Thursday, February 26, 2015

Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says “education” is the major reason she is First Minister of Scotland, is her ‘education’ responsible for the shambolic deal at Prestwick Airport, you don’t need ‘education’ to be SNP First Minister, tools required, fantasist and continual grievance about blaming the English!

Dear All

Let’s talk money, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s Government has ripped off Glasgow to the tune of £370 million, keep that figure in your head through-out your reading of this article.

£370 million!

Having treated Glasgow with utter contempt, and because there is a General election in the offing, Sturgeon has decided to be 'very big' about it and hand back some of the cash.

£200 million?

£150 million?

£100 million?

No, no and no, put your tea down before reading further, the sum of £6.1 million of Scottish Government investment is being shipped across.

Anyone still deluded to think Nicola Sturgeon is standing up for Glasgow or she is an economic genius?

A further part of her sick ‘joke’ is that she got up on her hind legs to declare that she has plans to make Scotland “a land of opportunity”. This tripe she delivered in a speech for David Hume Institute.

Land of opportunity in Castlemilk for £6.1 million which works out allegedly to about a 1,000 job opportunities for unemployed young people!

So, Sturgeon turns up at a regeneration project in Castlemilk on the southside of Glasgow and tells people ‘her’ Scotland can remove the inequality barriers that some people face.

At times like this, I think back to the movie, ‘Animal House’ and the famous line by John Belushi used as a response to authority figures trying to yank your chain:


To me, this seems to be based on the assumption that Sturgeon maybe under the impression that everyone she meets must be truly as ignorant as her election candidates and activist base. Sturgeon also says that that education plays a key role in tackling inequality.

At times like this, I think back to the movie, ‘Animal House’ and the famous line by John Belushi used as a response to authority figures trying to yank your chain :


She can’t deliver equality in her own party never mind roll it out across Scotland!

You only have to look at SNP Candidate selection to see how the chosen few are all part of the SNP clique. In recent weeks claims of intimidation have dogged the party, did education fail those who are promoting inequality, unfairness and lack of social justice within the party for their own personal gain?

With her “education”, couldn’t she work out that she needed to get of her arse and do something?

As to her other delusions that she is ‘growing the economy’; she is growing nothing, she is making nothing, and she isn’t bring in investment to Scotland.

She is becoming a sinkhole as the Prestwick Airport adventure demonstrates.

Sturgeon said:

“The education I got is a major reason why I’m able to stand here today as the First Minister of Scotland”.

The major reason she is First Minster in my opinion isn’t because of education, it is because as an angry wee Nat spitting venom and bile; she was accepted into the SNP clique.

Education doesn’t come into it, she made a dog’s dinner of the Scottish NHS as a Minister and she continually got it spectacularly wrong regarding key areas of independence such as defence and the EU.

George Laird didn’t!

Sturgeon added:

“So, it’s important to me personally that every young girl and boy growing up today - regardless of their background - gets the chance to do the same. The removal of obstructions to education, and the opening up of new opportunities, has been the focus of many of the major initiatives of my first 100 days. From supporting mothers in the early stages of pregnancy, to helping people gain their first experience of work, this Government is committed to promoting opportunities and reducing inequalities Because education is not just part of our sense of ourselves, it’s the key to a better future for young people growing up in Scotland today. It is at the heart of the fairer, more prosperous Scotland, that all of us seek to build.”

Excuse me dear, leaving aside your building of the fascist Scotland project, why has it taken nearly 8 years to get here to the place just round the corner from the ‘land of milk and educational honey’?

Also, one of the con tricks is the use of ‘many of the major initiatives of my first 100 days’.

This is to make you think that her tinkering and doing really nothing of significance somehow translates as dynamic action.

To drive it home, 1,000 training places in a constituency of 60,000 people is nothing, no training for rocket scientists here.

Also does £6.1 million represent a major initiative?

So, what is actually going on?

Well, in blunt stark terms, £6.1 million is to provide training posts and placements, not permanent jobs.

People will be paid the living wage, but at the end of training they will have to leave and become unemployed or if they get lucky, a job which may or may not pay the living wage.

Martin Sime, chief executive of SCVO, said:

“This is fantastic news for young people, charities and communities right across Scotland”.

And fantastic news for Martin Sime, he gets to keep drawing his chief executive salary which will be a damn sight more than the living wage!

One can only wonder just how much excitement this ‘news’ actually had on him.

Sime added:

“CJS works so well because it gives young unemployed people the chance to make a valuable contribution to their community and earn a wage and build new skills at the same time. Young people see the benefits of becoming more actively involved in their local area and doing their bit by supporting other people and making their community a better place for everyone to live. By investing in young people, including young offenders, young people with disabilities and long-term health conditions, and care leavers, CJS ensures that they don’t just get the extra support they need to find work, but they also gain first-hand experiences of making a real difference to other people’s lives.”

I wonder being slightly cynical about SNP con tricks on the general public, how many of the 1,000 opportunities are menial or low skilled?

How many of these ‘opportunities’ prepare a young person to launch into University or College?

How many of these jobs prepare someone to be First Minister or indeed what is termed a professional job?

In case it escaped unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s attention, no one aspires to have a menial or low skilled job, not even in Castlemilk.
Only in her deluded vision of ‘a land of menial opportunity’ is it so, because that is the extent of what is on offer here by Sturgeon.

Marie Antoinette famously said:

“Let them (the peasants) eat cake”.

Nicola Sturgeon has come along with some crumbs and Glaswegians are supposed to be grateful.

David Cameron announced circa £850 million defence contracts to secure shipbuilding on the Clyde; he didn’t feel the need to come to Scotland to do a lap of honour.

£850 million.

Finally given Nicola Sturgeon says education got her where she is, can she explain why she has been accused of covering up the true cost to the taxpayer of buying Prestwick Airport?

Can she explain the press asking why she kept secret the existence of a new estimate of the ‘white elephant’ vanity project that is predicted to almost double to £40 million?

Audit Scotland investigation into the SNP’s controversial purchase found that a revised business plan produced in May last year forecast that public loans to the loss-making airport would reach £39.6 million by 2021/22.

Sturgeon failed to tell MSPs that the predicted cost had increased from the original estimate of £21.3 million when she gave evidence to a Holyrood inquiry the following month.

Is it education fail of being under prepared, cover up or outright deceit Nicola?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  


Anonymous said...

she is a bit of an arsehole georgieboy


Anonymous said...

Sturgeon has No Education. She is a good example of a wee Swot with a chip on her shoulder and a very very narrow outlook on life and the world She I am sure has seen very little of the world and apart from her extreme left wing attitude and bitterness to therefore break up the UK and ruin Scotland appears to have no interest in any form of culture whatsoever. Why can,t the people see this. That kind of narrowness does not bode well for Scotland in the 21st C.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon went to Glasgow University, so she has education, her abilities however are questionable.

As I said before, she is common and lacks class, no amount of education and money can put that defect right!

I personally doubt she is was a swot judging by the shambles at Health and since becoming Nat leader.