Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Manchester Terror attack, 22 innocent people dead and 59 injured as suicide bomber goes on massive killing spree at pop concert, a year ago, I was blogging on how Islamic terrorists would target large soft targets such as concerts, my next prediction is that they will move on to target schools, terrorists show they have no concern about murdering children

Dear All

Last year, I wrote a blog post, on how terrorism would evolve in Europe, as I also previously wrote, the terrorists would make much use of vehicles in terror attacks, by doing so; they could hide in plain sight till they stuck.

When I wrote the above post, I was keen to stress that the terrorists would look for large soft targets in order to maximise the death toll they wanted to inflict on innocent members of the public. No one would be safe; men, women and children would all be seen as enemies.

So, here are some things I said back then:

“I stated in my post of 19th July that violence in Europe would escalate upwards, and that you could expect attacks at large soft targets, football matches, concerts and ultimately schools”.

Last night in Manchester, there was a terrorist attack which so far has killed 22 innocent people, and 59 others have been injured according to reports.

I said in various blog post that ultimately schools would be targeted because I recognised that the terrorists would wish to single out children to be killed. The concert last night in Manchester was attended by a great many children and young people.

So, what is the terrorist goal?

The goal is to bring the war in the Middle East directly into Europe to make it like Lebanon, create potential battlefields all around. The terrorists have been assisted in their aims by Angela Merkel who opened the flood gates to Europe and allowed direct importation of Islamic terrorists onto the mainland.

Europe can never be safe now, not while politicians like Angela Merkel hold political office, when Wilders and Le Pen failed in their bids to lead their countries, I wasn’t surprised, as I remarked at the time to various people; their bids are too early. Europe will travel further right politically, just as the Islamic terrorists kill, bomb and main, the next big step due to the failure of the political class will be……. domestic indigenous terrorists, race and religion based.

If you happened to have studied the Second World War beyond the war movies, the likelihood is that ‘resistance’ groups will be formed, they will get weapons, training and murder will be paid back with murder.

Everyone is shocked by the attack in Manchester, so many dead and injured; everyone’s immediate thoughts are what assistance can be provided for them, which is the right thing to do. In the aftermath, things may go on as normal, but they aren’t normal, Berlin, Nice, Paris, London and now Manchester should prompt people to challenge the political class for their failures right across Europe.

I would say that Europe is looking for a leader, not someone who is a unity leader but someone to reset Europe back to a time where people felt safe. In order to do that, the measures that are needed to be put in place will end up draconian. It was said that in times of trouble, the Romans would select a man to be charged to defend the city, whatever needed to be done wasn’t questioned, it was simply acted upon.

Normally, on a day like this a few people would be out campaigning in the General election, in light of Manchester, and  as a sign of respect, all General Election campaigning has been suspended, which is the right thing to do.

When, it comes to security, although you can take lots of precautions to defend a fixed position, those plans become weakened in open spaces because you can defend everywhere. Security at the Manchester Arena was mostly joe public types acting as Stewards with SIA badges, ordinary people making a few quid showing people to seats, checking tickets, providing information and first aid, but they aren’t geared up for this type of security.

In various security agencies in Britain, they will be working flat out in connection with the police; we can only hope that they get all the resources they need to get to the bottom of this terrorist incident. We live in an age, an age which is dangerous, although the terrorist plan for a war in Europe is crude, it could be effective on many levels. They want Muslims born in European countries to join their murder campaign in Europe, so that multiple solo acts of terrorism can be carried out to heighten fear and distrust.

The Prime Minister has announced that the security services believe they know the identity of the bomber in the suicide attack, the investigation into this will hopefully find out if he was solely involved or acting with others who may have assisted him. The suicide bomber deliberately chose the place where he could cause "maximum carnage" and because it was a pop concert, he knew he was killing children. Reports mention a 23 year old man has been arrested at this point in an operation carried by police.

Britain mourns today for the victims and we wait to find out further details of who is responsible.

Finally, you may remember in the past when I trotted out my idea for a national Police force back in 2010; stage two was arming the police. Britain needs to move to an armed force, and policing needs to evolve due to the nature of terrorism. We should have an armed officer at all schools at key times, because sooner or later, we can expect the terrorists to turn up there to catch children out in the open.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Al C said...

A dreadful thought, George.

Anonymous said...

horrific as has been the SNP supporters comments , fucking bams

Aldo said...

We already know to stay away from iconic buildings and landmarks, major cities etc. But when they hit the local pub or shopping centre, what happens then?

People talk about the blitz spirit. But the blitz ended and was always bound to end, either with our defeat or the defeat of Germany. This will never end, unless we take action that is currently considered to be beyond the pale.

Dan said...

I do think you're right. The terrorists desire to inflict as much psychological trauma as possible and targets like schools, elderly care centres will come to the fore. Also, so far they've targeted heavily populated centres (Paris, London, Manchester, etc) they may switch strategy and focus more on rural areas. This will allow them to inflict greater carnage at the scene due to distance/time to respond but will also force the authorities to stretch their limited resources even further, weakening the forces capabilities as a whole. Frankly i don't think the people's of UK/Europe are ready to deal with the nature or scale of the issue we face and until such time as they are more death's are pretty much inevitable.