Thursday, March 28, 2019

Where’s the leadership Nicola, deeply butt hurt SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon hits back after Jeremy Corbyn attack video history lesson on the SNP, SNP MPs rebel against Sturgeon on her People's Vote making her look an absolute fool, what was her trip to London all about now SNP MPs have effectively betrayed her?

Dear All

In the chaos that is Brexit, we can often find some comedy which lightens the moment. As we have seen so far the Prime Minister Theresa May despite having several attempts is unable to get a deal through the House of Commons.

What the PM should do is not continue trying to get her treaty through but have gone with WTO Brexit, otherwise known as hard Brexit. It has been an open secret that Theresa May is stepping down, what is going on within the Conservative Party is a power struggle with people jockeying for position to be leader. Two people caught my eye, both Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees Mogg have effective U-turned to say now the ‘deal’ is acceptable and that they will back it.

Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees Mogg will not be winning any future leadership contest post May, although it is expected that they will throw their hats into the ring.

Anyway back to comedy, the secret of comedy as we all know is timing, and when the barb has the truth attach to it, it can be very painful indeed. I have watched politics since I was a kid way back in the 1970’s, when bad movies, bad haircuts and bad fashion were all the rage!

It appears that a history lesson has deeply butt hurt Nicola Sturgeon, Jeremy Corbyn has sparked Sturgeon’s anger after posting a video claiming the party ushered in Margaret Thatcher's government and 18 years of Conservative government. Towards the end of the 1970’s, the government was led by Labour PM James Callaghan were union power saw strikes that done incredible damage to the country. No one who lived through that time needs a history lesson, the UK was a mess and the traditional industries were in decline.

In Westminster at that time sat 11 SNP MPs. As the weakened Callaghan's government faced a no-confidence vote, the SNP voted with the Conservatives and the rest is history. Margaret Thatcher won the general election and entered Downing Street. The modern SNP use a theme of being ‘anti Tory’, so anything which doesn’t fit that narrative is enough to anger them deeply. The truth is that the SNP ushered in 18 years of Conservative rule, during which their electoral fortunes nose dived.    

Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t want to acknowledge that the SNP helped put Margaret Thatcher in power, so when Jeremy Corbyn posted a 47-second video on Twitter looking back at the 1979 no-confidence vote in James Callaghan's government, which was won by one vote. She is freaking out because the SNP rely on traditional Labour voters to swing towards them, both Labour and the SNP fish for votes in the same pond.

What is especially funny about Corbyn sharing the video is that it contains footage of SNP MP Tommy Sheppard's comments from last year that "in retrospect, I would have done exactly the same thing".

This is the message that Nicola Sturgeon wants ordinary Scottish people to hear, hence SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon replied:

“Dear @jeremycorbyn - instead of talking about things that happened when I was eight years old, how about showing some leadership today?”

Every job in the Scottish Government given to her and held by her was steeped in failure, so it is a bit rich for her to talk about leadership, especially when the talk is of her bailing out to seek job opportunities elsewhere.

She added:

“You could start by asking yourself why the polls show you still trailing behind the most incompetent Tory government in our lifetimes.”

The ‘arrow of truth’ pierced deep into Nicola Sturgeon, the Conservative Party will have enjoyed Jeremy Corbyn’s video

Stewart McDonald, the SNP MP for Glasgow South, a little Sturgeon helper and ‘ally’ added:

“How about you get off your a*** and deal with the problems we face right now rather than indulging yourself in more fantasy bogeyman trash?”

You may remember McDonald from the Tommy Robinson video allegedly said to be hiding under a desk at Pollokshaws library and screaming for Police protection. It seems that when McDonald created a problem for himself, he had no intention of dealing with that problem then and there. I think it was a matter of lacking in personal courage commonly known as being a ‘shitbag’.

This comic moment has yet again shown the ugly side of Nicola Sturgeon and her Glasgow Southside clique as they press for a so-called People's Vote which is a non starter. It also takes the shine away from her First Minister's Questions at Holyrood, she said:

“This whole process thanks to the Tories is now such a mess that stopping Brexit altogether must now be our top priority. And moreover that is now possible. The highest number of votes cast in the House of Commons last night was for the People's Vote option.”

To be clear, all Brexit options have been rejected by MPs, this is the reality which Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t want you to look at; she wants you to accept her slanted version.

Finally, what does it say to you that SNP MPs in the Commons have failed to support an option in favour of the UK establishing a customs union with the EU, something Sturgeon's party has repeatedly argued for? Does that show a lack of leadership, does that show a lack of planning, does that show Sturgeon’s leadership is failing? It seems that when you want to do damage, you should use the truth, just look how rattled and deeply butt hurt Nicola Sturgeon is over a 47 second video by Jeremy Corbyn.

The clock for Brexit is still counting down and we should have left the EU tomorrow.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

The SNP did want Thatcher to win in 1979. The miserly it brought in the 80s-90s, we all know about. They have never apologised for the unemployment and deprivation they brought on. Now the SNP are betraying the English and Welsh people and the 1 million Scots who voted Brexit.
She wants a people’s vote, so if the idiot, or the next leader of the SNP ever manages to get another independence referendum, what’s to stop the losers demanding another vote. A Scottish peoples vote this time. She really is a cretin, the leader of the Scottish weirdo Party. A party that is an embarrassment to Scottish people.

Anonymous said...

Well! Well! Well! I didn't realise this. All these years that the SNP have touted 'Scottish Independence' to "save" Scotland from the Tories, using the resentment from the Thatcher days, and now the cat's out of the bag that they helped Thatcher into power. These lying, hateful, deceitful, thieving, cheating con artists have deceived Scotland and anyone else who's been willing to listen to them, and now the truth is out they don't like it.

As for Brexit, I'm sure it'll be solved pretty quick smart. It's chaos because May has lied and deceived and now she's history, the government is now sorting her mess out. It's time to make a final arrangement re: WTO and the EU and push off from Brussels once and for all.

I hope that this ruins Sturgeon's party.

Anonymous said...

Sturgeon hasn't even got the decency to thank Thatcher for enabling her parents to buy their council house.

Anonymous said...

"Sturgeon hasn't even got the decency to thank Thatcher for enabling her parents to buy their council house"

very true and about the only good policy Thatcher had and Kranky banned that too.