Thursday, February 12, 2015

Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says the Labour must ‘ditch austerity’ to gain SNP backing and fork over £180 billion, I think she grossly over estimates the price of one shop soiled white hope from Irvine of limited appeal and mentality on the wrong side of 40

Dear All

First, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon demanded that the Labour Party remove Trident to get their support, and that fell on its arse rather quickly.

Now Sturgeon is back with a new redline the Labour Party must abandon austerity.

How much does she think the value of SNP MPs is?

£180 billion!

Nicola Sturgeon is going up and down to London to try and raise her profile as a British leader.

Can she get £180 billion and have Ed Miliband dance to her tune?

Not a chance.

People are waking up to the fact that Sturgeon and her gang is running a massive con trick on Scottish voters.

The con trick is all about trying to win an overall majority in 2016 for Holyrood by appealing to women who rejected independence in 2014.  

This election from the SNP is a ‘cronies’ election yet again, you only have to look at the Glasgow selections.

Last time round there was a hung parliament until the Lib Dems done a deal with the Conservatives, now the Ukip presence may rock the boat with the Lib Dems polling so badly.

Ed Miliband cannot enter into a deal with Sturgeon and it would be political suicide for Scottish Labour if he did, once people wake up to the SNP not taking responsible and not doing anything, they will go into freefall.

Sturgeon is trying to sell milk and honey, the new Nirvana complex all over again without telling people where the money is going to come from. Ed Miliband is being asked to bankroll an SNP victory in 2016 paid for using taxpayer funds.

Sturgeon wants increased welfare spending but failed to say where the cash would come from, like before someone else has to do the work!

The Labour Party on the other hand is committed to eliminating the deficit by 2020. Also Labour is banking on getting the current budget for the UK into surplus within the next parliament.

That won’t be happening and it looks increasing likely that will lose support unless they change tack on this issue.
Miliband says his government would face “hard choices” over public spending decisions; usually this is code for cutting services and punishing the poorest in society.

This is the wrong tack which will alienate their traditional vote who will simply walk over to get behind Ukip, however Ukip needs to up their game by a rather large margin in England to get the major breakthrough they require.

In Scotland, the SNP vote has dropped, Labour are getting support and people who voted indy aren’t going to vote SNP, although the SNP made the referendum all about Alex Salmond, people post referendum are rejecting them in vast numbers as politics in Scotland settles down to Westminster mode.

Sturgeon might pick up seats but the flow is away from her now and set to continue, it is a two horse race, Ukip may do well, they may not; the Lib Dems have dug their own hole via Nick Clegg.

Nothing he has done since has fixed that, as to the SNP who think they can be ‘kingmakers’, that is delusion.

Ukip is the only party in England that can break the “cosy consensus” but they are fixated on the EU referendum and their social policies are rather in need of having someone who understands the poor looking at them. Ukip may prop up a Tory Government but the SNP will be shut out of propping up a Labour Government.

This election may not decide anything leading to a re-run well before its due term runs out.  

Labour’s shadow Scottish secretary, Margaret Curran says a vote for the SNP would keep David Cameron in Downing Street as leader of the biggest party.

That is entirely possible.

Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps said:

“Now we know the price that the SNP would charge to support Ed Miliband if he became Prime Minister – a bill of £180 billion paid for by hardworking taxpayers.”

£180 billion for a handful of SNP MPs, if you look at the current crop of you wouldn’t give them a nickel for the mother.

Labour won’t ditch their plans in favour of the SNP because the internal damage to the party in Scotland which would effectively see them in opposition without a realistic chance of attaining a working majority to control Holyrood.  

I think Labour can easily work that out, if they can’t they are in more trouble than they know!

As to Ms. Sturgeon’s ‘I am Kingmaker’ routine, delusion is part of the SNP mindset; they set themselves a goal and fail to deliver it.

Miliband doesn’t need Sturgeon but Sturgeon needs London Labour for her little scheme to destroy Scottish Labour.

Her turning up in London is all about two things, trying to cause division in England and trying to step out of Alex Salmond’s shadow.  

On both counts she isn’t making any headway.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


JF said...

Hi George. Stewart 'UDI' Hosie was on Daily Politics with Andrew Neil - car crash TV. This man is a buffoon and surely wont appeal to anyone but the most hardened nats. Demanding £180bn in spending but no idea where its to come from. As for Westminster Elections coming up no one will win with the Tories and Labour virtualy neck and neck and neither able to form a majority with the Lib Dems. The coalition will continue for a few months with Ulster Unionist votes until a second election in October. What will happen then is anyones guess. Interesting times but a nightmare for the economy and the markets.

Anonymous said...

Be good to see her prospective candidates fall on their arses come May.
left wing talk right wing policies. Your spot on again George voters are slowly wakening up to this lot.

Anonymous said...


Its that simple


Anonymous said...

Unpopular? When was the last time another politician filled a concert venue?

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"Unpopular? When was the last time another politician filled a concert venue?"

When was the last time a party whipped up such hatred that destroyed Scotland.

Type SNP vote rigging in Google, you can read about unpopular there.

I think you will find the concert venue crack will start to vanish once people (the gullible) realise that Sturgeon isn't going to help anyone.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Anonymous said...

Concert venues?
Standing room only when Adolf played to the masses. Same as Nic he told people what they wanted to hear. And then we know how that panned out.

Sherbie said...

Even SNP councillors are deserting Sturgeon's rat ship. The only ones who will stay the course are mouthpieces like hateful mouthpiece yob, Mhari Black, who thinks that Celtic fans are "scum",,, disgraceful comment. Will useless Sturgeon throw her out of the SNP? of course she wont, she'll support that bigot.