Friday, July 31, 2015

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon travels halfway round the World to China to carp on about non-event indyref 2, Sturgeon isn’t a ‘statesman’ and never will be, she is a failing politician leading a miserable failing SNP Government committed to robbing the poorest in society of life chances

Dear All

In politics, it is rather stupid to ask for things you cannot get, if you do you end up look weak and ineffective, people start to question your leadership or lack of it, and of course judgment.

Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said:

"no politician has the right to stand in the way" of another referendum if ‘Scotland’ votes to have a re-run.

What she is actually saying is that given the fall of unionist parties, anytime the SNP win and include they want a re-run is just cause.

It isn’t.

A new Scottish Referendum is effectively a non-starter legally and politically,  it is beyond the SNP to decide.

If Sturgeon does stick it in her 2016 manifesto, it will be a promise that she cannot deliver during the next term of the Holyrood Parliament.  

It would be better for unionist parties to just ignore completely the SNP agenda and set their own.

Given polling, it is possible that the Labour Party will face a difficult time at the next Holyrood election because of past failures which they are aware of. In bygone days, Labour could take people for granted regarding their votes, they now find themselves in the position that they will have to go through a long hard slog to win back trust.

People have been let down and when that happens they look elsewhere, the trouble is by looking at the SNP they have misplaced their trust.

Poor working class people have been conned by the Nationalists who are robbing them by creating middle class welfare-ism. Services that are vital to the poor are being cut as the SNP use public money as an election tool.

The SNP have no interest in helping poor people beyond gimmicks, a current gimmick is the foodbank scam to draw attention away from plan to trap working class people into poverty.  

Sturgeon knows that if she tries to go for another referendum in the 2016 manifesto, it won’t happen, and it won’t be legal, so there will be no Better Together 2 campaign. The only reason Sturgeon may put in for indyref 2 in the Nationalist manifesto is a unsophisticated con trick on her own members to keep them working as activists.

Nothing more!

Prime Minister David Cameron has made the UK Government clear, no second referendum, as he says it would not be legitimate.

So Sturgeon can con her members than cry, ‘it’s not my fault, it is the fault of Westminster’ which is code for the English.
Scottish Secretary David Mundell pipped up to say he does not believe "it is for the SNP themselves to determine whether the people of Scotland are in favour of having another referendum".

And it isn’t, it is solely at the discretion of the Prime Minister, there is no appetite for a ‘neverendum’ at Westminster just because the Nationalists want to try and bully the majority of the people in Scotland into back it.

When politicians are in trouble, they disappear abroad, interestingly, Sturgeon is doing exactly what other failed politicians who failed to deliver for their people has done, ‘get out of Dodge’.

Political parties need to highlight the failures of the Sturgeon Government in painful and graphic detail and turn up on people’s doorsteps and ram that message home and how it relates to ordinary people.

Laughingly, Sturgeon said the UK Government has blocked SNP, Labour and Liberal Democrat amendments to the Scotland Bill.

Apparently, the SNP think the Bill should adjusted by a minority at Westminster to suit the SNP agenda, that idea fell rather flat rather quickly.

Amendments need a majority to be passed!

Another farce which the SNP are trying on will fail on is the 'double majority' provision in (the EU) referendum.

This will never happen, if a majority of the people of the United Kingdom vote to leave the EU that is the matter settled.

It is highly unlikely that the EU vote will be in favour of leaving the EU unless there is a more substantial opposition and groundswell, at present there isn’t a tipping point in the UK for that bunny to run.

One thing highlighted by Sturgeon is when she says Scotland has an "enlightened" attitude to human rights.

This is the politics of the student union, the SNP aren’t human rights champions that is a farce as demonstrated by their actions in the Cadder Case.

Human rights denial concerning the right to a fair trial in Scotland!
Sturgeon didn’t speak out about that Human Right abuse.

The more Sturgeon talks about indyref 2 the more voters will turn away from her and nasty little party; hopefully working class people will click on to the fact that Nicola Sturgeon is destroying their future and that of their children.

Yours sincerely

George Laird 
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

George theres a nasty rumour going about that she went there to show them how to remove the human rights of every parent and child in the country without anyone complaining . After all the SNP seem to have got away with it .

Stuart 64W said...

Looks like the SNP have problems;

"People who joined the SNP after September’s independence referendum are quitting the party over concerns it isn’t pro-independence enough, and some predict the party will split if a second referendum isn’t included in the SNP manifesto for next year’s Scottish election."

I suspect we will now see a split between the moderates and hard liners.

In that event the SNP are finished, and Indy will be oot the windae, for some while to come.

As ever Mr Laird you are correct in stating that it is the SNP's dire record in Government that will be their undoing, as folk see that they are a protest party, and not a party of Government.

G Laird said...

Thanks Stuart

Anonymous said...

I wonder if she will mention Tibet and its independence Georgieboy?

I suspect NOT


Anonymous said...

Perfectly summed up, George, by pointing out that Sturgeon only talks about a second referendum to keep the hardliners onside.

It is their record in Government that is now starting to be of concern. Excuses that after a referendum we can vote in another party simply does not wash. The fact is that they are delivering policies that have nothing to do with interference from Westminster, but are designed to interfere in normal citizens' lives.

Labour got ripped over their ID card proposals. What the Scottish Government are hellbent on delivering goes way beyond that.

newry_lad said...

NS is on a sticky wicket at present, entirely of her own making. She cannot risk a referendum in the near future because there is a possibility of NO vote winning again and her rank and file are desperate for a vote now rather than later so she has to keep them onside as well.

Anonymous said...

I see there was an independence rally in Glasgow today. Hundreds of supporters turned up.

If a huge majority of people in Scotland were in favour of independence, then tens of thousands would have turned up.

As it is, the country is still split down the middle. Yet the SNP still cannot deliver a vision of independence that is truly inspiring and desirable.

I am sick of this constant talk from the nationalists about another bloody referendum. Sturgeon clearly stated a "once in a lifetime". It shows how worried they are, now that they are going to have to account for their time in Government.

This is all a smokescreen to hide their policy failures. But it's gradually being dispersed.