Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Joyce Juszczak gets miracle drug as she nearly dies from potentially fatal blood clot, she loses a third of a kidney, Scottish Government shame

Dear All

The Scottish National Party should hang its head in shame for doing nothing for Joyce Juszczak.

The pensioner who was refused treatment for a life-threatening blood condition has suffered a potentially fatal blood clot.

Only now has she received a "miracle" drug, eculizumab to treat the disease when this should have been done right from the very start.

Unsurprisingly Joyce Juszczak's family say they are angry.

Health is seen as the flagship policy of the Scottish Government, that image now lies in tatters because it was obvious what needed to be done.

Joyce Juszczak had highly skilled medical professionals in her corner making the case but NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde where using ‘cover’ of others to deny her drugs.

The fatal blood clot has destroyed one-third of her kidney.

This isn’t an anonymous case Joyce Juszczak went to the Scottish Parliament to beg for help.

129 MSPs who claim to be ‘honoured’ to serve the public, meet there, but the reality is they are ‘honoured’ to serve themselves with a high salary, expenses and perks.

Her appearance which embarrassed the Scottish Parliament led to a review and her consultant submitted a new application for the drug to NHS GGC after her clot.

Application submitted Tuesday, drug approved on Friday afternoon.

After she got the miracle drug her family said that she already looked a lot better.

I blogged previously on this issue and yet again, George Laird was proven right.

What a great pity so many in my party, the SNP who ‘fight’ for Scotland were ‘missing in action’ on this issue, we know that they weren’t ‘KIA’; they are still picking up the taxpayer funded salaries.

They are the ‘team players’ who stood in silence while Joyce Juszczak suffered unbelievably pain and suffering, the 'sycophant generation'.

One of Mrs Juszczak's daughters, Beverley Hardie said:

"I think it is disgraceful she had to have a life-threatening clot before they would agree to fund this treatment. If the clot had gone to her brain, heart or lungs she probably wouldn't have survived."

Mrs Juszczak's consultant haematologist, Dr Henry Hambley said:

"I am over the moon she has now been started on eculizumab. As far as I am concerned that should have happened before now. Thankfully the infarct occurred in an organ where there is considerable redundancy. If it had been her brain then it would have been a completely different story."
She would have been dead.

The Joyce Juszczak case is now being used by Patient groups to highlight how Scotland is failing more than 350,000 people affected by a rare disease.

I attended a recent SNP meeting where the ‘hot’ topic under discussion was Council election 2012, among issues raised to campaign on, potholes and dog shit as issues of concern.

Who gives a shit about potholes and dog shit when the real issues aren’t being addressed?

Joyce Juszczak has lost one-third of her kidney.

Her problem was that she wasn’t important enough or rich enough or had the right kind of status to get help.

The SNP needs more people's champions and less of the gutless bastards in its ranks who are afraid to speak out.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


unfair justice said...

Our health board just spent £300K on laughing courses to relieve workplace stress. Their stress levels would be a lot higher if they had a blood clot to worry about.
We got a glossy leaflet today warning us about dog shit and the fines we would get if we were caught allowing our dog to shit. I've never owned a dog and wouldn't snitch on dog shitters either. I'd tell the dog shittin owner off but I wouldn't help feed the beast of insatiable council coffers.
Money is no object for the SNP if it's to feed the global warming myth. £4m to councils to buy useless electric cars ? No problem. There you go. Hundreds of millions to pay landowners to rent their land for windmills ? No problem , there you go. £200K for Islamfest ? Help yourself. Don't even bother with the fest.
Flights to Bali, Cancun, Durban etc to attend the greenfest. There you go and give them a few million when you're there for the planet. £7m on pandas that should be in the wild not in a concrete prison ? There you go. Fill your boots ( paws).
Pills to keep someone alive ? Oh we'll have to do a review and hopefully the patient will be dead before the report is seen by the relative departments. All on eye watering salaries.

Anonymous said...

well george this is the snp the people you think the sun shines out of their arses they dont care about people the just want their own way they will fuck up this country so dont let them stop them now before it is to late

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