Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Scottish independence: Michael Moore drops an early xmas present into Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon by saying Bank of England will not back Scotland as lender of last resort, indy campaign sinking due to gross stupidity!

Dear All

If I said AAA to most people in a supermarket, I would probably get directed to the place where the batteries are stored.

Having said that ....... AAA is important to Scotland, thise credit rating is important in whether investors looking at Scotland see it as viable.

It would also allow Scotland to get better terms when applying for loans and selling bonds in the markets.

Scottish Secretary Michael Moore and by the same token the Westminster don’t wish the UK to break up, Scotland has assets beyond oil.

He has given the strongest indication yet that the Bank of England would not be the lender of last resort for an independent Scotland.

In truth, I always say hope for the best but plan for the worst.

Sadly, the SNP Government and the Scottish National Party hasn’t planned for anything, no plan A and no plan B.

To put it in context, recent Yes Scotland put up an advert for a job, the jist is that the person or persons doing it has to find new facts why independence is attractive.

This is a bit like putting the cart before the horse.

In the beginning there should be a vision, Salmond and Sturgeon don’t have one, then there comes the plan, from what I see and hear, there isn’t much of that either. Once you have the plan, then you research and build up from that. You put in the foundations and from the bottom go upwards.

Yes Scotland is starting at the roof and trying to go downwards, which explains why the whole thing is a shambles. Only now they want someone to find facts? This is a general sense of why the whole independence campaign is not relevant to ordinary working class Scots.

But to return to Mr. Moore, his stint at the crease is proving most illuminating as he told the  House of Lords committee investigating the economic impact of independence, it was “extremely unlikely” that the rest of the UK would agree to the Bank of England acting as Scotland’s central bank.

No lender of last resort facility was expected, in fact it was pretty much staring the SNP in the face, the idea should now be for a Scottish Pound, but we are miles away from bunny in any real sense.

Because there isn’t a plan!
All the ‘work’ done by the independence campaign has been wasted, everyone wasted their time, nothing was accomplished; it was a pile of shit.

Here is a quote from Alex Salmond:

“My problem is that I have too many talented people and not enough Cabinet positions”.

Have you seen the movie Animal House?

If so you will remember this:

‘cough cough blow job, blowjob.... cough cough eat me eat me’!

The ‘talent’ has pissed this campaign right up against the wall, from the un-historic start at the ‘Declaration of Cineworld’ to the EU ‘liargate’ debacle.

Moore says next year that the Treasury will produce a whitepaper to confirm this view; he has a vision, is producing a plan and is finding the facts. That’s how it works; Yes Scotland should take note.

Recently SNP Finance secretary John Swinney damaged his own credibility by saying that he had been in talks with the Bank, this was later denied by the Bank, they said they answered technical questions, which they say doesn’t amount to a dialogue.

In embellishing events and having that shot to shit, it undermines one of the key claims of the SNP and Yes Scotland campaign over economic security for an independent Scotland.

When we go it alone, we have to prepare to go it alone, it’s called planning, something certain people are incapable of doing because the SNP as said by many, including Jim Sillars is run as a one man band.

The SNP think that if they keep saying something it will become true, maybe in the world of their clique that happens, history is rewritten to suit, but in the real world, when they have no power, they are onto plums.  

The claim that the Bank of England would continue to be the lender of last resort for Scotland was first made by Mr Salmond in January.

Did Salmond have anything which he could produce which would be regarded as an agreement?

No, like the short term politician and lightweight he is, he said something to get him out of a jam, he winged it, now he has been winged and is falling.

Another cracker of entitlement was parroted out by Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon that Scotland would have a territorial seat on the Bank’s board.

Did Nicola Sturgeon have an agreement or hint that this would be possible?

No, she has nothing but hot air as she vented on this subject. Subsequently that idea put forward by her as ‘reasonable’ has been shot to shit.

Yesterday at the Lords economic affairs committee Mr Moore said:

“The Bank of England as a lender of last resort is I think highly unlikely to be an acceptable position for the rest of the UK.”

He added:

“The SNP Scottish Government simply asserts that it will happen, but the rest of the UK will need to be generous in spirit and intent for that to be done.”

The independence campaign can survive many things but it can’t survive the continual assumptions put forward as facts, it can’t survive lying or the breach of trust, it cannot survive without firstly a vision, a plan and filling in the blanks with evidence, commonly known as facts.

Proper planning prevents piss poor performance!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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