Monday, January 7, 2019

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon’s panto season , Sturgeon’s delusion self exposed ‘Brexit has 'strengthened case for Scottish independence', some people would be embarrassed to spout such rubbish, fable mandate that doesn’t exist and other dreadful tosh marks Sturgeon as the ultimate Brexit loser, her panto season as leader is almost over!

Dear All

It maybe a new year but the SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is still peddling the same old failed bankrupt goods on Scottish Independence, she has said Brexit has "materially strengthened" the case for Scottish independence.


Yes, rubbish, it wouldn’t matter what the issue was good or bad, in the tiny mind of Nicola Sturgeon everything has to be about Scottish independence and everything has to justify her position.

As part of the ‘plan’, Sturgeon relies on grievance by saying that Scotland's interests are being "completely ignored and sidelined".

Have you ever stopped and asked why the SNP#s interests have been "completely ignored and sidelined"?

Let me enlighten you, they deliberately chose not to be team players with the UK Government, an opportunity existed for them, an olive branch was extended, when it was rebuffed, they dug their own hole.

Stupidity won out over commonsense, Scotland could have got a bung just as Northern Ireland did to be a team player, Ireland got an extra billion, we got hee haw, all thanks to Nicola Sturgeon.

Nicola Sturgeon cost Scots plenty, extra money for health, extra money for investment, extra money for education, because of her, we lost out. In an attempt to bloster her position as SNP leader which is looking rather weak, even in nationalist circles, Sturgeon is on a mission, to buy time.

What is the goal?

Firefighting to keep her in power as First Minister post 2021!

Its all about the First Minister’s Scottish roubles salted away before her position becomes untenable as SNP leader and she stepps down to let ‘young blood’ take over, actually, more like getting out the road and trying to wangle a departure that looks credible.

Passing the baton, you get the drift?

What happened in 2016 in Brexit was a watershed moment, it set the UK back on the road to full sovereignty which was in the interest of every part of the UK, a million Scots voted to leave the UK. Nothing since then has reinforced the case to stay, not the mutiny by some Conservative Brexiteers, not the rhetoric of Junker, not the attempt to extort us by the EU Cabal.

The EU are not the UK’s friends!

After doing periodic shouting, Sturgeon says she will not be drawn on timings around an independence referendum, this is because she has no legal right or authority to call a vote. So whether she waits until this phase of the Brexit process concludes or not, she is just treading water. One thing you do know that Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t have a mandate to have an independence referendum within this term of the Holyrood parliament. If the parliament had, it would have used it before now.

There is no mandate!

Sturgeon said:

"Everything that has happened over the past couple of years, from Scotland facing exit from the EU against our will to every reasonable attempt at compromise to protect Scotland's interests by the Scottish Government being spurned, to the powers of the Scottish  Parliament being eroded, to the UK Government even taking the Scottish Government to court, all of that has strengthened and reinforced the case for Scotland to be independent, because these are not just academic arguments, all of this will have a material impact on Scotland's economy and well-being for decades to come."

Scotland didn’t face exit from the EU against its will because Scotland wasn’t voting as a country, everyone was voting in a UK wide vote, so Sturgeon is peddling rubbish and always will because she has nothing else to sell.

She added:

"The case for independence is materially strengthened from an already strong base in 2014 because of all of the experience of Scotland in the last two years. We were told in 2014 that it was voting for independence that would put in peril our membership of the European Union. Because we didn't vote for independence, we now not just find ourselves facing exit, the voice and the interests of Scotland are being completely ignored and sidelined."

You know the more you learn about politics and what is going on, the greater the light shines on these people, and that light clearly shows how willing the SNP is to sell out the people of this country by their small mindedness.

Nicola Sturgeon wants another vote, what she doesn’t want is a General Election because, the SNP are a busted flush, in two short years, they dropped from 56 MPs to 35 MPs, why so steep?

Because the SNP leadership trawled the bottom of the barrel and although you could argue there are worse in the wings, this lot sitting at Westminster certainly aren’t anything to write home about.

Scottish Conservative deputy leader Jackson Carlaw said:

"Today Scots are heading back to work at the beginning of a new year, but Nicola Sturgeon is stuck in the past.”

Stuck in the past because she knows that she has no future!

Carlaw added:

"As at the start of 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015 her priority is to rerun the referendum of 2014. People across the country will correctly be thinking, 'There she goes again'. The best new year's resolution the SNP could make would be to drop the independence obsession and concentrate on delivering for the people of Scotland."

Concentrate on delivering for the people of Scotland?

That boat sailed a long time ago, we need a change of government, we need the SNP gone!

Finally, the more you learn, the more you read, the more you hold your own with these people, you can see the cracks, recently the SNP MEP was mentioned as possibly standing in Ruth Davidson’s seat. The angry Nat who I debated on BBC Radio Scotland is waking up to the truth, the party is over.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

I was an SNP supporter and I voted Yes in 2014. I don't like the way Nicola has turned the SNP from a nationalist party to some internationalist weird Soros leftard type party. She made me vote Tory in 2017 "the first and last time in my life" - next election I'm still going to use my right to vote but I will be spoiling my vote. She has ignored 1 million Scots who voted leave Europe.
Nicola appears to always be on the wrong side. She should have accepted Brexit and as our FM she shouldn't have insulted Trump. Constantly demanding referendum after referendum ignoring the will of the people, ignoring a democratic vote, not one vote but two. She's a bad example especially to the younger generation, she's telegraphing that democracy is only acceptable if you win. She's a slightly crazy leader.

Invisible Man said...

I'm now convinced that a new phase of politicians is on the cards. The likes of Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton, Emannuel Macron, David Cameron, Tony Blair, Barack Obama, Jean Claude Juncker, Guy Verhofstadt, they're all dinosaurs. Neoliberalism and centrism has been rejected post 2008, they want political leaders with contrast and who offer something different. And I think Nicola Sturgeon and her party are dinosaurs in the same way. Like it or not, the future belongs to the asteroids like Trump, Le Pen, Salvini, Farage, Bolsonaro, Wilders, Corbyn, and even though Corbyn is the odd one out, the world seems to be turning right wing. The left became too authoritarian and now in unstable times they're paying the price and losing control culturally.