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Scottish independence: leading indy campaigner's verdict of Yes Scotland's Chief Strategist Stephen Noon, 'Stupid beyond belief', Yes Scotland is an SNP crony ridden pit

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Happy New Year to you and your family in 2013!

During the break a story caught my eye but I thought I would wait until I returned from my break.

Stephen Noon is a member of the Alex Salmond clique, currently he is at Yes Scotland as their Chief Strategist.

Sometime ago I commented on the lack of genuine talent in the Scottish National Party.

George Laird right again, despite Salmond thinking that Noon is clever; he has rather shot himself in the foot by opening his mouth.

In a nutshell he says that in a post independent Scotland there would be no need for the SNP and therefore they should disband.


What he is saying is vote for independence and you can get rid of the nasty vile poisonous Salmond & Sturgeon clique and it’s time to go back to Labour.

Straight away you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that what he is saying is complete rubbish. Sadly, after trying things his way and the Salmond/ Sturgeon way at Yes Scotland, he is unable to stop the rot and the eventually collapse.

The claims by Noon have prompted Margo MacDonald to say “stupid”,” adding that for “a so-called strategist he displays an absoluteignorance of timing”.

She added:

“His comment is stupid beyond belief. His timing is all wrong.”

No George Laird radical thinking there methinks.

Jim Sillars the former deputy leader of the SNP also jumped in and dismissed the claims by Noon that the party could disband if the independence campaign is won.

Mr Sillars said:

“There is no chance of the SNP disappearing.“You cannot just forget50 years of rivalry between the SNP and Labour”. Also, the party has in that time developed an organisation, associations and friendships which won’t simply dis­appear. So it is wrong to say that the SNP will just fold and go away after a Yes vote.”

Stephen Noon is talking about a new world, but it is a land of make believe and fantasy, in this new world in his mind the SNP and Labour could form a coalition.

Speaking of coalition, did it work out for Lib Dems?

Nick Clegg jumped onto short term opportunism and is paying the price, total collapse of support of the Lib Dems as a force.

Noon also says that the Tories could start afresh in Scotland, that is such bullshit, if the policies they have now were produced in an independent Scotland they would still be political unelectable as a government.

The Tories problem goes far beyond Noon’s superficial analysis.

Stephen Noon, member of the Salmond clique, adviser and blah blah on a CV isn’t producing the goods, Scottish independence isn’t a cut and paste job, sadly no, to win someone is actually going to have to produce original work and thought.

Anyway, Margo MacDonald obviously enjoying herself went on to say that the questioning of the SNP’s future showed the weakness of the Yes campaign for independence.

It’s called grasping at straws, after digging their hole by their own hands, they are finding out that they can’t climb out.

Yes Scotland is not a people’s campaign, the guest list of the ‘Declaration of Cineworld’ proved that in spades; it was all about the clique and the hangers on gathering around Salmond nodding their approval.

The independence campaign is a farce, the SNP has utterly failed to deal with the substantive issues, such as the economy, currency, EU membership and defence.

If you remember what I said on the NATO issue, the SNP had to adopt NATO and sign up to pro nuclear Scotland at Faslane. Later on the SNP were panned by Americans in the Washington Post which Salmond wrote a feeble whinging reply on the factual errors, but what he couldn’t turn round was the deep mindset on the hill.

If the SNP adopted all of what I proposed the Americans would have been neturalised or sidelined, but stupidity, the hallmark of some of the SNP ‘strategists’ won the day yet again.

Scottish Conservative deputy leader Jackson Carlaw said:

“Let’s not kid ourselves that AlexSalmond and the SNP would just fade away after the referendum vote, no matter the result.”

Scottish Labour constitutional spokeswoman Patricia Ferguson said:
“Given this government has ground to a halt and seems out of ideas, and that most Scots reject their core policy of independence, many people will be asking what is the point of the SNP now?”

So, we are seeing how desperately bad thinks have become at Yes Scotland, their campaign is sinking, there is no vision and it is still the same SNP crony ridden failure that it always has been.

2013; will see more venting as Salmond and Sturgeon try and find a narrative that works, currently anything they say will be looked at very closely, in 2012, the word ‘liar’ was the theme used by Labour against Alex Salmond.

I suspect that they will continue on the same theme, as for Mr. Noon, well it was High Noon when he blurted out that pile of crap on an unsuspecting world but it reinforces my point about a geniune lack of talent in the Scottish National Party.

Its all falling apart now due to stupidity and arrogance, this year will be another 'death year' for the independence campaign without major changes.

Margo MacDonald said:

"stupid beyond belief", eventually people have to come round to the George Laird view, because George Laird is always right, ...... and ahead of the game!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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