Thursday, December 15, 2016

Copying George Laird ideas: Germany Minister Thomas Strobl of the governing CDU conservative party wants to send 500,000 migrants to detention camps, in Rome, Italy’s poor are close to open warfare with migrants, Angela Merkel has brought Europe towards the start of ‘civil war’, and now she is panicked and in free fall, events have passed her by

Dear All

Sooner or later, everyone comes around to the George Laird view, the migrant crisis has reached it a tipping point; we are at the stage now where people are preparing for ‘civil war’.

The entire blame lays at the door of the political elite of Europe as they allowed the continent to be flooded with bogus asylum seekers. The main culprit in allowing matters to spiral out of control is Angela Merkel, the damage she done cannot easily be calculated, that is something for the historians to work out when this period of history gets written up.

If you think back to my article of Friday December 4, 2015, you would have seen clearly how I said that the Migrant crisis would lead to the creation of Fortress Europe.

In the article, I laid out 5 main points for action.

1/ EU Border Force

2/ EU internal immigration policy for EU citizens

3/ intervention and mobilisation of the military in member states

4/ New EU wide ID card scheme

5/ No non EU economic migrant processed from this crisis and allowed to remain within an EU country which has accept them can travel to any other EU member state. Everyone should be completely documented, if a breach occurred; the person or group will be returned to the EU country they were settled and registered in.

Another measure which I commented on in that post and others was the pressing need for the building of detention camps as a necessary first step. We now know only too brutally that terrorists were hiding among the migrants conservatively put at 2 in a 100 people.

The idea by ISIS like most ideas is simple, just as the Middle East has been destroyed; import the war directly to the streets of Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna or Prague.

Turn Europe into a battlefield, and as the civil war kicks off try and recruit as many migrants into their cause to be a standing army of terrorists, allies or suppliers, setup a network.

As the political tide as shifted away from the political elite, we now see people like Angela Merkel fear for her own political future by attempting to talk tough and repair some of the damage she caused by her stupidity. The ordinary people not just in Germany but right across Europe have had enough; they have stopped listening and importantly voting for these people to form new groups and to vote for new alternatives. In Germany, the party of the discontent, the AfD, Alternative for Germany, they are the party on the move, the ones to watch, in Netherlands it is the party of Geert Wilders, in France, it is Marine Le Pen’s party, and in Austria, it is the party of Norbert Hofer.

Angela Merkel recently came out with what she or her advisors thought were a rather catchy vote grabber, it was ‘banning the burka’, how risible. As ban the burka didn’t work; and the nonsense of the female German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen doing a very public refusal to wear a hijab during visit to Saudi Arabia didn’t work either, the German elite have been forced to ‘up the ante’. Incidentally, the fact the senior Saudis didn’t say anything to her isn’t a sign that Saudi Arabia is a tolerate country. All women in Saudi Arabia both local and foreign are legally required to wear an abaya which is a traditional full-body covering.

So, back to Germany, as things slide, social cohesion breaks down, we see rape, murder, terrorism and robbery spread, the Germany elite has been forced to conclude that they need to build…. detention camps.  

Exactly as I predicted was going to happen, in times like this, I kick myself for not putting a bet on this happening in the bookies. A senior German politician has drawn up to deport 500,000 refugees next year to a repatriation centre he wants to build in Egypt.

One of the reasons for the slow removal is that migrants are using the same con of using the human rights legislation as a means to uphold their bogus claims.

Thomas Strobl of the governing CDU conservative party said:

“In the year 2017 there will be probably half a million foreigners in Germany who have no right to be here. Here is where we need a national effort! We cannot tolerate 500,000 foreigners without the right to remain in our country.  We require urgent new instruments for repatriations and deportations. Otherwise we undermine the public confidence in our rule of law.”

The key part of his speech is, “We require urgent new instruments for repatriations and deportations”, as to his comment on undermining public confidence in our rule of law that is already gone, it went when German Police allowed cover ups of crimes by migrants.

