Monday, February 25, 2019

The Destroyer of Countries; Ex Prime Minister Tony Blair says Brexit is boosting the case for Scottish independence, the SNP tried that line and it bombed with the Scottish public, Blair blundered in Scottish politics and Brexit is really him ‘applying’ for an EU position, he won’t save Brexit, we are leaving!

Dear All

One of the myths peddled by remainers is that Brexit is boosting the case for Scottish independence. This is not case, the SNP badly judged this, and found that Brexit hadn’t moved their case as they had hope. Despite this being a fact, we still see people using this nonsense to hoodwink the people.

Ex Prime Minister Tony Blair came to power making many promises;  in reality he over promised and failed to deliver a better Britain. The problem with Blair in power was that he forgot he was the Prime Minister of Great Britain, and didn’t have a dual role as lackey to George W Bush. Tony Blair wanted to as he called it a ‘bridge’ between Europe and the US. In order to do this Tony Blair wanted to place himself at the heart of Europe with a European Union Presidency.

Tony Blair is a discredited politician at best and a disgraced politician at worst, his middle eastern adventures which I termed ‘the crusades’ are well documented. He helped George W Bush to de-stablised the region leading to the rise of Islamic terrorism which we see now played out in the world.

To have Tony Blair state that it was “absolutely bloody obvious” to him that if Scotland were wrenched out the EU against its will it would help the Yes movement is him peddling the SNP lie. Scotland wasn’t wrenched out of the EU against its will, the UK as a whole voted to leave. As to helping the Yes movement, his help is all about him helping himself as he continues to angle for an EU job.
After his pro Indy outburst, Tony Blair added:

“It doesn’t mean to say I agree with it, but it’s bound to have an impact”.

Not exactly a concrete statement of conviction, ‘bound to have an impact’, there is not impact due to Brexit. As well as failed foreign adventures, Tony Blair brought in devolution 20 years ago; he caused Scotland’s current problems. The Holyrood parliament which promised so much became a dire second rate student union talking shop filled by third rate politicians.

If you look at the EU, you will see their advancement to destroy sovereignty to do so, they wanted to break up countries, into regions. In their UK model, this lead to the current setup today. A further idea of regional assemblies in England punted by John Prescott failed and died on the vine. Blair’s claim that the creation of a Scottish Parliament provided an “alternative to independence” and that if it didn’t exist, the UK might have broken up instead is rubbish.

What ushered in the SNP to power was simple, theft, plain simple uncomplicated stealing of public funds called ‘expenses’ at Westminster by politicians. This simple act caused the people of Scotland to vote against mainstream parties, and the rest is history.  20 years of Holyrood is marked by 20 years of student politics, which is why many want the place closed down as the failed experiment that it is.

When the Holyrood mag asked whether Blair understood why Scotland had voted so differently from the rest of the UK in the EU referendum, he said:

“Yes, because I think the degree to which this was driven by a sense of English nationalism, it’s obviously going to be more powerful in England than Scotland, and also because I think Scotland is quite comfortable with a European identity”.

Scotland didn’t vote differently, why are a million leave voters discounted, because facts don’t sit well with Tony Blair’s agenda.

At present, the Labour Party has more than enough problems to deal, but people like Tony Blair only add to them when he acknowledged Brexit may have made independence more likely.

His get out of jail free card, he said:

“I’m not saying it will happen, because I still think there are very strong arguments against it, and obviously I’m not in favour of it, even after Brexit, if we do Brexit. But you know, I think when I said this before people criticised it, but it seems to me absolutely bloody obvious, if Scotland is in favour of staying in Europe, and you wrench the UK out of Europe, then yep, people who are arguing for independence are going to have another dimension to their argument. It doesn’t mean to say I agree with it, but it’s bound to have an impact. The thing that’s most frustrating to me about politics today is that we’re not arguing about the right thing. We’re arguing about national identity, when it really isn’t the answer to anything, it really isn’t.”

Blair also told the Holyrood mag:

“Ultimately, I think we overestimated, for sure, the degree to which devolution would quash independence, that’s correct … But I think were it not for Brexit now, probably the mood in Scotland would be less in favour of independence than for some time. I think if I had any regret, I would have looked at more ways to keep Scotland and the UK feeling more culturally aligned. But having said that, I think people forget that there was a huge amount of pressure for devolution as an alternative to independence and if we hadn’t offered that alternative, you might have had an independent Scotland by now.”

Tony Blair gave the SNP an official platform to cause trouble, due to his stupidity, the Holyrood system was gerrymandered to allow unelected people to be elected with a list system, also his stupidity. Anyone think he has suddenly woken up with wisdom or do they agree with me, Blair is seeking an EU job.

The UK as a whole voted 52-48 to leave the EU, in a UK wide vote, the driving force was to take back control; the main issue was about sovereignty, all other complaints about the EU were just symptoms of the main issue.
People had been let down by the political class badly.

The arguments to remain were seen as bogus because people felt and saw no benefit to them being an EU citizen.

‘Man with a real job’ and Deputy SNP leader Keith Brown said:

"Make no mistake; Scotland having some powers has been good for Scotland. However today the debate is now fundamentally different from what was asked in 1997.  The foundations of Westminster politics are crumbling, with Labour and the Tories choosing to ignore Scotland’s voice and disregard the will of our Parliament, as they fixate themselves on bitter party infighting. It’s clear that the case for independence is more compelling than ever. While Brexit offers small minded isolationism, independence is about Scotland taking its place on the global stage as an equal partner.”

This intervention by Keith Brown shows clearly one thing, he is still alive!

Every now and then, we see Deputy SNP leader Keith Brown pop up usually at an indy march to let us all know he is about, most of the time, out of sight and out of mind.

Finally, think back to 1997, Tony Blair comes to power, the theme tune used was ‘Things can only get better’, sick joke now, he was the modern architect of third way politics, million Iraqis dead, bedroom tax, and of course benefit sanctions. Out of power about 15 years and still held in contempt.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

It was actually Blairs policies that made the Scots turn to SNP. Without Lie@bour the SNP would still be a fringe party. And he's still around urging his followers to continue destroying Labour.

Anonymous said...

"If you look at the EU, you will see their advancement to destroy sovereignty to do so, they wanted to break up countries, into regions. In their UK model, this lead to the current setup today."

So Scottish Independence would've helped the EU, and they wanted it to happen? I mean, as in encouraging breaking up countries to make it harder to challenge their authority.

Also, it occurred to me that during the Blair days, I remember as a kid, a lot of adults waxing lyrical about how Europe were "sooo much better than us! Much more sophisticated, stylish, less ugly, no drunken football louts or bad tourists, better countries, better culture, Britain need to remember it's a small island and not a world player but must accept its status in the heart of the ever closer union of the EU" and I sometimes reflect on this and wonder if this was an EU driven agenda too.

Blair can sod off. While I don' think that every SINGLE thing that he did was wrong, like Obama he over-promised and under-delivered. He started a war in Iraq leaving the region destabilised and ripe for terrorist actions to begin there, helped the SNP and helped himself and his cronies to our tax money, leaving himself filthy rich and leaving the British people and later governments with his mess to clean up. Piss off, Blair. Your time has come and gone, old man. Services no longer required. You're a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a monkies fu4k about B liar. Popeye is now demanding another referendum. Lie@bour backstabbing millions of their voters, again, who would have imagined that!. It's the end of democracy as we know it and if Krankie finally gets another independence referendum, we can just ignore the results of that one too. hip hip hooray.

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