Thursday, June 14, 2018

SNP Active Discrimination rots the Scottish Government, Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP Government operate a secret twin-track FOI regime to discriminate against people, although the SNP staged a ‘stunt’ at Westminster as the news leaked out, the true story to focus on is that the SNP have corrupted the Scottish government for political ends to shore up their crumbling hold on power

Dear All

In the 2017 Westminster election, the number of SNP MPs dropped from 56 to 35, a huge drop and a clear sign of a party in trouble. Yesterday saw the SNP disgrace themselves at the House of Commons by doing a pre-planned stunt which ultimately made them look like fools.

It is abundantly clear that the task facing Scotland is to remove the SNP from public office at both Westminster and Holyrood.

Why Holyrood when the ‘stunt’ was done at Westminster, well evidence has emerged that the SNP is operating secret twin-track FOI regime, although people are distracted by the walkout, this information is more important to Scots. The SNP are corrupting our democracy and the rule of law, they don’t operate in government under good faith.

Regardless who is in power, the public by law have a right to know, the fact that SNP Ministers have been operating a secret twin-track freedom of information regime is basically a scandal, the SNP don’t like to be held to account for their actions, and the secret system is making it tougher for those most likely to embarrass them to get information.

Journalists, MSPs and political researchers are differently because of who or what they are under the SNP regime, the use of special advisers to ‘vet’ people should be make an illegal act. If there was a need for a Bill at Holyrood to end this practice then this issue surely demands.

The SNP operate to a bunker mentality because they know they aren’t competent, and they are also unwilling to do the job properly which is why we have a government of cronies, there is no ethical approach to government by the SNP. Their politics are the hallmarks of a backward third world country like Pakistan where deals are done behind closed doors for advantage.

Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond lost in 2014 referendum, they also lost in 2016 over Brexit; they haven’t moved on and find themselves effectively without a narrative. The Nats banked on Brexit kick starting their next indyref, but the support didn’t materalise, Brexit is going to happening in March 2019, the UK leaves the EU.

Out is out!

What we witness yesterday by the SNP was a stunt at the House of Commons, they may think that they can engage in guerrilla tactics at Westminster to "frustrate" Theresa May’s Government but they are failing to see the long term picture. The SNP are facing a crisis, and the longer they ‘act up’, the more people will be convinced that we must get them out by any means. The idea that there will be another constitutional clash between Edinburgh and London is a fool’s errand because the war is over.

In politics, the SNP are so stupid that they abuse the concept of goodwill between governments by petty stunts and yesterday trying to use technical devices to cause problems. One thing about rules which the SNP haven’t grasped is that at Westminster, they aren’t the gatekeepers.

The rules can be changed.

If the SNP go back to the stupidity noticeable when they first arrived in 2015 such as clapping each other in the Commons, not only will they alienate themselves from everyone else they will also do so with the Speaker.

The SNP leader at Westminster is Ian Blackford, I don’t like him, I don’t like the fact that the SNP hounded Charles Kennedy, a respected but flawed man to his death. When Charles Kennedy died, the SNP had the incredibly bad taste by turning up at his funeral, Blackford was banned. Blackford is now suggesting the SNP will use a number of “parliamentary devices” to disrupt UK Government business, their story is this action is due to the Conservatives’ "anti-Scottish" agenda.

That is pitiful nonsense.

Nicola Sturgeon joined in by saying she was “right behind” her colleagues at Westminster, accusing the UK Government of treating Scotland with “contempt, and said it could no longer be business as usual between Edinburgh and London. Given that the SNP’s idea of ‘business as usual’ there will be no change there. However, the UK Government shouldn’t be scared to turn the screw on the SNP, if they want to play politics, then the SNP may live to regret playing the fool.

The UK Government need to press on with Brexit and by pass Holyrood, discussions are pointless with the SNP over the EU Withdrawal Bill, and when it comes to Sturgeon asking for another Section 30 order, a junior minister should be used to say no!

Fun….. using the word no can be quite entertaining if done right.

Disgraced MP Stewart Hosie, the SNP’s trade spokesman piped up saying:

“Whether it’s a power-grab or a failure to respect the will of the Scottish Parliament, we are dealing with the same issues with the Trade Bill and the same concerns will arise. As things stand, I can’t see how the Scottish Parliament could pass a Legislative Consent Motion to allow the Trade Bill to go forward.”