I look at Stobl’s plan or antics and I see someone who is doing politics because next year Germany goes to the polls, and at present, the polls don’t look too good for the ruling party. Strobl is also one of five vice-chairmen of the CDU on the national stage who intends to have the deportation initiative adopted as policy at his party's annual congress.

The Strobl plan:

Tough consequences for identity concealment

The immediate withdrawal of state toleration

The imposition of a prohibition on employment

Massive cuts in social services

Asylum seekers who have been known to return to their homeland to visit relatives to lose their right to residency

Possibility of detention will be extended to certain people

A German repatriation Centre in Egypt

German forces currently on duty in Afghanistan to assist in the deportations of rejected Afghani migrants

Expand border controls with Austria and Switzerland

All these measures truly show how much trouble that Angela Merkel and the CDU Party truly is in, and all this is seen as a ‘start’, it is an ‘election plan’ that needs to be beefed up more but let’s leave that for now and talk about the Italians.

The Great city of Rome on verge of open warfare between migrants and the poor according to the mayor of Italy's capital, although this is news, you could take the word Rome and replace it with any major city in Europe. Politicians love to portray asylum seekers as people in desperate need, you can’t have failed to realise those times where the politicians have combed through migrants to find an educated family to present to the media to give you the impression that these people are all doctors, lawyers and professors, people feeling war when in fact a majority aren’t feeling war at all.

Another con trick which politicians ran was that they would take in an asylum seeker which when I heard it I was under the impression that was complete rubbish.

PR stunt to portray the politicians as ‘nice people’ which the two in this article certainly are not, the asylum seekers never set foot in the houses of Nicola Sturgeon or Yvette Cooper unless of course they were working as “cleaners”.

If the people of Rome are on the verge of war, it is because the poorest in society are seeing their services and entitlements cut and their money as they view it given to foreigners.

Virginia Raggi told an immigration summit mayors need to be the first to welcome refugees with “warmth, shelter and accommodation”.

In Britain, the DWP is willing to supply housing, travel passes and taxis to migrants while people on benefits are systematically being sanctioned out of sheer badness. The cruelty inflicted on white working class people in the main is being ignored by the Conservative Government, if the same treatment was meted out to an asylum seeker there would be fucking uproar among the political elite as a cry of racism would be pinned onto the offending party.

In Rome, the authorities tried to place a Moroccan family in a council flat but were prevented by neighbours who allegedly shouted:

“We do not want these n*****s.”

This little incident of the Moroccan’s by itself isn’t where the whole of Italy has its mindset at present, but is a snippet in time that mirrors other happenings across Europe.

There is a pattern developing, and because I like to be ahead of the curve, I would like to float this thought passed you again, when ‘civil war’ does break out, the Strobl plan being an attempt at breathing space, you will see politicians being targeted as well.

Somewhere today, there is a senior politician living a life of luxury as part of the European elite who doesn’t even know that he or she is being targeted for death by whatever means down the line.

In Prague in 1943, Nazis leader Reinhard Heydrich was ambushed and killed in an SOE (Special Operations Executive) operation, basically his attackers used a Sten gun and an IED bomb to attempt to kill him, the plan although not well executed resulted in his death. Reinhard Heydrich, a murderer made the mistake that he was untouchable; that policy appeared to have been successfully right up to the time that someone reached out and touched him.

I would suggest that the history of killing European leaders may become vogue in Europe again.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Smudge said...

All this EU leadership scum need hanging,,, treacherous, dangerous bastards. Roll on the revolution!!,, this lot are worse than the NAZI's.

D Stewart. said...

I fear you may be right Mr Laird.

Al C said...

And those of us who were ahead of the curve George, get to say 'I told you so'.

Anonymous said...

crazy days

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

Looks like messrs merkel undt strobl are talking the talk. We must wait to see if they can walk the walk. We must also wait to see how their (now) unwanted guests react. They might well kick off.

Right about now the German infantry units (it's always the infantry) who can expect to "assist" with the deportation process will be saying to each other, as we did back in the day, "if you couldn't take a joke you shouldn't have joined".

Auld Jock

Anonymous said...

everyone copies the Laird because the laid is right!


Laird for 17