Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Scottish independence: President Jose Manuel Barroso may snub Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, ‘not tonight dear members only’!

Dear All

It appears that my assertion that the EU may blow out the SNP over EU talks regarding independence may prove correct.

After President Jose Manuel Barroso made his statement that Scotland if it leaves the UK would be a third country and therefore must apply as a new state to join the EU, the SNP have been fighting a losing damage limitation action.

Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced she would seek ‘urgent talks’ with the EU.

Barroso’s position is difficult because he must not appear to be involving himself in the internal matters of the UK, that isn’t his role or the role of the Commission regarding independence.

At present, President Jose Manuel Barroso may snub talks with Nicola Sturgeon.

What can he say to her other than point her in the direction of the rules?

Pretty much nothing, this is a dog and pony show so that Nicola Sturgeon can appear effective but the truth is, on this issue she is in the wrong along with the entire SNP Government.

Whatever guff Salmond says they all fall in line and parrot the most outrageous rot.

So, the EC's top official will not respond to the Deputy First Minister's request for several days as he weighs up the request and presumably have a look at the lay of the land. If he says yes, then other people like Catalonia will demand talks, then there is the Flemish question to be considered.

It’s a can of worms; the safe option is to not open the can.

Brussels regards the request for talks by the Scottish Government as "political."

That being the case, it looks like Ms. Sturgeon will not be getting her daily dose of publicity seeking from Europe, which is a shame because the Christmas markets in Belgium are said to be pretty good. And she could also take an entourage with her to try and create the impression that she is a future world leader like her boss does.

In a letter sent on Monday, Ms Sturgeon called for urgent talks with President Barroso after declaring he was wrong to suggest a newly independent Scotland would have to apply for EU membership and negotiate conditions with other Members states.

What is Nicola Sturgeon’s EU experience?

Sod all it appears, perhaps she was relying on her legal eagle experience sharpened in Drumchapel Law Centre.

If so, she is onto plums, the position is only not clear for idiots; it’s a simple contract issue at its heart, despite the SNP bogus claims of things not being clear.

Sturgeon wanted face-to-face talks, face saving talks in fact to cover up the fact that Alex Salmond and the SNP never bothered their arse to do the work they should have done.

The idea that Barroso would want to listen to Ms. Sturgeon’s inane drivel as she presses the SNP's claim that an independent Scotland would remain in the EU and inherit crucial UK opt-out on the euro single currency and Schengen free travel area will certainly not appeal to him and raises problems.

Mark Gray, a spokesman for President Barroso, said:

"The President has made clear throughout he was not dealing with a specific situation, be that Scotland or Catalonia or anywhere else."

An EC source said:

"Holding talks would be a political question in itself, we cannot pre-empt his decision."

And with the Spanish situation on his own doorstep pressing, he doesn’t want to go down as the man who started the disintegration of member states.

Barroso should send her homeward to think again!

He can do nothing and he can agree nothing, the sooner the SNP kills this story the better, SNP members must be getting embarrassed how utterly incompetent this SNP Government has become under Salmond and Sturgeon’s leadership.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Davie Tait said...

To be honest I think Nicola is used to getting a knock back.

Anonymous said...


happy to see the nats making compete fools of themselves on EU. Credibility is complete gone, Sturgeon looks like a fool.