Monday, June 18, 2018

SNP in their Death Throes: the Nats Westminster ‘stunt’ backfired on them massively, a party of no ability doesn’t have a future in the Commons, the Glasgow School of Art fire is an apt metaphor for the SNP at present, the party is now a hollowed out shell with no real substance or vision to it, reduced to petty games and gimmicks, its just hugely embarrassing for Scotland

Dear All

If you remember the 1982 movie Bladerunner, then you will certainly remember this quote:

“The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long”.

The rise of the SNP was made on the back of major dissatisfaction with other political parties and their representatives. The evidence is the wipe out at various elections.

 Although that created opportunities for the SNP, what they put up as candidates didn’t match expectations of Scots; the new politics lost its shine rather quickly once the SNP entered Westminster in numbers.

56 SNP MPs after a mere two years was dramatically reduced to 35 SNP MPs.

Two short years, the ‘class of 2015’ for the SNP hangs by a thread, or to be more exact 60 or 75 votes in some cases, depending where you are standing in the City of Glasgow. The other seats for the SNP could be taken if other parties made a serious effort and organised.

Last week, the SNP pulled a stunt in the House of Commons, it was manufactured, and the result was some gullible people in Scotland bought into it, the SNP walked out of the Commons claiming that Scotland was being disrespected. In fact Scotland wasn’t being disrespected, the SNP oppose the EU Withdrawal Bill, they had hoped that Scots would back them on keeping EU membership but the support never came. A million Scots voted to leave the EU, and this week the UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced £384 million a week for the NHS.

At the drop of a hat, Nationalist politicians claim everything is a game-changer, but the reality is and remains the people have moved passed the SNP, Brexit is going ahead and the SNP have nothing but petty initiatives to offer, their acts show how irrelevant they are.

It is a startling reality that everything the SNP support and do turns to disaster, we have seen this in government, in local government, in Holyrood and of course in Westminster. This problem all lies with the calibre of SNP politicians, the SNP isn’t a party of political greats, there isn’t “statesmen” in their ranks, they are just a bunch of political thugs.

When you think back to ‘game-changers’ according to the Nationalists, we had:

The referendum White Paper, that didn’t work so we have now the Growth Commission report, we had the “surge” in membership after the referendum, we had the alleged surge after last week's stunt  and periodically, we have people declared on Twitter that they have 'just' joined the SNP.

The funny thing about the last point is when you look at these new members is their followers list, when they make their ‘announcement’ that they were previously followed by SNP members and branches across Scotland.

And you generally find known cybernats as followers as well….. interesting?

The SNP walking out of the House of Commons was meaningless, they wanted to call a vote to exclude the public and press from watching PMQs, on the basis of this, some Scots joined the SNP?

Where exactly was the outrage?

It is a fact that some Scots are easily led, and in nationalist circles not very clever between the ears!

What the SNP are trying to do is manufacture a constitutional crisis which at the end of it sees them granted a second 30 order for another referendum in Scotland; Brexit is an excuse and only an excuse. The latest ‘gimmick’ by the SNP is to say the Brexit ‘power grab’ will 'haunt Tories for a generation like poll tax'.

Do you see much in the way of street protests?

The fact is there is no power grab, all powers from the EU returned must go to the host Country’s parliament, that is Westminster, then Westminster passes down powers once powers are secure in legal frameworks.

This is the bottom line, not the false flags that the SNP are flying.

Voters have become increasingly sophisticated at spotting SNP lies; they know the difference between facts and storytelling shouted by the SNP at the top of their lungs.

The people of Scotland aren’t willing any longer to being treated as fools, and they have become rather apt at see through the nationalists’ motives and actions, Nicola Sturgeon’s and the SNP’s support has been falling, most noticeably since 2015 when emotion and anger managed to gift them 56 seats at Westminster.

Emotion and anger are not a basis for sustained political support, deeds and actions to fix issue like health, education and law and order matter to Scots, and Nicola Sturgeon’s government run like an independence vehicle and wedded to identity politics is making progress for Scotland impossible.

In Scotland recently, we saw the burnt out shell of the Glasgow School of Art which caught fire again, looking at the pictures, it seemed to me to be a metaphor for the SNP. The SNP is now a hollowed out shell of a party with no substance to it, they have been reduced to than a bit of amateur dramatics in the House of Commons. They clearly think that their tactics have some wider meaning in Scotland but it doesn’t, most Scots are divorced from the madness spouted by Sturgeon and her ilk.  

Finally, it appears that Scotland’s jolly fat man, Alex Salmond is alleged to have suggested the protest to SNP leader Ian Blackford the night before, it is also said that Salmond likes to take political gambles, in this case both he and the SNP lost again. 

If people like Blackford are following advice from the likes of Salmond, then one wonders what the role of Nicola Sturgeon actually is now. The SNP MP Tommy Sheppard has previously claimed and asserted that the walkout was instinctive and improvised; one can only think that how many other SNP MPs are kept out of the loop?

Clearly Scotland must send better to Westminster than a load of angry ill-informed malcontents, the SNP don’t represent Scotland, they just represent the SNP, and that is a pretty squalid bunch at that!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

The insanity of the lunatic mini-Merkel incompetent, even if the SNP get rid of her, the damage is done. She has destroyed the SNP.

Anonymous said...

Exactly on point!! Well stated and 100% true. SNP and Sturgeon are a busted flush!! Not a minute too soon. Good riddance to a bunch of thugs.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Deluded pish. Scotland will be out of this 'union' very soon. You self hating scots are going to look like fucking mugs.

alan robb said...

Brainless gnat you're chance has gone so away and fondle you're bagpipes while you think of krankie

astrase2 said...

a) Totally unacceptable to use a Remembrance Day photograph to highlight your point. Why didn't you use a photo of the actual event in Westminster?
b) The 'stunt' as you put it wasn't arranged the way it happened. How were the SNP to know that Speaker Berkow was going to get things wrong. He reacted to advice from either the Leader of the House or Tory chief Whip (which was conveniently omitted from the Scottish BBC news item).

Having got it wrong, that escalated the SNP action.
FACT. The PM made concessions to her rebel MPs and then renaged on them.
FACT. The Labour MPs abstained on a very important voting issue.
FACT. The SNP gained over 7000 new members because of the actions of their MPs.

Steven Barker UAS Services said...

And yet here you are on a blog in some kind of desperation ;)

Unknown said...

Typical ill-educated response from a correspondent who is unable to respond without resorting to foul language.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"Typical ill-educated response from a correspondent who is unable to respond without resorting to foul language".

Poetic licence, the purpose of the post is to engage the reader to continue reading, take them out of their comfort zone.

Best Regards