Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The disintegrating world of Nicola Sturgeon is falling apart rapidly: Police Scotland catch SNP Transport Minister Humza Yousaf driving without insurance, how many of Sturgeon’s nasty vicious SNP Southside clique does that make being charged with offences now?

Dear All

The safety of the public on the road is of prime importance, so when people drive without insurance, they are endangering others by their reckless behaviour.

I knew Humza Yousaf even before he became the failing Transport Minister, I used to be in the SNP, he is stupid and arrogant, but as people know, what goes around comes around.

And what has come around is Police Scotland catching the transport minister Humza Yousaf driving without insurance.

Transport Minister driving without insurance, the personal humiliation for him and the SNP must be intense as the Nationalists tend to be hypocrites. This latest episode of failure is hot on the heels of Yousaf’s bungling attempts to sort out the trains on Scotland’s railways.

Humza Yousaf says he will plead guilty at the earliest opportunity; this is mighty big of him since he is caught anyway.

Humza Yousaf in public mitigation plea mode said:

'I will put my hands up. It's entirely my mistake and whatever the fiscal says I will agree to.' 

The reason for his problem stems according to him to be the recent break up from his wife and the transfer of ownership of the couple's car, he was no longer the main policy holder so not insure to drive other vehicles.

A competent transport minister would have known this basic fact.

During the Holyrood 2016 election, I saw him at a local polling station in my area, as he passed me by, he couldn’t resist being cheeky to me by the flippant comment of:

‘There is my number one fan’.

At the time, I just thought ‘dick’ as he and his ‘minder’ wandered into the polling station.

And now karma has popped up and he has split from his wife, makes you wonder and as I wrote above, what goes around comes around.

His wife is as much of a git as he is but I think the political class may in public give him the sympathy vote. 

You may remember his wife as person who tried to organise a hate campaign against the former Labour MP Ian Davidson before she was spectacularly outed.

Humza Yousaf is quite friendly with scum; his office manager is Shona McAlpine who I named in a criminal witness statement as being a follower of the hate account setup by Tommy Ball to brand me a paedophile. 

You have to wonder what kind of disgusting animal Shona McAlpine is to follow a twitter account with the theme sexual intercourse with children.

Another piece of scum is of course someone who needs no introduction, Natalie McGarry who also helped Ball enable the abuse I suffered by linking my blog to Tommy Ball’s hate account.

Natalie McGarry got away with her part in the abuse but she is facing criminal charges of her own after two organisations which she was involved in contacted the Police. Although Natalie McGarry was elected as the SNP MP for Glasgow East, she sits as an independent after she was suspended from the party for being charged with embezzlement. 

It seems that the world of Nicola Sturgeon is falling apart as her ‘allies’ experience bad fortune and no one will really shed a tear for them.

Since he has been caught, Yousaf has issued a grovelling apology and said he will use his mistake to remind others to check their insurance. 

His famous quote on transport which people know is:

“I am no expert”.

Now, you add to that no expert on insurance, no expert on marriage, no expert on exercising good judgement either.

I remember the first time, I done activism with Humza Yousaf, him and his wife and myself went to a train station, both of them went to the opposite platform to hand out leaflets leaving me alone on the other side. Later Matt Kerr, the cllr turned on my side to hand out leaflets in support of Margaret Curran’. As I campaigned I watched as Humza Yousaf and his future wife sat on their asses being less than enthused by the menial task.

The attitude appeared to me to be the classic ‘couldn’t give a fuck’ attitude, the public face not matching the private individual.

Still on the positive side, Police Scotland seem to be on the ball, maybe in future Humza Yousaf should take more interest in details.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Karma Georgie boy karma

Anonymous said...

you are no expert on grammar either George! Still going to random party meetings with a fish supper?

Smudge said...

Just a pile of lying, thieving trash George. People are waking up to them now though.

Anonymous said...

I just paid my car insurance, I, a working stiff, would have been hauled off the road and my car crushed if I didn't, why should he, the transport minister no less, be let off. Absolutely NO excuses?

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"you are no expert on grammar either George!"

George? Why are you calling me George? Are we friends?

Lots of people call me George which really does puzzle me, because I know exactly who my friends are, and I am wondering was there a vote to enable you to this status?

As to this rather odd statement.

"Still going to random party meetings with a fish supper?"

I have never in my entire time as an SNP member gone to a political meeting with a fish supper.

I hope this clarifies your error, you know your eye for detail is as bad as Humza Yousaf, add in poorly researched, how pathetic.

Can you clarify why someone eating is such a big deal at a political meeting, are they just to sit there starving?

Are you here to fight Humza's battles for him, is he 'no expert' in that also, so a third rate stooge comes forth to shout the odds and ends up getting it wrong.

Party meetings in Pollok SNP weren't random, they were booked in advance to get the school, this is two epic fails in only two sentences.

To return to the 'chosen one', Humza bring up his failing marriage as an excuse is rather common, don't you think, maybe if he had taken a few fish suppers home with him, maybe he could have saved his marriage to that awful woman.

If you happen to see Humza tell him I said hi, he might be feeling a bit lonely now his marriage has gone on the rocks.

Finally, run back to unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, your nose must be getting cold having left her political ass cheeks to get in contact with me.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Anonymous said...

well said George, a great reply to a Nationalist.

S said...

Well sais George,,,, scum like that shame the GREAT SCOTS from the past.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHa GREAT putdown on the anon fud Georgieboy



G Laird said...

Dear Crookie

"HAHAHa GREAT putdown on the anon fud Georgieboy"

I am just trying to help this 'Humzaesque' guy value good research.


D Stewart. said...

Fish suppers are so last year! Tofu is the future of political meetings as any ful nos.

S said...

Useless Yousaf is only in the job to attract the muslim vote.