Monday, February 23, 2015

‘Rally round the hag’, angry Nationalists return to this blog to throw abuse after their 'hero' unpopular Nicola Sturgeon gets handed her ass by an 81 year old man, the abuse shows how sensitive the Nationalists are at propping up such an untalented loser

Dear All

It seems that some people, a minority have taken exception to my writing.

Generally, I get a lot of support from the public, as was shown to me during my spell of serious illness which landed me in hospital.

However, the creepy Nationalists have returned to show their displeasure.

“What a prick you are Geo...cheers, Nicola”.

This ditto appeared on;

My story of Nicola Sturgeon’s gross incompetence!

Next up, a less than happy camper came out with:

“The Scottish branch of the not so socialist Labour party are a fuckin joke, of that there is no doubt. You voted No because you're a shite and should be ashamed of yourself. Deluded prick!”

In my area, I helped save the jobs of people in the Scottish NHS, the BBC and Govan Shipbuilders

So, am I a deluded prick?

I think not!

“Geo, I have just been laughing my head off at your bile and sheer fuckin stupidity.
Keep writing your shite as it shows what a wanker you are”.

This Soldier of Salmond still angry at losing the Scottish independence referendum, to be pitied …….. and laughed at as well.

“Shite article Geo, absolute shite!”

It seems that with unpopular Nicola Sturgeon being recently handed her ass on BBC Question time , the Nationalists are waking up to the end of their sad delusions, Nicola Sturgeon isn’t a super woman by any means.

Check out her failures at Health, Scotland's NHS is in crisis.

If an 81 year old man can hand her ass so easily on TV and she is supposed to be the ‘best’ the Nationalists can put up, then what indeed are the rest of the SNP cannon fodder like in a debate?

Did you see how badly Nicola Sturgeon reacted when she was systematically torn apart by Michael Heseltine?

We all know she talks shite but her political asscheeks must have been red raw that night!

I guess many Nationalist ‘wankers’ must have reached for the political vigara as that show went on, but in the end with Nicola being such a flop, it must have been hard for them to ‘get off’ that night.

Poor Nicola, manhandled by an 81 year old, I guess the myth of a dynamic super woman is now seen another epic Sturgeon fail of PR!

UPDATE, a quote from a reader on Facebook:

"Brilliant as always!" 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 


Ped said...

Keep it up fuck they nazis in kilts sore losers and always somebody else's fault #SnpOut

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Laird,

Wee Nicola must be thanking her lucky stars she does not appear on Question Time every week!

However I see on Facebook that the Nationalists are already applying in droves to be in the audience for the next QT in Glasgow.

Even lying about their political beliefs to do so.


Because Mhari Black will be on it, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

Will she put 'The Nut' on David Starkey?

Or will there be an outpouring of abuse from the audience?

Either way its not going to be good...

Anonymous said...

I could never get a boner or doubt any real working class man could get a boner looking at wee nippy.

Can't speak for the deaf and blond tho!

Pinnywinch said...

I'm sorry you are receiving such abuse. It's not nice to be the subject of such abuse by deluded SNP supporters. I'm afraid you are not the first and won't be the last by any means.
The problem is that they don't realise that 55 is a greater number than 45 and the abuse will not stop. However, their memories are short and they'll soon move on to their next target.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree she was absolutely dire on Question Time and was made to look like a third rate speaker from a university debating society by a man older enough to be her grandfather.

I really hope she makes more trips to visit us down south so that more people get an idea of what a pathetic deluded bint she is.

Sherbie. said...

Oh God,,, Mhari Black for Parliament? Politics will really be going downhill fast if brainless yobs like that get in,,, yuk.

Sherbie. said...

Just been noticing too how "biased STV News", or as others call it SNPTV News is. I never watch this watch this rubbish. STV is right up the SNP's arse.

Anonymous said...

Clearly you are getting to the twats georgie boy,you are a brave and honourable man,keep it up if you can.
CThere will be civil war in scotland because of these pricks


JF said...

Mhairi BLack on Question Time. What an embaressment that will be for Scotland!