Hosie dumped his wife, Shona Robison to plough into another younger woman, no fool like an old fool, after it came out, his concern was for his daughter, how touching!

Paul Sweeney, the Labour Shadow Scotland Office Minister, has denounced the SNP’s “absurd stunt,” which he said would only appeal to the party’s “zealots,” and illustrated how desperate the Nationalists were becoming. It is true, the SNP is fearful of elections for both Westminster and Holyrood which is why they want another indyref, they think they can generate the same support that got them 56 MPs again and stop their decline. Paul Sweeney overturned one of the biggest SNP votes in Glasgow were polls gave him a 2% chance of winning. He fought a hard campaign with few resources but had a loyal and excellent team doing the business. In the end the best man won which is politics doesn’t always happen. The SNP Candidate Anne McLaughlin who held the seat lost by 242 votes.

Her defeat was a sore one for the SNP.

Nationalist sources claimed such was the indignation felt at the Tory Government’s treatment of the Scottish Parliament’s opposition to the Brexit Bill that circa 1,000 people had applied to join the party.

Personally, I think this is bullshit, these new members, why didn't they join for indyref 1?

Finally, although the SNP have embarked on a poisonous tactic, they will find out that doesn’t work at Westminster, the more antics they get up to the stupider the Nats will look, and that will lose votes. If you take anything from today’s blog then don’t focus on the Westminster nonsense, instead focus on the secret twin-track FOI regime because that is the real story. 

The SNP need to be removed from the government of Scotland, and new laws enacted to stop special advisers corrupting our system of government. The cat is out of the bag, Nicola Sturgeon’s government is not just morally bankrupt; it has a systemic problem spreading like a virus through it, but the body is beyond help, rotten to the core.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Nice to see the phony nationalist storming out the HOC in defence of keeping Scotland ruled from Brussels. According to Krankie the SNP membership has risen 5000 since the walkout.

How any Scot with an IQ above 80 votes for these idiots is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Well said, the snp are morally corrupt and inept and want to control everyone from the cradle to the grave.

Anonymous said...

The SNP are treating Scotland and its voters with contempt, disgusting people. I do wish Mrs Ugly loses her core vote. Scotland must rid itself of this scum.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back ...was getting worried .

These cunts have previous

Anonymous said...

Yes. Wee touch more editing though.
Down with nats.

Anonymous said...

What a very good read and true this should be sent to the papers so everyone can read it

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope that when Charles Kennedy’s son comes of age he goes and has a word with that fat arsehole Blackford about the way he treated his father,would hope that the press where there to record it if it ever happened.

Al C said...

I told my brother about this the other day.

His reply? "They're the gift that keeps on giving!"

Useless and pathetic, none more than their inept leader herself.

Anonymous said...

Probably the worst piece of literature on the internet. Can you not put a point across without swearing or insults. I am looking into both sides to make an informed decision on poiltical party's and voting in the future as a young voter. Articles such as these do nothing to convince me that I should not give my vote to SNP. No facts figures or genuine points here...just sounds to me like a rant. Thanks for not helping me in the slightest.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely laughable. The future generation is here and we say let us deside. SNP has our vote.

Anonymous said...

For the benefit of the younger generation, Tommy Sheridan destroyed Scottish socialism and Tony Blair destroyed the labour party. Both managed to destroy their core vote. Mrs Kranky is doing the same to the SNP, deceitful is a polite term to describe her and her party.

Anonymous said...

Scandalous; FOI was the second Act published by the Scottish Parliament - designed to provide for a strong democracy. To the commentator that said this was the worst piece of writing on the internet; the facts speak for themselves; the Scottish Information Commussioner has found the the Scottish Govrrnment ran a dual foi regime; to hinder journalists from getting prompt access to information they are entitled to receive without hindrance.

A Goverment that deliberately abuses fundamental rights of access to information about their actions and activities insults the people.

ST said...

cyber nats.. eat shit

Anonymous said...

Yes let us “deside” says it all really SNP are welcome - you should be fine as it’s just an X you have to put in the box

D. Stewart said...

Stu's anonymous natbots failing to spell their way to a point as usual.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous can't spell.

Product of SNP destroying education in Scotland.

Anonymous said...

What did another post above highlight about SNP voters having an IQ above 80 - I think this has answered that question