Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Govan Election Special, SNP leader Allison Hunter fails to shine in a room of non entities, slumped in chair she didn’t look like a council leader

Dear All

Election special, Glasgow 2012 by your roving reporter, George Laird on the scene of the Govan Hustings at Kinning Park Parish Church!

Last night, I decided to attend the Sunny Govan Radio Hustings, not all the people standing were represented on the panel.

The attendees were; Finlay Archibald, Stephen Dornan, Joyce Drummond, John Flanagan, Allison Hunter, Fariha Thomas and Chris Young.

It was a truly awful field of Z list candidates but to their performance.

Finlay Archibald of the Pirate Party Scotland was totally out of his depth. He gave weak answers and so naïve, possibly likeable but not councillor material, too immature by half. It is doubtful that he will get elected with no track record.

George Laird Verdict, no chance.

Stephen Dornan, former Labour Councillor displayed a massive chip on his shoulder against his former Labour colleagues who kicked him out. This wasn’t the platform for his grievances; a mistake on his part. He spoke up well during his shaky presentation of answers highlighting he lives in the Ward and his track record of circa 17 years of being a councillor. People might vote for him if he has a personal following in the ward.

George Laird Verdict Possible!

Joyce Drummond, Solidarity - Scotland’s Socialist Movement, she had an awful experience, not a public speaker and out of her depth politically. No cuts at all was her mantra; not credible and highlights what I said many moons ago that Solidarity needs a major overhaul of people and policies to win.

George Laird Verdict No chance!

John Flanagan, ex Labour Councillor is standing as an independent; possibly with the idea if successful then he can return to the Labour Party fold with hugs and kisses and let bygones be bygones. He was arguably one of the best speakers had a track record in various positions and stressed his local connections to the hilt.

George Laird Verdict Possible!

Allison Hunter, Scottish National Party (SNP) in a room of non entities you would think that Mrs Hunter would be the star of the show given her position in the SNP, she wasn’t. It was a mediocre performance from an old aged pensioner without passion. She said nothing and committed the SNP to nothing but she did express ‘concern’ about various issues particularly about the plight of the asylum seekers who face eviction. She said it nearly had her crying it was so moving. Slummed in her chair she failed to impress and didn’t look like a council leader in waiting. She looked like a boxer who didn’t want to hear the bell for another round.

George Laird Verdict win based on party, Possible!

Fariha Thomas, Scottish Labour Party, she put in an average performance, shaky start, not much to say for herself but blurted out standard answers. Not a fighter as you would expect from a councillor.

George Laird Verdict win based on party, Possible!

Chris Young, Scottish Liberal Democrats, good speaker in delivery but his foot in his mouth early on when he talked about shady Glaswegians (Labour) doing deals in backrooms. Young is English so he probably didn’t understand how badly that statement played in a room full of Glaswegians. Okay for Glaswegians to say that, not outsiders, poor choice of words.

George Laird Verdict no chance!

The best speaker in the room on the panel was the presenter, he isn’t standing.

I can’t say I am surprised by the performance of Allison Hunter, Scottish National Party (SNP).

She looked like an old woman in every sense hunched in her chair.

Take her away from the Sturgeon ‘bubble’ and she is nothing, her day has long gone, her election agent sat in the audience and another SNP Candidate Jonathan Mackie turned up an hour later after the start, but there was no real cheers for her.

People clapped out of politeness as they did the other candidates, there was no buzz that greatness was sitting in the room; there was no feeling that a politician of stature was present.

However she fitted in well with non entities but couldn’t even shine there!

And that was the Sunny Govan Hustings, this is George Laird, your roving reporter; on the scene bring the blow by blow fight for Govan.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

She was probably slumped in her chair because she was suffering with cancer, you vile creature.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

Thank you for taking the time to comment and spew tripe.

To address your point, I was unaware she had cancer until news of her death was posted publicly.

So, that was straight reporting by me of the event as it took place.

If you take the time to read my comments about her prior to her death, they were factual based on what I saw and what she did.

I can understand how some people will wish to say good things about the deceased and that is entirely their right to do so.

During my time in the SNP, she was rude and obnoxious to me, I have written on those events, and do not wish to retract a single word, because it is true.

Also for your information, I never met a single person on the campaign trail during the Govan by-election who knew who she was, some people named Sturgeon as the councillor.

As to activism in Govan, well, for years the deceased wasn't there campaigning with Pollok SNP, in the interest of fairness, she did come out a few times, which you could count on one hand. This was much like SNP MSP Kenny Gibson's wife, another councillor, she never campaigned with me at all.

Not even once.

So, that was the truth, start to digest it, interested in 'vile creatures' then start asking which Glasgow SNP councillors sat back while an Asian man was abused at Pollok SNP.

I stood up for him when SNP MEP Candidate Chris Stephens and 4 current SNP councillors did nothing.

So, are they 'vile creatures' in your opinion?

Now go 'braveheart' somewhere else you have an indy campaign to lose.

And for your information the SNP lost the Govan by-election maybe there wasn't a legacy in the area because you have to be there to make one.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University