Thursday, December 4, 2014

Four senior SNP councillors in Paisley are suspended for burning Smith Commission report, it seems the pathetic inept leadership of unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is falling apart already, many nationalist idiots rushed to the defend ‘book burning’, 1930’s Germany book burning was common to silence other opinions

Dear All

There is a consider lack of talent in the Scottish National Party, I have said this for years on end.

In a word, you could aptly describe some of their elected representatives and prospective candidates as dross!

And that would be the kind version.

Four deadbeat nationalist councillors decided as a stunt to film themselves burning a copy of the Smith Commission report.

During the 1930’s, it was popular with the Nazis in Germany to burn anti German literature so that other voices and opinions were silenced.

Fast forward to 2014, we have people connected to the senior leadership of the SNP doing likewise.

I previously blogged that the SNP have voted for the return of fascism, in a party led by the stupid, you can’t expect much better.

To show how incredibly stupid beyond belief they are, the four nationalist councillors thought it was a good idea to upload the video to YouTube.

Sadly for them, others have copied it so, the SNP ‘book burning’ scene is still kicking around on the internet, how lucky for them…. Not!

After the ‘stars’ put up their work, it was swiftly deleted, allegedly prompted some kind of anger and embarrassment among the SNP leadership.

Sturgeon is apt at doing fake outrage.

Anyway, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is now First Minister of Scotland, she is at present trying to re-invent herself as a “caring individual”, which is a bit of a stretch when you remember she left Scots women to die from cancer because they could get the right cancer drugs.

The three councillors who were caught on film are Brian Lawson, Will Mylet and Mags MacLaren.

Nobodies in reality; typical cannon fodder in the party, the director of photography was SNP Cllr Kenny MacLaren who was behind the camera. Holywood won’t be calling probably on the basis; the idiot didn’t use a tripod to steady the shot.

All the cretins who took part have since been suspended pending a disciplinary hearing which I suspect will be a farce, Ms MacLaren runs transport minister Derek Mackay's constituency office.

Derek MacKay is a rat but also part of the SNP clique that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon relies on, MacLaren’s husband also involved is a researcher for SNP MSP Stuart McMillan.

I haven’t blogged on the Smith Commission recommendations, published last week because it was always going to be a pre determined offer, a form of dog and pony show to give the appearance of democracy.

Westminster had an offer.

Although, it has been largely been hailed by the pro-union parties as delivering on the pre-referendum 'vow', the SNP see it differently, in fact the Smith Commission was rushed, pushed through to clear the way for the Westminster 2015 election, not more, I would have given it more time.

Sturgeon said:

“Many people are disappointed with the result of the referendum and the level of devolution recommended by the Smith Commission, however Scotland will only make progress if we debate our views openly and with respect”.

The “many” she refers to is a minority, and as to the crap of “debate our views openly and with respect”, she is a two faced rat, she just covers it up better than most and the press goes along with it.

On the burning incident:

“It is essential that in that debate, conduct does not fall short of the high standard that is rightly expected by the public. My clear view is that setting fire to something because you don’t agree with it is not acceptable behaviour.”

That is code for the SNP wanting to be seen as victims for the 2015 election with Sturgeon playing the woman who has been wronged. If that is her tactic, she should wake up to the fact that the majority of Scots can’t stand her personally, she is on the ticking clock like ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond towards the exit.

Labour MP Jim McGovern said the burning of the report was reminiscent to the actions of the Nazis burning books before the Second World War.

Funny how many different types of Scots recognise the connection between 1930’s Germany and 2014 Scotland under the SNP.

Speaking at the Commons Scottish Affairs Committee, the Dundee politician said:

"I have quite often read books and followed documentaries about pre-war Germany, and one of them was where ... the National Socialist Party, which became obviously the Nazis, burned the books. Yesterday, apparently, SNP elected members filmed themselves burning copies of the Smith Commission report."
Lord Smith, author of the report responded:

"I'm chairman of the Green Investment Bank - I'd rather they had recycled them."

I expect many copies will be!

So, there will be a farce of a disciplinary hearing in the SNP, the way I found they operate is to effective accuse you of being guilty and for you to prove you are innocent. You have to explain yourself, my "hearing" which I blogged on shows how corrupt the SNP system actually is, justice isn't part of it in the same way it wasn't of the Nazis Courts. 

During the Nazis era, this is exactly how they operate, accusation equals guilt.

Interim leader of Scottish Labour, Anas Sarwar, called on Sturgeon to issue a personal apology to Lord Smith for the behaviour of her councillors.

Don’t see that happen, the SNP leadership doesn’t take responsibility for anything.

Unsurprisingly many nationalists rose to the defence of the councillors in defiance of the SNP leadership, it seems Sturgeon isn’t just unpopular, no one respects her authority either.

I will be putting up a ‘director’s cut’ of these fools, you should listen to the voice of the main star in the video, he comes across in my mind as a complete cretin which begs the question, how can he be employed as a researcher!

Obviously there are a few bams in Paisley who like to film their stupidity for the rest of the world to see!

And they are all close to the senior leadership surrounding unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’ Nicola likes them thick to secure her position, you only have to look at Glasgow SNP, wall to wall cretins down in councillor group.

Yours sincerely

George Laird 
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Nurenberg all over eh


Anonymous said...

Good to see you back George.
Slowly but surely wee Nic will will lose all authority over the Nationalist Socialist Party.

Anonymous said...

Is the wee guy on the left the SNP's answer to Che Guevara?

If I was the FM I'd throw the book at the Renfrewshire 4, Preferably something by Dostoyevsky or Tolstoy. ;-)

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

People will wake up and understand that Nicola Sturgeon is a leader but just the head of a nasty vicious clique of scum in Scottish politics.

I have no doubt, she will get what is coming to her in future.

And deservedly so.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Sherbie said...

These people are trash, no other word for them,,, trash!!!

Anonymous said...

Book burning? I would have burned Smith.