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Scottish independence: SNP MP Pete Wishart isn’t a strategic mastermind, his ultra clumsy attempt at a Westminster V Scottish Government match up sees him call for Alistair Carmichael to face Alex Salmond, was he trained up by the woefully dreadful Allison Hunter, if so he should be taken offline and fixed!

Dear All

One of the funny things about the Scottish independence campaign is the delusion coming from the Nationalist side.

As they twist and turn as their failed campaign plunges into the abyss, you can't help wonder how people failed to notice that some people are quite simply bonkers!

At Westminster, the Scottish National Party has 6 MPs out of 59.

The reason for this is that the people of Scotland recognise that Nationalist are an embarrassment at international politics so people tend not to bother to vote for them, for Westminster, the SNP isn't seen as a viable alternative to the Labour Party.

One SNP MP is Pete Wishart.

Pete Wishart must go down as one of the most ungrateful politicians at Westminster, he has an entire unionist camp in his corner fighting to save his job.

Mr. Wishart's job I view as sort of a hobby, part time MP getting full time wages, and achieving nothing with the joke of standing up for Scotland.

You could describe Mr. Wishart as just crass!

Over the years, he hasn't craved out a name for himself as a statesman in the big arena of Westminster.

He talks shite and gets to do it on the Green benches of Parliament, his diatribe against the Olympics is well known, as is his pish that he is against any form of nationalism.

Apparently Mr. Wishart has re-invented himself as a democracy campaigner.

Bizarre and more proof of what I keep saying that there is a genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party, the party is quite simply a 'rat ship'.

Not long ago, SNP MP Pete Wishart was taking part in an independence debate at a private school in his area. This was a chance for him to shine and present a vision of a new Scotland.

98.5% of the people who voted at the end of the debate rejected the Nationalist dream of an independent Scotland.

Of the remaining 1.5, that turned out to be 3 pupils who were in favour, so it could be opined that either everyone was pro union, pro UK or Pete Wishart had the skill set to convince 3 people out of an entire room.

Another issue that I raised as SNP member was the appalling lack of education in the party; I found that people were mostly ignorant of politics in general and SNP policy in particular.

Apparently, many of the elected SNP were allegedly trained by Allison Hunter, a former councillor in the Govan ward in Glasgow. Hunter was a Nicola Sturgeon crony who was trumpeted as a great leader by Alex Salmond prior to being wiped out in the 2012 council election.

I went along to the Sunny Govan Radio hustings to listen to candidates, the best speaker was the presenter...... he wasn't standing for election. Ms. Hunter failed to shine in a room of political non entities; she had no ideas, no vision and was clearly out of her depth. Allison Hunter wasn't a leader of men, she was just a clerk.

Alex Salmond gets a lot wrong.

If Pete Wishart was trained by her, he should feel aggrieved because whoever 'taught' him made a complete pig's ear of it.

Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon have failed to convince the Scottish people of the merits of their case, so they have unsuccessfully tried to get Prime Minister David Cameron to debate with Salmond.

Cameron has refused citing this is a matter between Scots.

Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon want a Scotland V England, Scottish Government V Westminster Government showdown.

With Cameron refusing to play Salmond's stupid, ill-judged game, Pete Wishart has entered the fray and has called for Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael to debate Alex Salmond as he says Better Together Alistair Darling would suffer a “slaughter worse than the Bannockburn re-enactment” if he took part.

At the recent 'celebration' of the Battle of Bannockburn to mark the 700th anniversary, that turned out to be an utter shambles, far from being a 'slaughter', you would be lucky to get a paper cut on a finger!

This is such banal shite from Wishart, it really is; one wonders did Wishart think this up by himself or did someone put him up to it? If someone put him up to it, he should have more respect for himself than this!

Pete Wishart, MP for Perth and North Perthshire also said that since Prime Minister David Cameron was “running a mile” therefore Carmichael should step up to the plate and do it.

Wishart also boldly declared that the debate would be better with the “organ grinder” Mr Cameron rather than the “Alistair monkeys”.

Gosh, Alex Salmond must be really crapping himself from Alistair Darling, Salmond doesn't want to fight Darling, he doesn't want a fight with someone of gravitas, he can't shine against a statesman.

Salmond's bluff and bluster won't work on that platform.

I am a fan of Tom Cruise movies, in 1993, he made a movie called The Firm, it is excellent, so I would like to adapt a quote from that film.

Basically: 'Alex Salmond is going to be fucked up the political arse so hard; he will think he has been fucked with a dick the size of an elephant'.

What Wishart must have thought when he goaded Carmichael is anyone's guess, but Carmichael described Wishart’s remarks as “pitiful”.

Pitiful and not even funny!

The SNP only talk about the terms of the debate because they want to avoid the substance, they did no work and are now seen as a bunch of clowns!


During Scotland questions in the Commons, Wishart said:

“Isn’t the best way to inform people to debate? Yet we have the leader of the No campaign, the Prime Minister, running a mile, feared to do just that. What about the substitute designate. It’ll be a slaughter worse than the Bannockburn re-enactment if they put out the angry, agitated Alastair to debate with the First Minister. What we need is you. You could do it, you’re good at this stuff. What we really need is the organ grinder, not one of the Alistair monkeys to debate with the First Minister.”

Carmichael said:

“That was pitiful, and I can’t believe that even sounded good when you rehearsed it in the mirror this morning".

He added:

“It is typical though of what we hear from the Scottish Nationalists. They are desperate always to talk about how we will debate. They only do that because they want to avoid the actual debate because they know that the force of argument is on the side of those of us who want to remain in the United Kingdom.”

Well, another failed and utterly puerile exchange in which a Nationalist MP shows a lack of imagination and importantly wit.

Embarrassingly this dreary episode was done in the House of Commons; it will be recorded for all time in Hansard.

Maybe Pete Wishart could put himself down as the 'substitute designate' if Alex Salmond's bottle crashes before August, SNP Ministers appear to be going very quiet of late, they know they are going to lose, then the people in the SNP will know one thing.

They have been conned by Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

Poor Pete Wishart joining an increasing line of angry dejected Nationalists who are sitting waited to get humped in the biggest defeat in the Scottish National Party’s tawdry history.

Seems fine to me!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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