a grass is seen as a despicable person lowly person of dubious morals.

If you managed to catch me on the Gordon Brewer show on BBC Radio, you will have heard me saying that the devolved administrations should have a role in Brexit. Gordon Brewer said that was mighty big of me, but there is a slight problem, all the devolved administrations would have to accept Brexit and support the Westminster Government. The problem is that Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP don’t support Brexit and their actions speak volumes, and as there are multiple issues regarding trust not just at the negotiations but also in private, there seems no way that Sturgeon can get a seat at the Brexit table.

I find it funny that Nicola Sturgeon should make a fool of herself by urging the UK Government to take a more inclusive approach to negotiations by demanding a at the table during the Brexit discussions, she says it is "troubling". Denying Nicola Sturgeon isn’t "troubling" at all, Brexit must go ahead and Sturgeon has shown she isn’t a team player, dropping her is good man management.

Sturgeon is openly trying to sabotage Brexit by demanding that the UK remains in the single market which isn’t going to happen, the single market is EU membership without the rebate which is a complete non starter for the majority who voted Leave. Her argument is that if we aren’t in the single market it would put jobs, investment and living standards "on the line". You might ask ‘where is the proof’? After all making such a big statement must by its very nature have such proof easily to hand, but in this case, there isn’t any.

Nicola Sturgeon fought against Brexit and lost!

Her discredit pitch was made at  the University of Strathclyde's Advanced Forming Research Centre, Ms Sturgeon said:

"I think it is really troubling that these formal negotiations are getting under way today led by a UK Government that has no mandate, no credibility, no authority and no clear idea even amongst its own ranks of what it's trying to achieve”.

After asking for a seat, ‘daft arse’ proceeds to insult the UK Government because she knows that she isn’t getting a seat at the Brexit talks. What is happening in the UK and in Scotland is this, people have moved passed the SNP, they are a party going nowhere, they are stuck politically which means to unblock the impasse they need a new leader.

The SNP need a new leader, Nicola Sturgeon’s time is over politically, her hanging on is about transition to whoever comes next, not about leadership or direction.

Sturgeon added:

"We need to see a different approach to these negotiations if they are not going to end up being damaging to our economy. We need a more inclusive approach that involves voices from every part of the UK, including the Scottish Government, and we need an approach that has a common-sense objective. In my view, that common-sense objective should be keeping the UK in the single market because leaving the EU shouldn't mean jeopardising hundreds of thousands of jobs, shouldn't mean jeopardising investment and it shouldn't mean putting living standards on the line. That's what leaving the single market will do."


Scottish independence support has collapsed to 27%, the people don’t want a second independence referendum and Sturgeon has put any attempt back years, minimum 2021 and probably more like 10 years assuming that the SNP get their act together which post Sturgeon is doubtful.

After Nicola Sturgeon goes the SNP will be in a state of decline, lets face it would you be able to pick a ‘rising star’ out of such dross?

Finally, the idea that Nicola Sturgeon is now a Brexiteer is laughable, and no one is laughing, no one in their right mind will be giving her a seat the Brexit talks because despite her claims on the single market, there is a bigger picture to consider.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

She wants a seat, someone give her a toilet seat. She can wear it as a necklace.

Al C said...

Too bad, so sad. Never mind!

As for Brexit, I may have voted remain, but I was unimpressed by my remain friends obsessing with stopping the result AFTER the vote (some were voting Corbyn because they thought he'd STOP Brexit, which means they never read the manifesto, Labour are committed to the result).

The thing is, I think people were drawn to Scottish indy originally because they wanted change, and Conservatives and Labour were too similar to offer that. However, with the Tories now and Corbyn fronting Labour, those opportunities are there, and change is being offered by Brexit as well. We need to forget about comparing ourselves with other countries with deals with the EU, and find something that works for our own needs.

In my opinion, we've struggled as a country in the past on some things, but whatever we voted for, we should use Brexit as the opportunity for a fresh start that this country's been crying out for, for a long time.

Anonymous said...

wish the cunt would fuck up die and eat shite

Freddy said...

Cue more selfies and screaming George I doubt she will go quietly though.