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Delusions of grandeur, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon was to take part in the Westminster Leaders debates screened through-out the UK, the Scottish National Party is a Scottish regional party unlikely to form the Government or be a coalition partner at Westminster, as such, they disqualified themselves from leader debates

Dear All

It seems that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon wants to push herself into the Westminster nationally-televised general election debates. This is despite the SNP being only a regional party. The Nationalists only stand in Scotland but in theory could stand elsewhere in the United Kingdom.

Although the Scottish referendum exposed a rather nasty side of what might be termed anti English, exporting that down south won’t play well. It is also doubtful given the serious lack of talent that the Nationalist could scrap together 650 people to stand as candidates through-out the rest of Britain.

You only have to look at the ‘feeble six’ which includes Englishman Angus Robertson and his miserable rabble in Commons to understand the extent of the nationalist’s problem.

Can you name an SNP MP?

Most people cannot, however people like Pete Wishart has done a good job at getting noticed but for all the wrong reasons, his ‘talent’ is whinging, you could look up his stuff on Hansard but really why would you want to.

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon says recent opinion polls prove it is wrong to exclude the SNP from nationally-televised general election debates. The BBC has limited the debates to four parties, Conservatives, Labour, Ukip and Lib Dems.

Why Ukip?

Ukip are putting up 650 candidates in every seat through-out Britain. They are a party on the move politically as their 2014 Euro elections results prove, and let’s just remember how many seats the SNP won in that election.


Excluded from the main debates are the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Greens. In the Scottish Westminster debates which the SNP will be taking part in, Solidarity, the SSP and Scottish Democratic Alliance will also be excluded.

Does unpopular Nicola Sturgeon have a case to be beamed into the rest of Britain?


Should she be allowed to spread her brand of poison? 


For sometime the BBC has been attacked in Scotland for not being a propaganda machine to pump out Nationalist views. The SNP want to close down the BBC and replace it with a state broadcaster which they can control. If you google you can see the anti BBC protests held outside the BBC HQ in Pacific Quay.
Much unhappiness there by an angry vocal minority, tellingly missing from the protests was the senior Nats. But people connected to them were there in strength. One the flaws of publishing that crap is that it gives a documented record of who is at it and if you do some research, even casual to can see the same people pop up elsewhere.

We live in a digital age. 

Nicola Sturgeon wants broadcasters to "think again" about their plans.

Maybe I can help the BBC, the answer should be No!

Sturgeon thinks because two polls published on Thursday suggested the SNP was on course to massively increase its number of MPs at Westminster in May's election, she has leverage to get onto the National stage.


The Ipsos/Mori poll for broadcaster STV putting the SNP on 52% if there was a Westminster election tomorrow is an anomaly, the YouGov poll for The Times put the SNP on 43% is another anomaly due to the Scottish referendum. You could say it is because certain people have been stoked up by hatred against the English.

Some call it racism!

The Nationalists don’t make direct anti English comments, they couch it in terms of ‘Tories’ or Westminster. Is it possible that the SNP could in theory win more than their current six seats?


The Labour Party in Scotland is in chaos and in meltdown, the rot didn’t happen just spring from the Scottish referendum campaign, it started a long time ago, the Nationalists just nursed people’s grievances along to detach Labour from a rather large chunk of their core vote. While it is true that the SNP's membership has trebled to more than 83,000 since September, we should remember that doesn’t mean 83,000 activists.

Or smart people!

The SNP is still a nasty vicious clique, the new members who have joined that 83,000 total will find out in due course, what I mean as they see close up how the party operates.

Then they will not renew their membership, it may take a year or two for them to get it but time will out.

Sturgeon is currently doing rallies of new SNP members despite losing the Scottish independence referendum, you might think what is going on at present is a victory parade but the Nationalists haven’t won a victory through their own merits, their ‘popularity’ is based on the fortunes of Labour going through the floor due to their own follies and mistakes.

Sturgeon in my opinion is doing a tour of ‘meet the gullible’, whipping up the crowd so they aren’t thinking about the fact that the SNP vision of Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon lost.


