Tuesday, May 23, 2017

What Pisses Me Off About The Ariana Grande Terrorist Attack, do you want to be popular or do you want to live, Stefan Molyneux asks a question in wake of Manchester terror act


Al C said...

So sick of these meaningless platitudes after every attack. The right say "your country is lost, it's going to be an Islamic country in 2050" which is hardly encouraging, while the left say "carry on as normal or they win/this is part of living in a big city" which is nonsense because they win if they get an Islamic Sharia state, not if we become extra cautious at the airport.

Neither of them have the brains or guts to offer a conclusive solution to breaking this vicious cycle.

Anonymous said...


G Laird said...

Hi Al C

I went to the Jo Cox vigil in Glasgow, after the TV cameras left so did the politicians.

I didn't go to be seen by the press, but just to pay my respects, the vigil was cut short after about an hour and a half.


Aldo said...

I am certainly fed up of the platitudes and cliches:

'We will carry on as before"

Easy to say as you aren't dead or bereaved.

"They will never defeat us".

But they did defeat 22 of us, for ever.

"The perpetrator was a coward!"

Evil? Yes. Monstrous? Yes. Cowardly? He blew himself up.

Until we can get past this sort of shite, we'll never get anywhere.

We need mass deportations, capital punishment for terrorism and treason, internment for terror suspects and a virtual end to Muslim immigration. Will the government do it? No chance. So we'll continue to die.

Anonymous said...

These strange cultures were invited in after British Nationality Act 1948
Roughly start of the welfare state too.
When child tax credit etc came in around 2003,I thought wtf all this free money.And,much more money for single mothers,therefore encouraging familt break up.Borders opened in 2004.
Free contraception,abortion,and "child care"
Free vibrant diversity for underage girls all over the country, accepted,ignored,a "lifestyle choice"
Now "terrorist " attacks ",young girls too


Won't happen,as we have imposed diversity,which undermines our strength.

Anonymous said...

They sure got angry and demonstrated about Salman Rushdies book.

Richard said...

What I'm sick and tired of hearing from every politician/commentator and virtue signaller is "solidarity". This word means absolutely nothing, we need action, we need prevenation not some bs I'm with you in heart phrase.

Hollande was very keen on that word after each terrorist attack, kept letting his citizens be butchered though didn't he.