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SNP Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill turns Scotland into a ‘paedophile’s paradise’, homeless paedophiles roam unchecked, grieving mother accuses MacAskill of ‘lying’

Dear All

A few days ago, I wrote a post:

In that blog post, I returned to a theme that Alex Salmond’s crony, Kenny MacAskill was the most inept and incompetent Justice Minister in Holyrood’s history.

Regular readers to this blog know George Laird is always right, and here yet again is the proof of the pudding why MacAskill needs sacked!

Not moved, not allowed to step down, his arse sacked sending out a clear warning to the rest of the SNP Cabinet that they better start getting personally involved in their work or they will be out the door.

Alex Salmond is supposed to running a government, not a social club for his cheerleaders and sycophants.

Under the ridiculous state of affairs we have at present, we don’t have effective government.

And we haven’t had since May 2011; SNP Ministers have abandoned their posts to chase the independence dream.

What they should be doing is being at their desks.

Here is a story that highlights the fact that Kenny MacAskill is inept and incompetent; a mother whose son was murdered by a freed paedophile last night accused him of lying to Parliament.

Lying to parliament?

This is a story which is gaining traction with people, time after time we are seeing these allegations of lying make their way into the public domain regarding the SNP Ministers.

Child murder is a highly emotive issue add paedophilia and it becomes highly toxic for any politician.  

Campaigner Margaret Ann Cummings is rightly angry and has hit out after MacAskill claimed to have closed a legal loophole which can allow homeless sex offenders to go unmonitored.

It appears that the quality of MacAskill’s work is less than sterling as Margaret and opposition parties insist the legislation only affects a minority of paedophiles.

Margaret said:

“We’d been led to believe this loophole had been closed. Now, we find out we’ve been lied to”.


“Sex offenders are devious people and get wind of weaknesses in the system – they know the flaws. Kenny MacAskill has had five years to close this loophole. He said he’d done it, but he hasn’t. It angers me after all we’ve been through that he’s still not man enough to see the job through. When you stand up in Parliament, you should be obliged to tell the truth.”

Margaret Cummings’ son is dead nothing can change that, but measures can be taken to safeguard other children and taken now.

MacAskill gave assurances in 2010 that 31 recommendations, including a crackdown on homeless sex offenders, had been implemented .He repeated the claim when questioned yesterday in Holyrood, however when pressed under cross-examination by Labour MSPs Paul Martin and Patricia Ferguson, he was forced to admit new regulations are still being drafted.

Still being drafted?

What the f*ck are they doing down in justice with their time?

MacAskill said:

“We are bringing forward the regulations so the matters are being dealt with.”

Labour justice spokesman Lewis Macdonald said:

“The Justice Secretary gave clear assurances which were empty. He says he’s taken action but notification arrangements for homeless sex offenders haven’t changed in five years.”

Five years!

Didn’t George Laird say that Alex Salmond should send SNP Ministers back to their desks?

Yes, I did and yet again, I am right.

This case highlights how inept and incompetent Kenny MacAskill is; he should never have been appointed Justice Minister in the first place, one can’t help but feel incredibly sorry for the Cummings family, their grief must be beyond belief.

Kenny MacAskill should keep a picture of Mark Cummings on his desk as a reminder of what happens when you don’t do your job properly.

If I was First Minister I would sack MacAskill and order a review of Justice to find out what has gone wrong there and what else hasn’t been dealt with. Then clear the parliamentary timetable to get the protections on the books that Scotland needs as a priority.

An entire department has been allowed to slide because Alex Salmond didn't appoint a Justice Minister, instead he appointed a pal.

How much longer must this go on? 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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thirdeye said...

It makes me fucking sick to the stomach that the snp protect paedophiles. This party is criminal and should be shut down