Friday, January 18, 2013

Standing up for Glasgow takes a whole new meaning as Labour leader Gordon Matheson is caught by Police performing a sex act on a man in public!

Dear All

In public office, the general rule is that you have to behave yourself, so it is rather unfortunate that Glasgow Labour Leader Gordon ‘free dinners’ Matheson was caught by Police performing a sex act on another man in public.

Matheson now faces an uncertain future.

I have to say disappointed in him as a public figure acting so stupid, sex in public, get a grip son, children walk the streets of this city.

But the good news is despite the cold weather, the Police Service appears to be functioning well.

Glasgow City Council has confirmed that the Police reported the matter to the procurator fiscal but it has been decided no further action will be taken.

A perk of being a high profile politician it seems is a get out of jail free card!

Cllr Matheson has a civil partner Stephen Wallace, who was not the other man involved.

Mr. Wallace has been badly let down, however since he is an innocent party here; he should get the space to decide what he wants to do.

The incident occurred on December 12 in the Cathcart area; incidentally there is a good kebab shop round there so maybe a plaque up on a wall to make the spot a historic site should be considered for the Glasgow bus tour.

Gordon Matheson has recently been co-opted on to Labour's shadow team at the Scottish Parliament; he will have to step down from that position.

Sex in a public place, caught by Police and leaving himself open to the possibility of children walking by, sorry, time to hit the bricks from the Holyrood appointment!

Just as there is a ‘blood price’ there now appears to be a ‘milky milky price’ in politics.

Cllr Matheson has contacted senior figures at Glasgow City Council and within the Labour Party to forewarn them of the news becoming public, because such a scandal certain would pop its head up in the public domain.

The Labour Party is said to be standing by the council leader, but obviously not when he is performing sex acts in cars, because two’s company and three’s a crowd.

 Matheson returned Labour to glory as the administration in Glasgow with a significant majority after the local elections in May last year. Labour don’t want to lose him, but to be fair, there wasn’t any real opposition from other parties.

Sources have questioned whether he can handle the incident; presumably he was doing very well before the Police knocked on the car window!

One said:

"I don't see how Gordon will handle this. He's a sensitive guy, a bit thin-skinned and won't like this being in public. Even if Labour stands by him that's different to him having the strength to withstand it."

Another said:

"Gordon's been a bit silly here. I'm not so certain it'll impact on his current job but it'll certainly damage his future ambitions. And he's ambitious."

Matheson will have to ‘man up’ as the expression goes and front this out; it’s not a hanging offence.

Yes, people will be having a good laugh but that is to be expected, he has publicly blotted his copybook.

Gordon Matheson said:

"I have been having an affair. I have not lived up to my own standards and my loving partner deserves much better. I am sorry for the hurt and embarrassment this has caused and I will do all I can to make up for it."

Should Gordon Matheson resign?

I would say no, but it should be made crystal clear, such behavior will not be forgiven in future.

There will be much laughing in the City Chambers; probably best Matheson takes the bus home from now on!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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