Distract people’s attention away from the real issues and the real problems. In the movie Gladiator, this was done by people ‘watching the games’. When that wears off Sturgeon will be challenged to have in the 2016 manifesto an independence commitment. Inciting the mob, she said the polls "put beyond any doubt" that excluding the SNP from the prime ministerial debates was "unacceptable".

Not to me it isn’t; the real working class voice of Scotland.

Sturgeon added:

"We are - without doubt - Scotland's party of social democracy. The party of aspiration and opportunity. The party that knows that a strong economy and a fair society must to go hand in hand if everyone in our country is to get a decent chance in life”.

Given my experience in the Scottish National Party, I would say the party of aspiration and opportunity excludes the Scottish working class, the SNP is geared up to support certain minorities which have attached themselves to the leadership of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

Recently, I was talking to someone who went to Sturgeon for help, he told me; it took 4 months for her office to act.

Does that sound to you like the SNP is a party interested in a fairer society? It is funny how the truth once outed rather paints a different picture of ‘social justice campaigner’ Nicola Sturgeon.

The only thing real about Nicola Sturgeon is the fake colour of her hair, because we don’t have to take her word for it, we can get third party confirmation and read the bottle.

In a less than chilling threat, she added:

"Be in no doubt - in the general election, the SNP will be seen and Scotland's voice will be heard."

The SNP tend to confuse Scotland’s voice with their twisted views, Salmond didn’t represent Scots any more than Sturgeon does.

It’s all a sham!

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has been been invited to take part in one of the debates alongside David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg.

His party is on the rise nationally, less so in Scotland but that is due to having less structure on the ground to make inroads which the other parties have done through decades.

The leaders of the four largest parties in the Scottish Parliament are to be invited to take part in a peak time debate on BBC One Scotland, the Scottish Greens are not invited, they have two List MSPs. Patrick Harvie despite having a good referendum still hasn’t made a breakthrough, however, he did pick up a third MSP in John Finnie, ex SNP, he announced last month that he had joined the party. Interestingly he plans to continue as an independent member of the Holyrood parliament until the next election in 2016.

At that election it is doubt he will be coming back.

Also not invited to the Scottish BBC debate is Ukip, they hold no seats in the Holyrood parliament at present. They need more Scottish flavour in their appeal to make any headway in even tackling the list seats in Scotland
Regarding Sturgeon's comments, a spokesman for the BBC said:

"We make editorial judgements about coverage during the general election campaign informed by evidence of past and current electoral support. Opinion polls are part of that evidence whereby we take account of consistent and robust trends across different polls over time, rather than reacting to individual polls. We have also said that we will continue to look at any further evidence of changes in electoral support as we get closer to the election campaign. The BBC Trust will be launching a public consultation on the relevant guidelines next week."

One of the things which should be under active consideration by the BBC is whether allowing the Nationalist clique’s poison into the homes of other people through-out the UK is relevant or democratic, regardless of the outcome of Westminster 2015, there will not be a Scottish Nationalist Prime Minister of Britain or if there is a hung parliament, there is also no chance of a Scottish Nationalist Deputy Prime Minister of Britain either.

And there is no way round that issue, which is the nub of the matter.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

as ever genius Georgie boy,you must be like a stone in her knickers


Freddy said...

Another well written blog George, I don't see why they should be able to spread their thinly veilled racism on a national stage. I'm sure as you said the polls that have come about recentley are to a certain extent anomalies, the labour party needs to get its act together quickly though.

Anonymous said...

Fully agree George. What possible interest does the 91% of voters that make up the rest of the country have in hearing from a separatist party? What are the SNP's policies to support manufacturing in the west midlands, what are their policies to support the tourism sector in the south west, what are their policies to support the ex coal fields of north nottinghamshire. It's the limits of petty nationalism; where the people you have been throwing sh*t at say sorry - "I am really not interested in hearing about your foaming hate towards me please go away." The nats are a really odious party in my opinion - they only offer division.

G Laird said...

thanks a bunch for the thumbs up!

Sherbie. said...

Keep Sturgeon and the SNP out of the debate, she is not wanted, and the rest of the UK are not interested in what the hateful seperatist SNP party has to say.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Such bitterness! Sturgeon is obviously getting under George's thin skin.
The SNP are heads and shoulders above the weak-arsed Labour party in Scotland and no amount of bullshit articles will change that.