Friday, November 7, 2014

‘Meet the Peasants’ Tour: Scotland’s unpopular First Minister in waiting Nicola Sturgeon says “I’ll be an accessible leader”, Sturgeon to tour Scotland hoping desperately that she can connect with Scotland and they will come listen and speak to her, oh Nicola…. you just aren’t that popular!

Dear All

Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minster Nicola Sturgeon is said to be going to pledge to be Scotland’s most accessible First Minister.

So, what does this mean?

It means that she plans to have Facebook Q&As.

Here are two questions that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon won’t answer, why the Scottish National Party break the law regarding my data subject access request and who is the person responsible?

As well as the Facebook farce, Sturgeon is going to have regular town hall meetings, which are meaningless as who is going to take a personal complaint to be aired in front of the public. 

No one and there also won’t be an opportunity for a private meeting either.

As to taking the Scottish Government Cabinet to locations outside of Edinburgh every two months, that is more bullshit and is also meaningless, are they really going to discuss government business or just put on a show?

I would suggest they are just going to put on a show, it would be like going to the zoo, you can look at the animals in an artificial environment  but it doesn’t mean you can interact with them.

This nonsense proposed will also run alongside existing summer Cabinet visits, Salmond used this gag on meeting in Church Halls, while behind the scenes the public were unaware he was parking his arse in £2,900 a night hotels.

If Sturgeon is so ‘popular’ as the SNP like to claim why is she trying to build up her profile?

As to meeting Holyrood’s committee conveners on a regular basis to answer questions on the Government’s record and plans.

Again this is meaningless, doesn’t change anything.

Sturgeon said:

“For too long the conversation between politicians and the public has been reduced to 30-second soundbites and stage-managed public appearances. The referendum campaign changed all that, bringing citizens and politicians closer together than at any previous time in our nation’s history”.


Sturgeon added:

“That might not always be comfortable, but it’s exactly as it should be in a healthy democracy. And this level of accessibility and direct contact is perfectly possible in a nation of five million people and should be the standard all of the time - not just during such a high-level event as a referendum campaign”.

Asking a question is one thing, getting the right answer or the truth is something completely different.

“We live in a very different world from when the Scottish Parliament was reconvened in 1999, with modern methods of communication which can and should be employed to invigorate our democracy - in addition to the more traditional forms of engagement which came into their own in the Yes campaign”.

I think people have seen the modern methods of communication via the hate campaign of the Nationalist community during the Scottish referendum.

Sturgeon in delusion mode further stated:

“I am determined to lead an outward-looking Government, which is open and accessible to members of the public, ensuring that the SNP remain close to all the people we serve, regardless of how they vote.”

Type in to google ‘SNP Vote Rigging’ Sturgeon, the SNP is a regional backward looking party run as a clique for a select few. 

Sturgeon was the only candidate for the SNP leadership, is she the best candidate for the job?


Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon as much as Alex Salmond lost the Scottish independence referendum too wee too poor and too stupid mentally.

Time for a quote which rather sums my opinion on this craving for popularity of such a dislikeable woman:

“if you are white working class and heterosexual you are shit out of luck dealing with the Sturgeon Empire”.  

If I was Nicola Sturgeon, I would cancel the ‘meet the peasants’ tour, when I was at Pollok SNP social events that she attended, she couldn’t wait to get the 'hell out of dodge' after she did her speech.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

haha I heard the only job she could
get was at the Kings as a stand in for Jimmy,wifeswap Krankie

top man again Georgieboy


Does Nikki not drink from the hairy cup anyway?

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Shite article Geo, absolute shite!