Friday, November 6, 2009

Ex defence chiefs turn on Grofaz, Gordon Brown

Dear All

Afghanistan is an unwinnable war.

Kim Howells, ex Labour minister called it right.

Now, three ex-chiefs of the defence staff have attacked Gordon Brown's commitment to the war in Afghanistan and support for UK troops.

Gordon Brown is causing the deaths of British service personnel by being inept and petty.

This Sunday; he will stand about for a few minutes and then lay a wreath to remember the UK dead in wars, after he will get back on with his afternoon.

Soldiers however will still be under the threat of death.

Lord Boyce hits the nail on the head by saying said the government "did not realise we are at war".

As the Chancellor Brown always under funded the military forcing them to make do with poor equipment and lack of resources, it was a national embarrassment.

Everyone knows this episode with the ex-generals underlines Downing Street's increasingly uncomfortable relationship as public criticism of troop numbers and resources in Afghanistan has mounted.

Lord Boyce, Chief of the Defence Staff between 2001 and 2003, said;

"It is too much to hope that the present government will provide the necessary cash to allow its aspirations to be realised properly or honourably."

It rather says it all about how Brown and his cronies operate, the fools don’t realise we are at war.

We don’t have a war leader but rather Coco the Clown and the diddy men.

Lord Guthrie said;

“if more helicopters had been available to UK forces over the past year then lives would have been saved”.

Who’s to blame?

Gordon Brown.

At the present moment Gordon Brown is waiting for US President Barack Obama to tell him what British Foreign Policy is.

Brown is effectively the bitch in the Obama/ Brown relationship.
What should we support?

Troops home to their families.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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