Monday, July 21, 2014

Scottish independence: due to the actions of Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon spending decades fostering grievance, the Yes campaign is nothing more than a full blown anti-English campaign

Dear All

Brian Monteith of Think Scotland  has penned a rather interesting article in which he says that Scottish nationalism is about being anti-English.

I would say he is both right and wrong.

There are many people who would recognise the anti English element, and twitter is a poster board for that crowd.

That said, there are some in the independence camp whom anti English plays no part in their thinking.

These people however don’t really ever get heard even in the Nationalist camp which is dominate by grudge, grievance and malcontent.

I would also say there is a stronger anti British element such as the ‘Sein Fein lite’, these are people aren’t nationalists but who hate the British for their involvement in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The Scottish National Party in order to garner support sucked up to various little anti British factions as it tried to cobble together anyone to work for them to push their agenda.

At the head of this miserable group sits Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond as a puppet master, Salmond remains the most divisive politician in the UK.

His leadership in his own party is all about divide and rule, Salmond in my opinion isn’t a nationalist, he has no regard for the Scottish people. At the start of each new parliament, Salmond says ‘my first loyalty is to the Scottish people’.

A con trick as his record in government amply shows!

The poor and vulnerable in Scotland are suffering and Salmond doesn’t care. He is only interested in certain minority groups which have surrounded him and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

A nasty vicious clique

The SNP has become under his and Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership a ‘rat ship’, a party within a party, unworthy of independence and unworthy of government, the saying ‘unfit for purpose’ could have been coined for his government.

Recently Alex Salmond went to Orkney.

At that Nationalist lovefest, he went onto talk about Scottish identity; there are three versions of that according to him.

1/ People born in Scotland
2/ People who weren’t born in Scotland but have Scottish ancestors
3/ People who live in Scotland  

Scottish identity is recognised by many as people born in Scotland, English identity is recognised by many as people born in England, British identity recognised by many as people born in the United Kingdom.

Number 3 on his list is linked with what the SNP call ‘civic Nationalism’.

This is a kind of nationalism is identified by people who believe in a non-xenophobic form of nationalism that is compatible with values of freedom, tolerance, equality, and individual rights.

That translated in the SNP landscape is boosting minorities to the detriment and interests of the Scottish people, and at their expense.

In the SNP, a working class Scot is a second class citizen.

Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon also aren’t campaigning for Scotland to be run by Scots; they never did in my opinion. Some might describe as one group of foreigners replacing another group of foreigners approved by Salmond.

Alex Salmond’s nationalism stinks!

Brian Monteith recently argued:

“One can only conclude that the civic nationalism of Scottish nationalists and their cheerleaders is in fact racially, not institutionally based. It is an arrogant superiority built upon a conceit that Scots will behave better – whichever way better is defined by those that seek to set our moral compass”.

The problem there with that statement is that Salmond and Sturgeon are seen by many to use ‘Scots’ and ‘Scottishnes’s as a tool to promote themselves and the minority groups they have climbed into bed with.

Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon don’t care about the Scottish working class that is what the SNP brand of civic nationalism is. It is as false as their concerns about Scottish people.

After the referendum is finished, all the Political Partie;s unionist and nationalist will come together in a false show of unity for the cameras, but the hatred generated by Salmond’s campaign will not be going away.

People now know what they suspected; there is a deep well of hate that comes from the Scottish National Party and their cohorts.

So, when Alex Salmond did his speech in Liverpool to reassure Scottish Labour voters that we would all still remain buddies if Scotland votes Yes, you can be fairly certain that won’t be the case, either internally or externally of Scotland post 18th September 2014.

Salmond if he won can’t get a currency union so he will default on Scotland’s share of the UK debt, so how ‘buddy buddy’ will his administration be with Westminster if he got his way?

The SNP has always in my opinion wanted the Euro; they want that as a further wedge to ensure there is no going back.

Such is the strength of anti Englishness that has been developed that the writer Joyce McMillan has publicly said the Yes campaign is not anti-English.

Has she been asleep and missed the SNP Conferences where Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon blame Westminster, according to them, it’s always the fault of Westminster, the sub text is it’s always the fault of the English.

Decades of hate; conference after conference with the little anti British factions sitting waiting their turn to promote their “cause” whether it is anti Trident or anti Monarchy.

Recently I attended the BBC Indy debate at Bridgeton in Glasgow, SNP MSP John Mason attended along with Louise Bachelor for the Scottish Greens. During the show, available to listen to online, John Mason said that Scots were more popular in Europe than the English. That statement didn’t go down well with the audience. Having made that political gaffe, a few minutes later, he felt compelled to say it again.

Wrong the first time, wrong the second time, if he had gone a third, it still would have been wrong and not found favour with that audience.

Have a listen.

You can also if you listen out hear me asking question number 4 on the EU, and speaking on why there is Israeli involvement in Gaza and making a point about Article 49 regarding EU membership and why the SNP is wrong.

Anyway; are Scots more welcome than the English in Europe as John Mason said?

I wouldn’t say this is the case, to Europe, we are mostly seen as British, are Scots superior to the English, are we more fairer as the Nationalist camp says, the answer is no.

Whether a person is fair has nothing to do with nationality.

Finally, yes, the current Scottish independence campaign run by the Nationalists is anti English.

Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon haven’t a positive vision or message to sell; they just peddle grudge, grievance and malcontent which is now flowing out as hatred of the English.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 


Anonymous said...

Concise and factual. A clear summary of what is at the heart of Nationalism of the Scottish variety.

Anonymous said...

Big announcement at the weekend from Swinney. He'll borrow billions to create 30,000 new jobs. Is this for the planned 24,000 immigrants? Per year.
Your right George this mob have no regard for working
class Scots.
This campaign has no plan except to lie and deceive. Most people have good ideas just like the Scottish Independance idea. Problems arise when trying to put them into practice. As the SNP are finding out.

Anonymous said...

Hi George -

This idea of 'civic nationalism' is a load of old cobblers, and anyone who believes in it is living in a fantasy world. Nationalism is nationalism, period, and it's about the same old stuff the world over: flags, national anthems, insularity, and blood. It's infantile, adolescent, racist claptrap, and we can but hope that the electorate will have the sense to see it as such. If it doesn't, God help us all, because it is a racing certainty that the not-very-bright provincial shitkickers Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon and John Swinney will botch everything, and we'll all be screwed.

Cheers, Derrick

Anonymous said...