Friday, November 23, 2012

Scottish independence: defiant English ‘bully’ Mike Russell refuses to resign; Russell clings to Alex Salmond for protection, Salmond's weak leadership in government kills indy!

Dear All

It is increasingly clear that Scots want the English SNP ‘bully’ Mike Russell, the Education Secretary to resign.

Scots want this now!

The only problem that is that Russell is a member of the Alex Salmond clique, and Salmond himself is running out of allies.

Last night saw a defiant Russell refuse to apologise for forcing an innocent man from his job, Kirk Ramsay had done nothing wrong.

Part of Russell’s defence to Gordon Brewer was that he had known him for decades as proof he wasn’t a ‘bully’. Unfortunately for Russell this tactic didn’t work as Brewer quickly shot that down in flames.

The accusation of bullying revolves around people under him or who Russell thinks he has control of.

As well as the ‘bullying’ accusation levelled against him, Russell is embroiled in the college funding row.  

Scotland’s three main opposition parties demand he quit over college funding, his apology to Parliament hasn’t been accepted.

Rightly so, in my opinion, his time is up, his career is effectively over despite clinging to Salmond like a wounded animal.

Russell’s actions tainted Salmond, the stain isn’t coming out, particularly on the ‘bullying’ claim, Salmond exercised poor judgment; this incident was another marker on the road to defeat for the Salmond clique at the independence campaign. 

In a show of defiance, he accused fellow MSPs of being “unpleasant”, before echoing former Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson by adding:

“People will be asking what’s going on. Let me tell you – I’m going on.”

Accusing others of effectively bullying is a known tactic by people who bully to portray they are the victim.

In a piece of theatre Russell admitted he was not a “model of perfection.”

Further to his Newsnight Scotland interview, we heard Russell say he was passionate about education.

His record:

80,000 college places lost over two years.

Where was his defence of his brief there?

The disastrous regionalisation programme!

Gross stupidity!

Curriculum for Excellence, another badly managed event subject to criticism!

College Jobs lost.

College courses removed.

And add to that he can’t get a grip of his brief.  

Flanked by First Minister Alex Salmond, who had to apologise for misleading MSPs last week over the incorrect figures, Mr Russell was accused of having received the “dreaded vote of confidence” from the SNP leader.

Labour MSP Neil Findlay, said:

“Like in football, the chairman has turned up to give the dreaded vote of confidence to the manager. Surely it’s only a matter of time before this one’s on gardening leave.”

Either Alex Salmond gets rid of Mike Russell or the people of Scotland will get rid of Alex Salmond.

This episode was a clear marker why Scots will not vote for independence, Russell will ride out this storm, but the Tsunami that will hit the independence campaign will drown Salmond, Sturgeon, Russell and the nasty clique round them.

Earlier this week, Mike Russell offered a “full and unreserved” apology to MSPs, they have responded by in effect saying ‘take your apology and shove it right up your fucking arse’!

Scotland demands the resignation of Mike Russell.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

You are a racist. What has his nationality got to do with it? His father was scottish. He speaks fluent Gaelic he's more Scottish than you.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

“You are a racist”.

This must be news to all the foreign students I taught for free at Glasgow University over many years, quite a lot of whom were English.

Sadly, the volume of evidence of that and my other campaigning on this blog doesn’t support your rant.

Also I was the only person at Pollok SNP to stand up when an Asian man was being smeared and stopped it; prospective SNP Euro Candidate Chris Stephens did nothing.

And neither did all four of the current SNP Glasgow Cllrs who represent Pollok and Craigton.

“What has his nationality got to do with it?”

I am being factual, can’t I tell the truth?

Mike Russell isn’t Scottish, it’s a fact!

“His father was scottish. He speaks fluent Gaelic he's more Scottish than you”.

His father was Scottish, what a pity his son isn’t, maybe that would make your rant credible, as to speaking fluent Gaelic ……. so fuck!

Finally, he can’t be more Scottish than me because I am actually Scottish.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University