Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond reduced to the level of begging for attention as Scots turn away from him, trying to bribe the public looks like the act of a desperate and needy fading political star

Dear All

With the independence campaign having completely stalled and effectively dead in the water, Alex Salmond is literally a drowning man who will promise anything for someone to pull him up.

His latest scream from the void is promises of constitutional rights to home and free education in independent Scotland, this isn’t the sign of a strong leader, it’s quite the opposite, desperate, needy and weak.

Salmond still doesn’t get it; you can’t bribe your way to independence.

Other issues in the supposed constitution also bar the possession of weapons of mass destruction.

At every Westminster election, the SNP get slaughtered because they keep running with their outdated CND inspired policy of no nuclear weapons in Scotland.

There are 6 SNP MPs, enough said about how out of touch the SNP is with the public on matters such as defence?

Tells a story about what Scots think of the party when it comes to big issues? 

He also says that there would be terms would have to be met to go to war, so it appears that Salmond wishes to tie the hands of any future government to fulfill at NATO commitments, because of the way the parliament is made up.

That is completely unacceptable, no matter what colour a government is on matters of security they should be allowed to act immediately.

Another 'gem', the constitutional right to a home could lead to massive problems not just in terms of finance but in provision, the idea is unworkable.

It looks to the short term gain rather than the bigger picture.  

The UK is the only country in Europe without a written constitution "protecting its citizens", the First Minister said, it should be pointed out that Scotland is also a country that has laws and those laws protect citizenry.

Salmond said:

"Scotland, an independent Scotland, would be a modern democracy and a modern democracy should have a written constitution. The sort of ideas the SNP would contribute to a process that will engage all of Scotland, as well as all of the Scottish political parties, are things like protection in terms of free education. Scotland pioneered free education hundreds of years ago. We have a policy and we have restored free education but there should be a constitutional protection."

There is no such thing as free education, it is a term banded about, the reality, rather than the individual paying, Society foots the bill from general taxation!
And as we are seeing increasingly ordinary working class Scots are being frozen out of higher education in the elite universities.

What has Alex Salmond done to address that problem?

Not an awful lot as the stats of rampant discrimination shows clear and graphically.

On Nuclear weapons, Salmond said:

"The right to free Scotland of nuclear weapons: shouldn't there be a constitutional provision banning the possession of weapons of mass destruction in an independent Scotland? That would be a good thing”.

So Salmond intends even before becoming a NATO member to violate NATO protocols.

Maybe Alex Salmond should have stayed in his bed this morning rather than providing the Unionist parties with enough ammo to flame him publicly.

As Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon continue to sink along with the independence campaign which has been badly botched and seen Scots turn against them, he is increasingly becoming more and more bizarre.

There is a day of judgment coming as his political career ends in spectacular failure and all by his own hand.

You can’t bribe the electorate to win independence Salmond. 

How the 'mighty' have fallen to become desperate, needy, delusional and weak.

Go watch a cartoon, that's all your good for now!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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